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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 255 B

Chapter 255

Part 2 (Two)

They are Worry about Her

‘kring, kring, kring’ (phone ringing tone)

Her mobile phone is keep on ringing, all are Long Ye’s phone call. She didn’t pick it, but she similar to ostrich keep on hiding inside the quilt, she wrapped herself tight, perhaps by doing this way she could feel little bit secure feeling.

‘beep…beep, beep.’ the phone ring tone is replaced by messages notification tone.

For long time, she takes her mobile phone and glance for while, the total of missed call were 48 times and 36 messages.

Read the messages, one by one.

‘Xiao Meng Li, where are you? Pick the phone!’

‘That woman has been punished by me, you pick the phone!’

‘My little ancestor, I almost worried to death, please reply my message!!’

‘I begging you, my Great aunty (slang word), if something happened to you, I might be killed by Ao Tian!!!’

Yu Ao Tian…

Ha, can’t be estimated with whomever he with now.

Yao Yao is laughing with disdainful expression, continuing to read her phone messages, suddenly Yu Ao Tian’s name pop out in her vision line.

‘pick the phone.’

‘where are you?’

‘Luo Yao Yao, you hurry pick the phone!’

‘You damn mother fucker hurry pick my phone call!!’

‘Little Thing, don’t let me to find you!’

And the next, all are messages from Yu Ao Tian, furthermore one by one the messages are filled with strong words. Looking at that 48 missed calls, ten were Long Ye’s and the rest were Yu Ao Tian’s phone calls!
Yu Ao Tian, he…

‘Creak’ (sound)

Big door that shut tight suddenly opened. Without waiting for Yao Yao to gain herself, she has seen Yu Ao Tian dashing inside.

Yu Ao Tian who is facing with countless matter always act calm, but today it is so obvious he looked such fluster, his breathing is rough, standing in front of her, his expression is filled with anger.

Yao Yao is nervous grabbed the quilt corner, he… Did he angry? Was it because she not picked his phone call?

In her absent-minded state, Yu Ao Tian has already rushed two steps in front of her. At next second, he pulled her into his embraces: “You!!! Really makes me so worried to death….”

Not see his face expression, but Yao Yao clearly heard when he spoke the last words and he has taken long breathe.

While his pair of big hand keeps on hugging her tightly, as if afraid she will be disappeared in seconds.

He, worries? Did he worry about her?

Yao Yao is giving herself mocking laugh, strangely her nose runny and feel sour, she realized she lives in such lowly life, only when she heard Yu Ao Tian consideration words, after all she feels that happy? Really lowly!

“Next time, no mater what happen in the future, you are not allowed not to pick my phone calls, understood?” for very long time, finally Yu Ao Tian loosen her from his embrace, using strong speaking tone to emphasizes his words.

“En.” she replied him by nodding her head, but that pair of dark eyes has slightly bright gleam.

“You!!” Yu Ao Tian who has high sensitiveness must can feel her ignorant attitude when replying at him, this is his first time for worrying a woman, but he even got such replied, simply to say his mood is such terrible! But…

He understood very well why Little Thing could act this way!

His deep pair of eyes are looking around, this is not quite big or small hotel bedroom, he took a TV remote which in bed-head, quickly he turned on the TV.

Yao Yao is little bit not understood with meaning behind his gestures, but at next minutes…

‘This time pornographic video is continuing ferment (causing commotion), according to the user searching, the female lead is First University student who is in her third Year, her name is Shang Yun Yin, her father is someone has mafia background.’

After listened to the news reported headline, Yao Yao dimming eyes suddenly flashed, suddenly lifts her head up glancing to TV….


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 255 B

    1. I know right? If iether of them where honest about their feeling most of the heart ache could have been avioded. They both love each other to one piont or another but are afraid to admit it to the other person.

  1. Wow finally YAT showing his affections and concern about her. Pay back big time for SYY. Does YAT knows what happened at the cafeteria with LY girlfriends. YAT frantically looking for her, finally he showing his affection and concern. That’s really sweet of him hugging her tightly. Thanks a million and have a blessed evening.

  2. Hi !!!!!!!!

    WOWOOOO ……….long ye sad ‘I begging you, my Great aunty (slang word), if something happened to you, I might be killed by Ao Tian!!!’
    YAT turly loves her but dosent show to her What a shame!!!

    thank you 🙂

    1. I can see why YAT does not shown his feeling much to YY as he said before that he has a lot of enemies once they find out who YAT cares or girlfriend is, YY will be death meat so to speak. Just like LMY wanted to be YAT’s girlfriend so much n what did she end up being raped and tortured by one of YAT’s enemy.

      I wonder how did LY’s punishes those bitches who beat YY??

      Thanking you Azurro n good night…:D

  3. Thanks. Finally YAT found YY and hopefully gets the misunderstand between them sorted out. LY is so funny.

  4. “My little ancestor” …. =))))))) my my YAT so cute . Honestly I thought he will punish her or something. I was so happy when he didn’t.

  5. Haha YAT will totally drill Long Ye
    Could it be the time YAT realizes how important Yao Yao’s existence is to him

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