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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 7.2

Chapter 7

Part 2 (Two)

The next day, when An Jia Qi is still sleeping, suddenly she is being wake up by Mother An.

“Qi Qi, today must go to kindergarten.”

An Jia Qi unwillingly opened her eyes, said: “Mom, I don’t want to go to kindergarten.” and then she closed her eyes and go back to sleep.

When Mother An sees it, an instant she flared up. Recently An Jia Qi is becoming more outrageous, not to mention being food-picky in kindergarten, dare to eat candy at home, now she does not want to go to kindergarten.

Thinking about these, Mother An uncover An Jia Qi’s quilt, hit her butt, this time she not soft-hearted, hitting her.

Early in the morning crying sound is coming from An’s house, Su Zhan Mo jumps up, even he hasn’t worn his uniform well, and then rushing outside. Mother Su seeing Su Zhan Mo hurried to stop him.

“Mo Mo wear you uniform well, Mom is going out to see.”

At the time when Mother Su knocking and then opened the door, she sees Mother An is sitting at the bed side anger to the point almost crying, while An Jia Qi is covered her butt and crying.

“Sister An, what happened? Early in the morning why hitting child?” after said, she hugged An Jia Qi, gently rubbing her little butt.

“Su Yue, you say this Qi Qi, recently she is more outrageous. So picky with food, secretly eating candy and now she does not want to go to kindergarten. It really anger me to death…”

After Mother Su heard this, she smiles and stroking An Jia Qi’s little head, asked: “Qi Qi, you see you have made your mom anger to this point, hurry go to apologize?”

An Jia Qi stubborn nature showed up, pouted and with low voice said: “Qi Qi also angry…..”

“You see, she still being stubborn and reluctant to admit her mistakes.” after said Mother An raises her hand, but being stopped by Mother Su.

“Qi Qi, you see Mo Mo Ge Ge has already wore his uniform and preparing go to school, won’t you hurry to wear your uniform? Later Mo Mo Ge Ge won’t wait for you going to school together.”

Once An Jia Qi heard Su Zhan Mo’s name, she dashed to take look from window. Just as unexpected Su Zhan Mo is heading toward her place, hurried she wears her uniform.

It seems that inside Mother An’s heart it feels such complicated, her words are not half works than Su Zhan Mo’s name.

Once Su Zhan Mo entered the house, seeing his mother and Mother An sitting in the bed side, while An Jia Qi has done wearing her shoes. Greeted Mother An, he walks toward An Jia Qi beside, help her tidy up the twisted uniform.

“Qi Qi, why you anger Mother An again?”

An Jia Qi pouted her mouth, carefully glance at mother An, slowly get closer to Su Zhan Mo’s ear, whispered: “Mom dislikes me.”

After Su Zhan Mo heard he helplessly shaking his head, dragging An Jia Qi to go out from house, taking her to outside to wash her face and brush her teeth.

Seeing those two children leaving, Mother An complained: “Su Yue, you see my words aren’t any used compare to yours

Mo Mo’s words. Later let my Qi Qi disciplined by your Mo Mo, better!”

“Sister An, you don’t do, just let my Mo Mo to do it. But you can’t complain my Mo Mo if he disciplines not well.”

Mother Su smiles while teased at Mother An, this let Mother An finally smiles.

Since Mother Su working place is nearer to Lan Tian primary school and kindergarten, so that Mother Su send off one is also send off, so two children are sent off together, by the luck, she is sending off her son and also her prospective daughter in law go to school.

After Su Zhan Mo sees An Jia Qi go inside the kindergarten with Teacher Xiao Li, and then he walking to next door which is his primary school. By this chance Su Zhan Mo meets his classmate, Gang Zi.

Gang Zi real name is Liu Gang, his father is police officer in this area, so that Gang Zi is class leader in their class, while Su Zhan Mo because of his good academic he is class commissary in charge of studies (something alike student committee). Both of them are famous in teacher’s eyes, they are so often helping teacher doing thing, so that their relationship slightly better to others classmate.

