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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 256 B

Chapter 256

Part 2 (Two)

Misunderstood Settled

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking sound)

When the atmosphere kind of frozen, suddenly the knocking sound of the door has broken the silent between them,

Long Ye pushed open the door: “Ao Tian, how long will you keep punish me to stand in front of the door?”

Yu Ao Tian is glancing at Yao Yao who beside him, with devilish smiles: “You ask her.”

With her moisten eyes she stared at Yu Ao Tian, it seems what he said before only a joke, there is no such meaning behind it, perhaps?

Luckily General Manager Long is knocking the door and broke this tensed atmosphere, or else she really doesn’t know what to do.

“My little ancestor, during the lunch time… I am so sorry.” Long Ye felt guilty, bend down his body, bend toward the bedside, looking at her.

“General Manager Long, you don’t need to say sorry to me, I know the commotion during the lunch time actually nothing to do with you.”

“That’s right! Still you are more sensible!” Long Ye let heave sighed of relief as if heavy burden has taken out, stood straight, clapping his hands…

Another second, two men in black suit show up, pressing down a woman whom body is stained with blood, walking inside. “Kneel down.”

Although, the woman has been hit until her face swollen, but from the clothes she wears, Yao Yao at one glances still can recognize that woman as Long Ye’s girl friend. “General Manager Long, you, this?”

“Still not hurry apologized!” this time there is not many pairs of eyes see, Long Ye does not care about his image, he shouted fiercely toward the woman who is kneeling in the floor.

“I am so sorry, I am so sorry, Miss Luo, I just know that you are CEO Yu’s girlfriend, it was my fault to mistaken you, I am really sorry.”

This woman is girlfriend that Long Ye dated not long ago, she simply thought that Long Ye is only General Manager of Berson Group, but now she has found out the bad sided of Long Ye!

“Forget it, it’s okay.” Yao Yao is forced to smile.

But Yu Ao Tian who is beside her can feel and see her sadness expression.

“Asked her to get lost!” Yu Ao Tian spoke coldly.

Two men in black suit give respect-bend and then take the woman to leave the place.

“Yao Yao, I had broken up with this woman, if you are still not comfortable, just tell Long Ye Ge Ge (Brother Long Ye),

Long Ye Ge Ge——-will help you to vent it out.” Said Long Ye with gentle tone.

Yu Ao Tian who is sitting beside looking him with dagger eyesight: “Sweet-talk?”

“Look what are you saying Ao Tian, I have seen Xiao Meng Li as my little sister since the beginning. Am I right? Yao Yao.”

“Haha.” Yao Yao smiles sweetly, actually except the first time when they met, that first time when General Manager Long teasing (make fun of her) her, other than that time he always treating her well, furthermore judging from his age, becoming her older brother indeed quite well-to-do. “General Manager Long…”

”Still call me General Maanger Long?” Long Ye is pretending to show his unhappy expression.

Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes, extending his hand to touch her shoulder, sneered: “Just called him Long Ye.”

“Ao Tian! You this brat!!!”

Seeing both of them bantering, once again she can feel there are sort of warm and harmony atmosphere between them. And also who will know, normally both of these men are looked so aloof, actually in privately they also have an ordinary people’s side? This side of them are able to give fascinating and also charming more people and also give more human’s touch.


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 256 B

  1. Wow, you rock!!! Two updates in a row! Thank you! Poor YY she is so confused of her feelings towards YAT…if they will become girlfriend boyfriend …I have a feeling YAT will be a control freak and to think she will suffer more from jealousy of other women coveting YAT not to mention his enemies.

  2. This is the first n many more to come for YAT to explain unneccessarily misunderstand drama between YAT n YY. YY don’t want to fall in love with YAT but the little chub cupic said otherwise. The more YY know n understand YAT’s many personalitied the more she fall for him.

    It’s about time..:D Thanking you Azurro for your hard work. In between of you working in real life Azurro n translating please do spend some times to take of yourself too.

  3. One thing that I hate about heroines, not just in this story but also in anime/manga/manhwa, they’re born with golden heart. After all the b**ls**t that those give them through.. they’re just like “Oh yeah, forget it, its okay”. I mean, really?? Or maybe I’m just such a bad person. xDD

    Thanks for the this chapter/translation. ^_^

      1. Oya, I forgot to mention that not all the heroines. There’s some bad ass heroine around. ^-^

  4. Thanks for the 2 chapters in 1 day. YAT has cleared up the mess in school but what about the colleagues at Benson’s cafeteria.

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