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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 1.2

Miao Miao sleep

Special Story

Kang Yu’s Revenge

Special Story 1.2

Kang Yu spotted one huge dog, that was the first time he saw such big dog, seen the dog opened it’s mouth, it showed white big teeth, little girl is laughing happily, while he was having cold sweat, such big dog, after all she not even afraid of it, she even stretched out her hand to the dog’s teeth.

He who was seeing it having cold sweat.

Didn’t she afraid bite by it?

This moment, little girl said, “Bei Bei, good, you are going to born little puppies soon, don’t randomly moves.”

It gave a feeling alike dog’s mother.

No matter what breed the dog was, with that big size, it must be scared people.

Actually he wanted to frighten her by going inside her house, but after seen such big dog, how could he do it?

If the dog surprised, gone crazy, bite him, what to do then?

Better to postpone it, waiting until little girl being alone then he would go according plan.

Waiting for three hours, the big dog wasn’t even moving little bit from little girl, so that he didn’t have any opportunity to revenge.

Sky was gradually dark, he was only going home.

After few days, he came back again, beside the little girl was standing that big dog.

Even until one month, every day he was standing in front her house, but everyday there was no chance for him to take revenge.

When he was waiting until the little girl alone, he didn’t do it, he had waited for one month, he knew many things, he knew that little girl health not really good, so that her parent didn’t let her out recently, so she was playing inside the garden, it seems that her heart not really good, if he really scared her and she got heart attack, what should he do?

He was scratching his head, when there was a big dog he could not do it, when she was alone he also couldn’t do it, how should he take this revenge?

He depressed and frustrated, rake up meal, his face was darken.

During night, several people in the neighborhood were watching television around the yard, he also went, anyway it was free, not his television, why not went to watch.

Kids and adults, young and old, all were seriously watching the television, but there was a commotion.

It were husband and wife arguing, this wife and husband are always arguing once big argue in five days, once small in three days, both of them arguing such similar with having meal, before there was someone came as mediator, later no matter how to persuade still arguing.

Pretending not to see, pretending not to hear.

After sometime, the man was kicking the door, he was cursing.

Inside the yard, person with surname Zhao could not bear anymore, he said to that man, “You say why you married her before, not spending good life, all that along so noisy.”

That man replied, “I have revenge with her, so that I married her, by this way I can enslave her everyday, let her to wash my clothes, cook food, and also let her born my kids! Is it your business?”

After said, the man was going to have beer.

The people who known it knew, it was anger words.

But Kang Yu didn’t understand, he just 6…

Sometimes kids understanding is so naive.

In his brain the words ‘I have revenge with her, so that I married her, by this way I can enslave her everyday, let her to wash my clothes, cook food, and also let her born my kids!’ repeatedly playing.

This way can revenge.

His eyes were flashed, perhaps this would do.


He had decided!

He wanted to marry her!

But how to marry her?

Whatsoever, anyway he must marry her.
After that, he was starting to find a way how to get close with the little girl, and then… Humph humph (smiles with smug expression).

But before he had chanced to get closer with the little girl, he and his mother had already gone back to their old house, but this thought always there, never disappeared, because he always think of her, the little girl was filled in his mind, no matter what, he could not forget her.

15 years that year, mother had used much money also consideration, once again to let him came to Shanghai, at the moment let him to stay at his uncle’s house, uncle’s house wasn’t far away from his childhood place, that manufacturing place, according to his memories, he was coming back to that little girl’s in front house.

Reminiscence old days, but those who lived there had already moved, the manufacturing company also disappeared, he also heard that little girl’s father has his own business.

Didn’t know how she grow? The teeth mark in his hand still there, so that he still wanted to revenge.

Suddenly the front door being opened, at moment he hid, his eyes spotted big dog.

How can this dog still there! Is that dog immortal? Cannot die?

“Cai Xi, obedient, I will walk you…”

He felt the voice was so nice, turned to take a look, a girl who approximately at thirteen or fourteen was holding a big dog out from door. At one glanced he had known who she was, pair of bright eyes, he would not ever forget it, it stills that beautiful.

Growing up, she even growing quite beautiful, compare to when she was little, she is thinner, didn’t she eat, how could she thin to this point?

Perhaps that dog knew it is going out, rushing to the in front, young girl walking the dog but it seems as if the dog walked the young girl.

He was following at her back, secretly followed, feeling complicated whether the young girl’s hand would break because pulled by the dog.

His head still thinking, should he go to greet, and then realization plan that he made those years.

Enslave her, let her to clean and wash his clothes, cook for him….

After thinking, inside his heart there was slightly… Happiness.

Can revenge gives that kind of happiness, it was not clear feeling.

After young girl walked the dog, went home, he has seen her until she went back, at sudden his heart felt empty, he was feeling frustrating when going back to uncle’s house, once his aunty saw him shouting at him, “where did you go, wanted to have meal but not working!”

Listened to it his heart felt irritating, but he endured it, because he knew his mother hard-work.

He was a transferred student from county side who came to Shanghai, it was quite difficult, though his study was so good when he was in Fu Shun, must wait half year, still not yet found suitable school.

Within this half year, he was busy to earn money for living, so that he could lighten his mother burden, sometimes he went to see that little devil who stayed at his heart.

Taking look, watched, his feeling has changed.

Especially when he saw her such intimate with her big dog, his heart felt bitter and sour.

When he was earning for living, he met uncle Shen, one good old man, anyway uncle and aunty dislike him, better he stayed with uncle Shen, after he discussed with his mother, he moved and stayed with Uncle Shen, also helped him to take care of the business, he learned many things from uncle Shen, especially about man and woman…

Hence, he understood one thing! Suddenly his mood turned cheerful.

Uncle Shen has many connections, it was not taking long time to find a school that he could transfer to, but must restart from second year, just at right time, the homeroom teacher of second year third class (2-3) was uncle Shen best friend’s daughter, sending a gift, thing has settled.

At the beginning he quite unwilling, based on what he must restart second year, he still wanted to finish his education earlier and starting to work, taking good care and support his mother, let her to enjoy good days.

But when he was observing the school, he had spotted her in that school, studied at 2-3, without thinking much, immediately he agreed to restart second year.

On the transferring day, he was standing in front on the stage.

She was sleeping at her seat which was at back row, when teacher was writing his surname on the blackboard, everyone let out surprised sound, she awake.

Two persons were seeing each other.

Kang Yu’s black eyes were flashing….

Ou Yang Miao Miao, you won’t be ever escape.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 1.2

  1. KY is so funny..since young he wanted revenge againat MM until he fall in love with MM instead. HAHAHA KY is jealous of MM’s big dog.

  2. Hahahaha.
    Thanks a lot for this!!!
    It’s really a surprising twist to know that Kang Yu actually knew Miao Miao since they’re both little, especially when this chapter is placed almost at the end of the story.
    And his initial intention of revenge. It’s refreshing. And it made me want to re-read back the whole story again especially their ‘first’ meeting in the beginning.
    Thanks for translating!

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