“Zhan Mo, are you sending off your sister to kindergarten?”


“Didn’t you bring lunch box for your sister today?” Every time Gang Zi sees Su Zhan Mo, he always bringing two lunch box bags, but today he is bringing only one, curious asked him.

“I had, just now have been giving it to teacher.”

Honestly Gang Zi is so curious about Su Zhan Mo’s little sister, because Su Zhan Mo this person, usually rare to see him speaking in the class, others than little bit conversation with him, basically he is someone so quiet. Half day can see him not speaking, but most of time he can speak so much every time anger by his little sister. There was one time when he passing, just by coincided, he spotted Su Zhan Mo disciplined (educated) his little sister through the metal fence.

“Qi Qi, don’t often eat chocolate with Xiao Hu, be careful your teeth will decay.”

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, Chocolate tastes so delicious, at the beginning it tastes little bit bitter, and then later it becomes sweet.”

After said, An Jia Qi is taking out one chocolate from her pocket, torn the plastic wrap and then gave it to Su Zhan Mo.

Gang Zi thought based on Su Zhan Mo character he would not take that unshaped chocolate. Never thought that after Su Zhan Mo after heard it, he let his little sister to feed inside his mouth.

That time, he even witnessed Su Zhan Mo smiled alike dummy. Gang Zi who curious about the changes of Su Zhan Mo but at same time he also curious about An Jia Qi.

He heard from Su Zhan Mo that she only little sister who live next door, no blood-related. But Su Zhan Mo concern is little bit too much, over than normal? Impossible she is a child bride? More he thought more he scared of it, there would a day when Gang Zi asked this question to Su Zhan Mo.

Never thought that although his face little bit darkening, but he didn’t make any denial. Because of this later in the future Gang Zi understood what Su Zhan Mo did to An Jia Qi is called as Love.

Lunch break, An Jia Qi is staring at her lunch box that so familiarize in her small table, suddenly she does not have any mood to eat. After teacher Xiao Li sees, so surprised. Hurried walking toward her with concerned asked: “Qi Qi why don’t you have your lunch? This food are cooked by your father. Are you sick?”

An Jia Qi stared at her lunch box, and then gazing outside, with her screechy voice, said: “I want to wait for and eat together with Mo Mo Ge Ge.”

After Teacher Xiao Li heard it she showed crying laugh face, “Qi Qi, now you are big kid, you can’t let Mo Mo Ge Ge to feed you? You see yours Mo Mo Ge Ge is eating by himself, he is independent and also understanding boy, you are also must learn from him.”

After An Jia Qi listened, she recalled her memory back, she realized it seems to be true that Mo Mo Ge Ge is someone who independent and eating his meal by himself. In moment she gained herself kind of spirit to learn from her Mo Mo Ge Ge, takes her spoon, spoon by spoon she eats.

Waiting until Su Zhan Mo done with his lunch, he is prepared to look for An Jia Qi, Gang Zi and Yang Wa Wa (western doll) are also coming to follow at his back. This Western doll real name is Li Mei Mei, she is commissary in charge of publicity in their class, she is so beautiful, her academic also good, inside the class there are also many little boys who like to play with her. But only Su Zhan Mo who is exceptional not warm toward her alike others little boys, this make Li Mei Mei unhappy, this unhappiness finally changed to be her attitude to stick with Su Zhan Mo whenever he goes.

This time Su Zhan Mo is standing in front of the metal fence, An Jia Qi is happily rushed toward him. Happily she said:“Mo Mo Ge Ge, today I ate all my lunch by myself. Teacher Xiao Li rewarded me one big red flower. You see…”

When talking to Su Zhan Mo, An Jia Qi is taking out one big red flower paper which sticking in her hand swaying in front of Su Zhan Mo.

Su Zhan Mo gives faint smile and extending his hand to metal fence, stroking An Jia Qi’s head, praised her: “Such awesome.”

But the next sentence that An Jia Qi said makes Su Zhan Mo laugh bitter.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, Teacher Xiao Li had already rewarded me, what reward will you give?”


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