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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 258 B

Chapter 258

Part 2 (Two)

Inside big bedroom it only left with sound of paper being torn, when that lover contract agreement paper which is a symbol of her humiliation being torn into pieces, Yu Ao Tian said: “Since today onward… You are not my lover anymore.”

The snow is gradually falling from the sky, it forming a beautiful scenery.

Perhaps in this moment the atmosphere changed to tardiness… Slow…

A tiny of ‘snow flakes’ wrapped around these two persons body, the temperature inside the bedroom higher little bit.

At this moment, she really speechless, cannot describe how her feeling, she only feels her head is empty…

What did Yu Ao Tian say? He said… Said… She isn’t his lover anymore? Is it really? Really? Really?

She—-over and over, over and over to ensure by herself, trying to recall Yu Ao Tian’s words, afraid being mistaken, thought it perhaps her heart mistaken about it.

That lover contract isn’t fake, not fraud, the sky with snow flakes are the proof. She….Luo Yao Yao, since this day she won’t be living by bowing her head anymore.

“Yu…” the waves of her mood for long time hasn’t steady yet, she wanted to say something, but her heart too sour, chocked, after all she losing the way to speak something.

At next moment…

Tears are bursting from her eyes, flowing down wet her cheeks, she hugged her head, crying.

“What are you crying for? This moment, doesn’t this what you are expecting for?” expressionless Yu Ao Tian looked at her, his deep eyes surging with unspeakable luster.

He won’t know, he won’t understand that moment when Yao Yao become his lover, the pressure pressed on her heart, he also won’t understand the burden she shouldered, the humiliation she experienced for this time, it was so heavy.

If it can say, since there is changing in the way of interaction between she and Yu Ao Tian, she isn’t afraid of him anymore, perhaps this will be a good start, it is better to say this moment…

The real light is coming.

Haha, at the beginning world actually is such beautiful place. Actually she could this faster get out from the darkness.
Very long time, finally Yao Yao can gain herself, opened her mouth sobbed: “I, so, happy. I really am, very happy. Thank you… Thanks to you…Ao Tian, thank you.”

Seeing her face with smiling expression, although her face wet with tears, Yu Ao Tian finally understood, so that she crying because she is happy.

And then, this is his first time to see Little Thing smiles brightly in her face, she smiles alike angel.

Ha, such grief!

Until this moment, he finally understood, how heavy the burden this Little Thing shoulder, does she really such longing to escape from him?

To be said, at the beginning Yu Ao Tian let her to be his lover, the reason because the scar and also to force herself to stay beside him in order to investigate about it. And then, this lover status actually is the biggest protection given by Yu Ao Tian!

Still same words, there are many people who wanted his life, too many, if he really let her to stay beside him openly then the troubles are keep on coming, only by keeping her secretly beside him, hiding her, it will completely give her real safety.

But, Yu Ao Tian never known this kind of protection actually give her such heavy burden.

And then, Yao Yao perhaps does not know, this kind of pressure, this kind of relationship, Yu Ao Tian actually give her the most smooth and fine protection also love.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 258 B

  1. Thank you! What does this mean? YAT will not be keeping relationship a secret any more? Isn’t that dangerous for YY ?

  2. Thanking you very much Azurro. We finally get to read some of YAT’s logic in keeping YY’s as his lover to protect her n allowed each of his slutty women to abuse YY. But then again YAT took revenged on those slutty women ten times worst than how they abused YY.

    I believe that YY will still stay beside YAT. YY maybe a lot of things but she is also loyal towards YAT especially with his political issues. YY will not leave him just because she is not his lover anymore.

    I also wonder will YAT still shoulder YY’s grandfather’s medical bills since the lover’s contract has been severed?

  3. The burden and shameful has lifted up. I hope this is the beginning of a good relationship with out any condition. YAT loves YY that He used the lover contract to protect and keeping her secretly at his side. But YY didn’t know that and also YAT didn’t know that this contract makes her shameful and degrading and burden. I hope YAT will continue to support and pay the medical bills of her grandfather. Hoping their relationship will progress more…. Thanks Azurro have a blessed evening.

  4. Does this mean they will be separated now and the ex will show up again? I think this is the time now for YY to decides to whom she’s really in love between the two.

  5. Am I reading the same book? Just when Yu Ao Tian might be learning something about his behavior, we hear that all the things he has done to Yao Yao were loving protection. give me a break! When they met he assaulted her in an elevator. If he wanted to know about the scar, knowing she needed money, he could have offered her a higher paying job in his company and she would have followed him like a puppy. He didn’t have to use some lover contract. He could have had nothing to do with her and secretly looked into her background. If she was one of many employees why would she need protection. Being close to him is what put her in danger over and over–and most of the danger she suffered was BECAUSE she was his lover not the other way around. This kind of sudden shift in interpretation is worthy of a politician. But then, Yu Ao Tian IS running for office. I don’t mind seeing someone change and grow but for black to suddenly turn into white–it just feels wrong to me.

    1. I don’t know how it feels wrong to you?
      The purpose of making love contract is to keep Yao Yao beside him, why? Because he needs to find out every puzzle pieces which he believes the answers are in Yao Yao.
      Yao Yao’s scar is his first reason to keep her, that time, either Yu Ao Tian or Yao Yao both of them didn’t have any feeling for each other. Background checking, hers is kept so tight by government because her identity as world class lawyer. About money, since he needs to make excuse to keep her, he made up lover contract agreement which he never did before.

      Their feeling are developing after the lover contract made, it grows as the time both of them spending together, fertilized with understanding and founding new sides of themselves.

      Since the beginning, Yu Ao Tian never calculated his feeling because he confident that he won’t fall for her but heart is something unpredictable.

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