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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 114

Grammatical check and Edited by : Obsidian

Chapter 114

After listening to this, without waiting for Bai Yin Chen’s reaction, Long Mo Er is already jumping up.  She pulls tightly on Bai Yin Chen’s robe sleeves, nervously shouting out loud.

“What, you say you want to leave? You say you want to go now? Don’t you know that the wounds in your body just healed, after all (this) you say you want to leave?”

“Mo Er, I must go somewhere. I don’t have any more time.” Bai Yin Chen still calmly spoke.

“Big brother Bai, where are you going? The time you mentioned, is it May 15th? Actually what is the importance of that date and also that place? Is it important?” Long Mo Er is concerned about Bai Yin Chen, but the way she is speaking turns out to be pursuing.

“That’s right, it’s very important. Although I almost lost my life, I must go. I must hurry.” Bai Yin Chen looks at Long Mo Er, his eyes so persistent and certain.

Stunned, she looks at the kind of eye expression.  Although the silver mask covers things up, Long Mo Er can see those eyes.  She knows the face concealed by the mask is equally determined and firm.

Long Mo Er comes back to herself.  Her glossy pearl lips say, “Well, Big brother Bai, you should go! I believe the thing that Big Brother Bai wants to do must be something important.  I hope Big Brother Bai will smoothly complete this matter. But I hope Big Brother Bai will also promise me one thing.”

After listening to Long Mo Er and knowing that she understands, Bai Yin Chen’s expression is nice and warm. “Mo Er, what thing do you want me to promise you?”

“I want to go with you.”

Bai Yin Chen is dumbfounded for a while.

“I don’t have a place to go and Big Brother Bai also wants to leave this place. Since I don’t know where to go I hope that Big Brother Bai will take me along.  Let me go with you to the place that you are heading to, can I? I promise to be obedient.” Long Mo Er spoke, her spirits low.

She never thought that Bai Yin Chen is going to leave, so she really does not know where she will go. Everyone has their own place; everyone has their own home.  This time she is so lonely.  After all she has a home but cannot there.  Where should she go? She is so confused. Now (here) the only person she knows is Bai Yin Chen. If he also leaves, then what should she do?  It is impossible to go home.  She’s afraid to get hurt. She can only beg Bai Yin Chen to take her with him.  Now she only has one option, to ask him to take her with. After everything, there is still a day where she doesn’t know where to go? How can this be?

Feeling hurt, her heart is crying though unable to voice any words.

“Mo Er, we are going to leave now.” said Bai Yin Chen.

These words, it feels like it’s decided.  Long Mo Er happily lifts her head up, looking at him she happily smiles. “Okay, thank you Big Brother Bai. I will be good.”

“En, let’s pack the stuff and then we’ll leave.”  Just now Long Mo Er looked so down.  Her spirit is so low that his heart also hurts. What is her background? Usually naive and cute, she always smiles. Why is she showing such a sad and scared aura?

He falls silent. How can he refuse and say no?  Moreover she is so kind that he cannot say no.  Regardless, he also doesn’t have a reason to refuse.  She gave him his life back, to once again be able to live.  Take her to that place. There is nothing that cannot be done.



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