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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 257 B


For me Long Ye is someone cool and smooth-talker, he is good negotiator, sweet, romantic, flexible, very fast to adapt with new environment. Compare to Long Qi and Han Li Shang, Long Ye is calmer and sensible but also warm and gentle though he also can be so rude in some cases.

Someone alike Long Ye may live in such easy going life but actually, inside his sunshine man character, deep inside him there is insecurity feeling and also sense of inferiority.

When I translated this chapter, it recalled the feeling of helpless. I heart Long Ye, I understood the helpless feeling that he felt, no matter how he worked hard for getting Xue Tong attention, that ice princess never looked at him.

Chapter 257

Part 2 (Two)

Long Ye’s Love Toward Mo Xue Tong

Yu Ao Tian who is sitting at bed side staring at her dim eyes, he wasn’t there when that thing happened, also he could not feel her mood, but this moment, from her eyesight he could see the fear and helplessness which she experienced.
That deep pair and bottomless eyes measuring by seeing her face, the wounds in her body, slowly Yu Ao Tian is extending his hands, touch her bruise eyes corner with affection….

“sssh…” (sound of enduring pain)

Yao Yao cannot help herself to inhale one cold air.
Seeing from her bitter expression, these wounds aren’t only left in her face but also inside her heart. “You, are you such caring with your status?”

“Haha.” she helplessly smiles, curled up his pair of leg, her hands are tightly hugged it, prop her chin, slowly said: “If I don’t care of it impossible for me not dared to go to school, moreover after I experienced such thing, I was running away and hiding in here.”

Since gone out from Berson, until in the street, she felt as if everyone eyesight filled with disdain glance, as if everyone could see her status as Lover, despised her, looking down at her, the kind feeling of guilty conscience, she really felt it for such long time, too long…

“Huh.” Yu Ao Tian sees her difficulty expression, sighed, and then takes out his mobile phone, dialed a phone number:

“Xue Tong, go to my safety box and then take the third document send it to Rui Sen Hotel which is next door of the company, room number 403.”

Yao Yao absent-minded looked at him, Yu Ao Tian… What is he doing?


Rui Sen Hotel Entrance.

After Mo Xue Tong takes the document she walks faster, constantly moving forward to the hotel room which Yu Ao Tian told her, but when she just entered the big entrance, just in time Long Ye is walking out.

Both of them are exchanging their eyesight, Mo Xue Tong is hugging tightly the document she held, hurried avoided his eyesight and passed him.

But at the moment both of them passing each other, suddenly Long Ye grabbed her wrist: “Are you planning to use this kind of attitude to face me for your entire life?”

Mo Xue Tong expressionless looking to far away, after sometime, that cold eyes are slowly looking at him: “This is what you seek for!”

“That’s right, this is what I seek for, I seek for…” Long Ye laughed mocking himself, but next second, his good looking face dimmer, whispering: “But whom changed me to this point?!!!”

Regarding to what he said, It is so obviously Mo Xue Tong doesn’t think so: “This is your problem!”

“My problem? Mo Xue Tong, are you really wanted to force me to go crazy?” since Long Ye was in his tenth he has already mingled in this society, there was no matter that he could not solve. His character is such smooth, meeting human talk in human way, meeting ghost talk in ghost way, so that in Yu Long group, his nickname is ‘diplomat’.
But Mo Xue Tong, only her, a person he cannot deal with, no matter with what kind of attitude he used to deal with her, she always answer him with her coldness!

“Long Ye, you must really to take a look your current self now, how failure you as person! You even couldn’t watch your woman, even let her came to company to make commotion and done such embarrassed things. I see, your craziness is none of my business.”

Staring at that pair of eyes which filled with disdain eyesight, since the day he met this woman who seems could not be burn with passionate, the way she looks at him always this kind of eyesight.

That’s right, compare to Yu Ao Tian who has the ability to control the result, very obvious he is such lacking; compare to Han Li Shang who has high education background, he only someone who learnt everything by himself. And also compare to the family background of them, he is only a little scoundrel who roaming in the streets.


20 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 257 B

  1. I wonder what kind documents what he ask for MXT to deliver to him. Maybe the lover contract agreement he has with YY? To ease her pain and helplessness, being lover status she felt degraded and shameful but she can’t do anything about until the contract is over. Hopefully YAT is kind and merciful, have a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. Admit their feelings for one another. Have a blessed evening and thank you.

  2. I thought so too but will YY accept to sign off the deal before 3 years. She may said that this so called, “Lover Contract” make her feel ashamed of herself but she has a lot of pride too.

    I wonder why MXT has such a cold attitude towards LY n yet for some reason MXT is frighten of LY?

  3. What a bitch. There is a difference between turning someone down and being a bitch. She treats him like shit and blames him for it. She is also insulting him in a very dirty fashion.

  4. Have you heard this idiom “Don’t hate someone too much , one day you will love the person you hate”. I think this will happen to MXT and in the end she will definitely loves LQ 😊

  5. i just hope this novel will end soon (please lovey dovey moment, i;m ding here), so azzuro can concentrate in other novel because all her time in translating most of it focuses on this novel. fighting azuuro

    1. There is no way for Azurro to end this novel soon. I had peek on it. A naive short tempered girl is quite long novel.
      I was one of the person who called her crazy when she decided to take this as her project. The crazier, she translated the chapters chap by chap.

      1. wow, such passionate translator. i even need to start from 5th semester so i can finish my thesis so i can write whenever i want. i’m too lazy

      2. no, i mean. because i’m too lazy to working on my thesis at 7th semester. i began to collect all material even the title at 5th semester. i started collect them whenever i feel like i want to do something. and here i’m at last semester still trying to collect the material. my first chapter only halfway trough

  6. Have you heard this idiom “Don’t hate someone too much one day you will comes to love the person you hate”. I think this happen to MXT and in the end she definitely will loves LQ 😀

  7. I think there’s she had a traumatic past that she hasn’t deal yet. I don’t she could be like that without any reason.

  8. Yao Yao’s contract? If so, YAT really value their matter

    Maybe Long Ye so obsess about MXT is because he couldn’t conquer her heart

  9. Not too long ago, Long Ye agreed with Vice CEO Han that they’d kill Yao Yao if her “growth” became a problem. So much for his “warmth.”

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