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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 1.1


Special Story

Kang Yu’s Revenge

Special Story 1.1

When Kang Yu was at 2 years old, his father had just changed his surname to Ai Xin Jue Luo.

The story begun, most of the descendants who had Ai Xin Jue Luo surname had changed their surname into others surname after the Revolution, such as Zhao, Luo, Jin, or others, the reason because if they didn’t change their surname they were hard to escape from feudal during the Revolution in Chinese history, until the reformation, some had changed back and some hadn’t.

After changed the surname, Kang Yu’s father also didn’t escape from the revolution, he had accused to be criminal, being prison 13 years before released, and then working as vehicle mechanic for living.

When Kang Yu was at 3 years old, his father passed away, his mother is someone hard-working also good person, relied on farming for living, when Kang Yu was at 6, in order to have better live, Kang Yu’s mother moved from Fu Shun to Shanghai, but got snubbed, because of money problem, Kang Yu’s mother stayed at Shanghai for while, working at Shanghai Ming Hang district as labor in one of pioneer production company, also looked for place to stay, at least to stay for while.

When Kang Yu at 6 he was so cute, very strong, also little bit quiet, didn’t like to play, perhaps because his father had passed away in the early days, made him maturer compare to others kids at his age, compare to weak Shanghainese kids who were growing up under parent protection, simply to say Kang Yu was more look alike small adult, who was doing farming and house chores which done perfectly by him.

Many are the descendants of the royal family, it said to be descendant of Prince Chun first rank, his personality was very strong, after went through short period, he turned to be little boss among the kids group.

Kang Yu personality is so stubborn, as long as he has acknowledge something, usually he would go straight until the end, he would not turn around, as example there was one time when he sent lunch for his mother, he was choosing the shortest path, very difficult to pass, for little kids it almost similar alike go uphill and down dale, but he didn’t want to change his path, encountered obstacles, he used his feet to kick, if cannot kick by his feet, he would bent down, couldn’t bent down then he would climb up, whatever he stills need to go by this path.

When Kang Yu was little his family environment wasn’t good, what kind of things (expensive or luxurious stuffs) he never had it, even for meal, within one month he had 20 days eating carrot with white rice, he never complained before, he only could use his brain to find a way how to get more vegetable for his house, for example knowing little boys, playing flap cards, won over their snacks, or during playing water gun, won over their beverages, although he didn’t like to play, but as long as he could win over the stuffs, we would do.

One day, the production manufacturing contracted the farmland where his mother worked in to send dinner, on the way back he saw a little yellow dog, cute and chubby, he went up and teased it, his teasing the animal actually a bit weird, he crouched, using the tree branch poking it, the little dog (puppy) perhaps only 3 months, being teased by him, woofing.

Suddenly, a little loud voice but affectedly sweet calling out from his back, “Why are you bullied little dog!!”

Kang Yu turned his head, stunned his eyes gleaming, he never seen little girl who looked alike western doll, from her looked she was about 4 or 5 years old, looked alike root of sprout, curly hair slightly dark brown with bright-color-eyes, so big and also round, skin looked so soft and tender, she looked dirty, a white dress all covered with dirt, she wore pair of red leather shoes which also covered by dirt, but she was so beautiful and also cute.

Little girl was looked angry, dashed in front, her mouth was blaming, “You should not bully little dog, you see you have scared it.”

Kang Yu wanted to say, I didn’t bully it, only teasing it, but no matter what, from the little girl eyes she saw the tree branch as weapon to bully the little dog.

When he was trying to explain, little girl has already punch him, hit him.

Without any preparation, Kang Yu was being attacked.

But he didn’t expect that little girl who looked alike bean sprout had such strength, holding his burn hot face wanted to fight back, but the little girl didn’t give any opportunity, one of her feet stomped at his stomach, she even used her strength to step on him twice, she scolded him: “You dare to bully little dog, you dare to bully!”

Kang Yu was flaring up, grabbed the little girl feet, counter attack, but he didn’t realise little girl fast reaction, she grabbed his arm, her mouth bite him.

The pain let him to shout out loud.

Her teeth was simply sharpen that the little dog’s.

He pulled back his hand, seeing his hand bleeding and also teeth mark.

The little girl humphed, very quick kicked him, he’s been attacked, being hit he really didn’t know how to react, little girl hasn’t seem to stop, looking around to look for thing, unexpectedly saw a red brick, very fast run, picked it, and came back.

She threaten, “If you are not getting lost, I will use this brick, toss it to you!”

Kang Yu has been hit by her to the point his face green and swollen, very angry, but his brain was so clearly once little girl panic, she really would toss that brick, the person who got hurt must be he, so he stood up, step backward.

Good man would not fight with woman.

Kang Yu grinning while thinking, seeing she was playing so dirty, she must live nearby, Man revenge takes ten years won’t be late, he would have chance to revenge.

Won’t fight her first,

Hence, he left with anger.

Since that day he was starting to find about who was that little girl, from few little fellows, he found out that little girl was the production team leader’s eldest daughter, her name called Ou Yang Miao Miao, whoever daughter she is, since she dared to hit him, she must pay for the price.

He had prepared for few days, he took few of his fellow friends who he had won over to go for taking revenge.

Although he was went for revenge, but hitting little girl, he would lose his face if doing so, so he planned to threaten her.

Secretly coming over little girl’s in front house, little girl’s house had small garden, it was surrounding by steel fence, quite tall, but with his height he could see little girl movement, he stood there to watch over her.

Little Girl was playing with dog in the garden.

One little yellow dog, and also one…


7 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 1.1

  1. Ooooo….MM n KY met the first time when they were little kids but MM has no recognition of it. Revenge or no revenge yet KY as an adult he is ever so gentle with MM.

    Thanking you very much. 😀

    1. Yes.
      it reminded me one Indonesia word which so trend for sometime.
      Benci is Indonesian word for Hate but it can be abbreviation for benar-benar cinta (Truly in love)

  2. so that’s why he’s so attracted to her when he just moving from he’s old school. and here i’m thinking that’s because the legendary “love at first sight”. i think my romantic cell working uncontrol . hehehhehe

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