C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 1.3


I was little bit doubt to put this picture, trying to visual Jun Si Que. what you guys think? Btw, the picture is credited to the owner

I was quite surprised when reading last chapter-part comments, some of you were asking whether this novel about vampire or something similar with it. Well, I can guarantee to all of you, on this novel there is no such ‘immortal’ thingy such as Vampire or Werewolves.

Again, Please do not put any spoiler in comment box regarding my baby project.

Chapter 1

Part 3 (Three)

All at sudden, under the western suit, the muscles are slightly tightened, the bones seem constantly quaver.

An extraordinary beautiful face is hanging faint leisure expression, Jun Si Que’s right hand is covering his left hand, glossy lips commanded: “Stop the car to the nearest Jun’s business, I want a room to take a rest.”

“Now?” the driver surprised.

“Yes. Now.” his eyes are as deep as the vast sky, dark to the bottomless.

After two minutes, the driver stopped the car in front of a nightclub with ‘Jin Bi Hui Huang’ plate hanging on the entrance door, The business of the Jun’s in S city are many, this nightclub naturally is one among of them.

“You can go back, tomorrow morning you can come back to pick me up.” Jun Si Que ordered.

“Young Master, do you want to stay here for the entire night?” If few old Masters of Jun household know he takes their

Young Master to Nightclub, he afraid there will be no good fruit to eat——-although this ordered by Young Master himself.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t have to ask.” Jun Si Que faintly said, walk gracefully get off the car, the driver is facing with the waiter who heading to open the door and then showing a special Jun’s household VIP card.

Staring at the figure who walking inside the nightclub, driver opens wide his mouth, only can feel one head double in size. Although this is also Jun’s business, but Young Master must be know, this business specialty ‘service’ female guests, right?

If, encountering any woman who make motions to Young Master, then he…

The driver face turned blue (Green)*, he could imagine his miserable fate.

While the waiter leads the way, Jun Si Que enters the VIP private room.

“This private room you can completely rest assured, the private room outside the elevator is using pin to lock, other than if you have set the pin, no one can enter, this is also in order to protect the privacy then consider, of course, if there’s anything else you need…” the waiter talking while looking with curious eyesight measuring the other party.

After all, such finest good looking man, using one top VIP card of the Jun’s family, and then coming here to ask a private room where no one will come to disturb, listen to this kind of order it gives odd feeling.

“Enough, you can leave.” Jun Si Que cut it off.

“Yes.” the waiter is going outside, carefully close the door.

Inside the empty room, it left one person only. Jun Si Que calm and elegant face, it has turned slightly white pale.

Back of hand, under the dim light, the green veins has been bulging. Raises his hand, his quivering hand is taking out one small medicine bottle, open the bottle, take out the red tablet of medicine, open mouth and swallow.

It hasn’t been full moon yet, but the body has already…

Pain, has it been become more often?

When this pain will be really end?

Body, it had been falling on soft bed surface. As for those who cannot find Ming Yi and also heritage this bloodline, for the member of Jun family, this is kind of torment, death, perhaps is the real solution.

But…not willing to die.

As if the blood vessel screaming, telling him, keep on living, finding the Ming Yi which belongs to him, only by find it, and then will only have chance to experience a happiness.

“Ming…Yi…. Is it the destiny to depend on each others? If there is no you, I will not able to live, but, you can still live happily…. Can’t you?”

That supreme happiness, what kind of happiness is it?

White jade slender fingers, harden to grab at the top of the layer silk, leaving a deep dent….


青 Qing : As the word 青 can have many meaning. Even for color it can describe Green and Blue color. Also for expression 青 can mean pale / white. It also can use to describe youth. the usage of 青 character in Chinese language is depend on the full sentence / text. in above context, 青 is explaining the driver face expression because afraid being scolded by the Jun’s.


  1. amy3108 · May 22

    What kind of illness that he suffers from. Is this a rare type of blood disorder? What is MIng Yi that he needs to find? Thanks for the update and have a blessed evening.

    • jiya · May 23

      well it’s in his family blood that he needs to find a soulmate to live otherwise he is going to suffer pain all his life and maybe die usually it happens on full moon but as he is growing it is starting to happen more often.
      thanks for the update🙂

  2. aaza6 · May 22

    thank u for taking up this novel… By chance could u post up d link to d chinese link of d book?
    my sis knows chinese so she wants to read ahead unlike me who needs ur updates to understand😀
    If possible n u don’t mind plz pass on d link🙂

    • azurro4cielo · May 23

      Hi there,
      you can search the novel by googling the Chinese title.
      The novel has many resources either in Taiwanese or Simplified Chinese.
      I am not sure which resource Thunder used because she is proficient in both.

    • Yu Lei Thunder · May 24
  3. Mel · May 23

    Thanks for the update!

  4. yadane · May 24

    oOo it sounds like the Jun’s Family was cursed

  5. anna · September 19

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    the picture it’s like cosplay from durarara :p

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