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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 255

Chapter 255

Part 1 (One)

They are Worry about Her

Indeed recently Yao Yao is sending messages to Long Ye, having phone calls, but all because they are doing thing for Yu Ao Tian, so that they are contacting closer little bit. Impossible because of this, this woman has suspicion that she might have relationship with General Manager Long?

“She is only one of my employees! I am contacting her because of the company matter!” in front of many people, Long Ye can’t say much, if there is no one, he won’t be such patience to talk this much nonsense with this woman?

“Company’s matter? Ha, talking about company matter, could it spend for entire night? You think that I didn’t know that both of you are living together, this matter!!!”

“Uh….” when this woman said, inside the cafeteria indistinct noises coming from.
Actually what the woman said wasn’t wrong, Yao Yao indeed staying at the same apartment with Long Ye.

“You followed me?”

“Long Ye, this is because you forced me!! I have gave everything you want, but you are betraying me at my back!!!” the woman voice is raising.

Long Ye is clenched his hand hard into fist and showing his nerves: “Let me tell you once again, I don’t have any relationship with Luo Yao Yao except works matter!!”

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe!~”

‘Creak, creak’ it is a gesture as if bone moving.

Yao Yao clearly knows and also can feel Long Ye is almost exploded, but once he exploded, no matter he will quarreling with this woman or hit this woman, it won’t benefit anyone in here! After all, this place has too many pairs of eyes.
She is using her strength to bit her lips, grabbed the chance when that woman trying to reason herself to Long Ye, at sudden she released her own hair from that woman’s hand: “Are both of you enough?”

“You this little slut!” after said, this woman is trying to lift her hand high.

She is steady firm catch that woman’s hand, shouted: “Miss! If you are doing slanderous accusations, be careful I will going to sue you doing slanderous accusations, the thief caught dirty, caught the cheating must in pair, what evidence do you have saying that I have relationship with General Manager Long? Both of us are staying at same apartment but not staying together at one room, understood? See how you looked now, simply to say exactly alike bitch, embarrassed to death!” after said, she swayed her hand and left….

Although the woman felt unsatisfied, she intending to catch up but she was stopped by Long Ye: “Shi Ling, I have words with you, come!”

These three persons have such complicated relationship, if Long Ye doesn’t know Yao Yao, perhaps Yao Yao isn’t
Yu Ao Tian’s woman, he really wanted to break up with this woman immediately, but if he really break up in front of these people, the situation would be turned as if Long Ye really has relationship with Yao Yao, only to bold the relationship between them.

Either Long Ye or Yao Yao, this woman has nurse a grievance for both of them!!

Leaving the cafeteria Yao Yao didn’t come back to her office, but she directly rushing out from Berson, although she had put on the meaning of her words at last minutes, but it not like she didn’t notice those contempt sight surrounded her.
Embarrassed, so embarrassed!

This is the ending for the third wheel! The lover ending!

Although her relationship with Long Ye are innocent, but no matter what there is no way to change the reality she is other lover!!~

Arrived at hotel near the company, she randomly check in one room, after she entered, she covered herself with guilt and crying.

She cried not because she felt difficult and also not because she got hit, but because holding the feeling of doing wrong, she is venting out her feeling of doing wrong which buried inside her heart, she really being torment because of lover status for such long time, really for long time!


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 255

  1. I can sympathizes with YY for going through all this hardship accused of being the third wheel, and she felt dirty as lovers status too. Poor YY she needs a hug. Where is her bf GXM and LQ when ishe needs them? Thanks for the update have blessed and peaceful day.

  2. Thanks for the update. Really a surprise that Long Ye has such a jealous girlfriend. I only thought of him liking Mo Xue Tong and other than that seeming pretty carefree. Never in a million years would I have thought he would be with this kind of woman–so jealous. I guess I thought in his heart is only Mo Xue Tong and other relationships he has are not serious.

  3. Talk about unexpected downpour. The author is a sadist didn’t give YY a moment of reprieve.
    The girls came out of nowhere, wonder if it’s instigated by you know who since they run the same circle.

    Thank you for the chapter as always.

    1. You can say so.
      When I read the novel from the first time, I almost stopped because I was so tired with these circles. If YY and YAT are dating perhaps they had separated many times and then reconcile for many times too.
      After I done, I thought, the writer perhaps awaiting a good moment to introduce ‘new role’ or ‘implicitly to give us (reader) sort of information that missed out’.

  4. Have a good cry Yao Yao, always been tormented for being the “third” party
    Was hoping Yao Yao would have fought back much stronger as this crazy lady has nothing to do with YAT

  5. Thank you….frankly i am following just to see the end of this story. Please give YY a break…..she is a teenager with an exceptional beauty and very high IQ therefore she doesn’t need to be slapped around by just about anybody in public.
    Thank you dear Azzuro for all your hard work and dedication …..really appreciate it.

    1. This novel has good ending (because it is happy ending).
      Can I assume you feel bored with all of the slapping scenery, the violence, etc? I won’t deny, for me these things are so frustrating moreover why someone like YY must go through all of it.
      as you mentioned she only teenager with an exceptional beauty and high IQ.
      As the story goes, You will see the transformation of YY, the changes in YAT, HSL – GXM relationship, LQ, LY-MXT, etc.
      Just enjoy your reading ^-^

      1. Seriously I can not wait to read the end of this novel ….Its kind of frustrating how this incricles around YY being the targeted by other women ….. Anyway thank you for the update and your hard work

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