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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 256

Chapter 256

Part 1 (One)

Misunderstood Settled

In the news reported, when the video being played on screen, although the male and female lead are being mosaic when doing that, but at one glance Yao Yao had recognized the place, that place was the hotel room which booked by Yu Ao Tian and Shang Yun Yin.

Her heart tighten, faster she looked at Yu Ao Tian: “That man was you?”

“………………….” after heard these words, Yu Ao Tian almost dropped down the remote control to the floor from his hand, how can this little thing being such slow? “Heh, Bao Bei, do you think that I am such shameless to that point? Being the male lead and even recorded this sort of thing, and then sent it out by myself to the Television Station? And also now I am watching the video with you?”

“Are you schemed (get trapped) by others?”

“…………………..” now he really wanted to give this brat a slap!

“Little Thing, we have been together for sometime now, you take look carefully, does that man posture similar with mine?”

“What do you mean by?” she doubted blinking her eyes.

Yu Ao Tian’s face is darkening, suddenly he pressed her down to bed: “It seems that I need to recall your memory about my body posture!”

“Don’t… No!! Wait!!” wait wait… Nervously Yao Yao trying to calm down her mess up moods, perhaps this thing is coming too sudden, so that she does not prepare herself to examine it.

But at this moment it seems she gained herself: “You wanted to say, this man wasn’t you, but other man? Shang Yun Yin was doing it with another man…. Being recorded and then the recording…sent to… TV station?” this mean, that day nothing was happened between Shang Yun Yin and Yu Ao Tian? “Why you did it?”

“You say?”

Staring at Yu Ao Tian pair of deep eyes, she dumbfounded blinking her eyes, but the next seconds…. “The person who made me not able to lift up my head at school was…Shang Yun Yin?”

This speculation appear as if she too narcissist toward herself?

But… It just happened Yu Ao Tian asked why she didn’t go to school yesterday, after that she received Shang Yun Yin short message, and today Shang Yun Yin’s pornographic video being viral by helped of media

Did Yu Ao Tian do all these things only to help her to vent out her frustration and also give Shang Yun Yin a lesson?

Yao Yao is impatiently waiting for his answer.

Not long after that, Yu Ao Tian heave a sigh, slowly he stand up from her body, facing with her and nodded: “That’s right.”

“So why yesterday you didn’t…” her words hanging half, Yao Yao gulped it back, suddenly she remembered, this damn man is born naturally dislike to speak much nonsense with woman, furthermore giving an explanation!

But the problem is, he didn’t explain, but how can other know the truth? At last, the thing had gone to such mess!

“Little Thing, you must believe in me!” at sudden, Yu Ao Tian expression changed to be so serious, staring at her pair of eyes.

This is the first time, first time for her to see a gleam of light in Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes, does her eyes have problem?

This man no matter what he done his pair of eyes always deep pitch dark without bottom, no one can guess what his thought. But now, this pair of eyes actually shines a faint sheen sincere.

“It’s not I don’t believe in you, but since the beginning…You never gave me a chance to believe in you! While you…

Never believe on me too, am I right?”

Between both of them, everything is started from misunderstanding, together without any feeling, so it is so impossible to have faith and believe in each others!

“Alright. Since this day, let we start all over!”

Start… All over? What this… Mean?

Strangely, suddenly Yao Yao feels her heart having faint excitement, but at same time she is afraid to know the meaning behind Yu Ao Tian’s words, but also she is expecting the true behind these words, such complicated.

Don’t try to find it! Don’t try to find the meaning behind the words, Yu Ao Tian isn’t a man that she afford to have relationship with, he isn’t! No! No!, her six sense tells Yao Yao, once thing happened, the ending and result isn’t something she can bear, she really afraid, so scared to have man and woman relationship with Yu Ao Tian.

4 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 256

  1. Thanks. Funny chapter where YAT almost dropped the remote upon hearing YY’s question regarding the man in the video.

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