Getting into Workforce


Talking about hunting job, entering into various work environment, meeting many types of people, diverse in personalities, etc.

I can’t say I have many than others but at same time mine also not less. I started my professional career not long after my Senior High graduation, my freshmen year in Campus. I was sixteen or seventeen that year, I was such young and naive. Perhaps as newbie in workforce, I still had those excitement, passions, expectations but again, reality and dream were far different. I must face with the ugly and cruelty side at my beginning stage entering adult world.

I live in competitive world as well fierce working environment. My first job wasn’t easy, but not tough too just depended on how one’s mind to think of it. I worked as Junior assistant for head of Warehouse, this titled sound great but the job not more than someone who tidied up, cleaned and arranged stuffs in warehouse and checking stock. I wasn’t dejected because my parent always tell me, no matter what the job is, it stills have thing that you may get learn for.

No need to mention about the stress and workload moreover I still needed to go to Campus after I worked. I didn’t have much time for myself except studying and working. If trying to balance work and study were such hard, can you imaging dealing with working politic and also ‘bad’ colleagues?

As newbie, it was so hard for me to refuse every works that given to me by my Seniors or higher level staffs which actually not my job desk. One, twice perhaps still okay but it they were trying to ask me for over and over, it means they were abusing their authority. complained, of course I did it but most of time inside my heart and yeah, in my blog XD

After sometime, when I thought I might stand firm at one place, I need to face with colleagues gossip and also backstabber. Pressure were coming from many sources such as boss, higher level staffs, even subordinates.

Getting into workforce after graduated from school mean you are getting into new battle field, getting into new world as adult and also deal with many kind of things. I don’t try to discourage those who soon will enter workforce but you must prepare well yourself to face another stage called as workforce. I wasn’t prepared when I entered to workforce, so that I only could rely on my hard work and stubbornness plus my instinct.

Well, How’s about you?


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One thought on “Getting into Workforce

  1. Yeah…I think I have similar experience. Now, I work in government office, nothing much but I enjoy it very much. My husband also from this field.

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