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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 257

Chapter 257

Part 1 (One)

Long Ye’s Love Toward Mo Xue Tong

“Long Ye Ge Ge.”


“Don’t you like Miss Mo? Why are you still dating with another woman?”

“……………” Long Ye never thought Yao Yao would suddenly ask this question, he turned his gaze to look at Yu Ao Tian.
Yu Ao Tian also never thought Yao Yao would ask this question, hurried avoid Long Ye’s gaze, turned away his head, his expression as if said… This matter is none of my business.

“Hehehehehe… Yao Yao, likes is likes, but both of us never dating, while I am a normal man, you, understand right?”

Although… Understood….

It means that Long Ye loves Miss Mo (one-sided love), and then because of ‘the necessity’, so that he would date any woman?

Ha, she recalled not long ago when Li Ruo Ting blamed her, she was vaguely revealed this signal, so that was the reason why Feng Chen Yi overstepped the bounds, because she could not satisfy him.

Do all the men type of creature who are thinking more with their lower part?

How about Yu Ao Tian? No Li Mei Yun and now also no Shang Yun Yin, while she also cannot give him anything regarding ‘that thing’, will he have another woman later?

Thinking to this point, there is slightly feared flashing in Yao Yao’s eyes. Because what Long Ye’s girlfriend did just now, really affected her, she really afraid if one day Yu Ao Tian’s woman would come to find her, and then the result perhaps worst than now.

“Alright, I won’t disturb both of you, I leave first.” after said, Long Ye has gone and left them.

But his words was something irresponsible, it completely make the atmosphere between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian turned to be so awkward. Provoking her little heart, ‘thump thump thump’ beat so fast.

“You must be still so angry with that woman who hit you, right?”
Ah? This word said by Yu Ao Tian gives her head feeling numb, lifts her head up, she looked at his bottomless eyes, it gives her cold-shivering feeling.

That is such scary eyesight, if now she replied him ‘yes’, this word, and then would he…

Yao Yao knows more or less regarding to Yu Ao Tian’s character, she afraid if she nodded her head, the next morning that woman’s body might being in street!

“That, why are you asking?”

“Just now when that woman apologized, your eyes expression was kind of odd.”

Haha, Yu Ao Tian indeed has great observation skill, if her heart just little bit has a wave, he might be able to detect it (feel it)? But…

Although he guessed it right but this time he is mistaken about the reason!

“I really didn’t anger her anymore, but… It is more… Problem of myself.”


“Actually…” she gulped her saliva, taking deep breathe, trying to recall all the scenery which happened in company and also her feeling. “You think carefully, if that woman wasn’t Long Ye Ge Ge’s girlfriend, but… She was yours, today she dashed to company hit me, the ending would not this easy, coming in front me and apologized?”

Talking to this point, slowly Yao Yao’s eyes gazing down, her eyes cannot restrain her emotion, the layer of mist in her eyes: “When first time she showed up in front of me, moreover when she hit me, I was extremely angry, so pissed off, the woman was giving me a feeling as if she was crazy bitch. But at the moment she yelled me as Third wheel, I really thought she as your girl friend. An instantaneous I felt I was such in wrong, furthermore so afraid, scared…”

Isn’t the person who experienced this kind of thing would not know how her feeling, her helplessness, those surrounded eyes that see her with disdainful eyesight, women were hubbub, simply to say she hated herself and wanted to find a pillar—-smashed her head and go die, really too embarrassed, so embarrassed, after all today society isn’t that open-minded which able to give Lover and third wheel a little space.



11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 257

  1. In this episode I noticed YY being truthful about how/what she feels when YAT asked her is she’s still angry. They both changed …started from the last chapter. This could be the turning point of their relationship gearing toward becoming boyfriend/girlfriend ❤️❤️

  2. Im glad YY open up to YAT how she felt at the time of feeling of helplessness, scared, embarrassed, and was accused of a third wheel. With this confession of YY, I hope YAT will give her a hug and console her too. Thanks for great work and looking forward to the next. Have a blessed day.

    1. I hope YAT not just give YY a hug n console her but more so his feelings towards her. In a way from the previous chapter YAT kind of revealed hint of his feeling for losing YY. I hope he reveal n explain more.

      Thanking you very much Azurro.

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