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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 258

Chapter 258

Part 1 (One)

Regarding of Mo Xue Tong, she is princess from Japanese Royal Family, although her family was in straitened circumstances, stranding in ordinary people’s place, but she always been in that high, aloof and splendid. In front of her, who is he? Although now he has everything, but in her eyes, forever he is always that lowly scoundrel, little scoundrel, that’s all.

“Hahahahaha.” Long Ye is laughing mocked at himself, slowly he loosen up her hand: “Since the day you know me, didn’t I kind of failure person? Anyway, no matter how I work hard, in your eyes Mo Xue Tong… I just this kind of person!” after said, he turned and left.

Mo Xue Tong is coldly stared at his back and left, without any emotion turned back while he had left…

Hotel Bedroom

“Bao Bei, come, let me help you to take care the wounds.” Yu Ao Tian from the hotel room toilet found a medicine box, he takes out the potion (liquid medicine alike betadine ), gently he applies that potion to her wounds in her face.

The distant between her face with this good looking face are close, she narrowed her eyes little bit, this is her first time to spot gentle and warmness in his face.

While he when applying the potion on her face, every fingers of his are gently touch her face, as if he is afraid will hurt her if he put little bit strength.

So that, someone alike Yu Ao Tian who does not have patience toward woman, there is also the time he could act this patience too, but perhaps at this moment, the today him perhaps is having good mood.

At this moment, Yao Yao really wanted to keep this scenery inside her heart, after all the moody Yu Ao Tian rare to show this kind side of him.

“Is there any wound in your body?”

Body? Yao Yao is nervously blinking her eyes, and then she moves her body: “my, my body didn’t hurt.”

“En? Bao Bei, if I found out there is wound, what kind of punishment should I give to you?” so that the gentle and warm expression in his face actually conceal his sinister intention.

She has guessed that the warmness side of Yu Ao Tian won’t last long, but never thought it disappeared such quickly.

“I… My… My body I do by myself.”

“Take off!”

Cold sweat…. She isn’t dummy, if she undress there won’t any good ending. “I can do it by myself.”

“Undress!” Yu Ao Tian is speaking with strong tone.

Yao Yao is in difficulty creased her forehead, dumbfounded not moving, inside her eyes as if a little sheep that going to slaughter doing for the final struggle.

And then at this moment…

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking sound)

Suddenly the door is knocked.

It lit her hopes, excitedly she pointed at the door: “Someone is knocking!!”

Yu Ao Tian face is dimmer and glared at her, put down the medicine in his hand. Slowly walked toward the door. “Sorry bother you Xue Tong.”

“It is my job, I leave first.”

“En.” Shut the door closed, Yu Ao Tian gazed at the document and walking inside the room.

Yao Yao is curiously staring at Yu Ao Tian who is standing beside the bed, but she even curious with the document in his hand, her head is filled with question mark, why he looking at her?

“Give.” one cold word, Yu Ao Tian tossed the document to Yao Yao’s.

“Ugh…” Yao Yao takes look at the document, flip and read it… So that the document is their lover contract agreement.

“Why are you… Giving me this?”

Yu Ao Tian stands silently while staring at her, after sometimes, he takes deep breathe: “Fiuh,” quickly he takes the document from her hands and then…

‘ssst…’ (tearing paper sound)

The legal contract which is not too thick has already turned to be pulped in his hand.
Yao Yao is shocked with bull eyes, her little mouth make ‘o’ shape. What is Yu Ao Tian doing this time? What he intended? What is he doing?”

‘Thump’ ‘Thump’ her heart skip beat.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 258

  1. she’s really not sensible enough. when he said let’s start over again it means, start as a couple not secret relationship. urrgghh, sometimes she can be really clueless

  2. Yes !!!!!!! As long as she can blame her willingness to stay with him on the contract she will never admit her feeling. Also noone wants a relationship that’s a business deal.

  3. Wow, Finally ,their lover contract is over. It’s shows that He cares for her. Now the contract is over, I hope YAT still continue to support or pay for all the medical bills of her grandfather. I hope YAT and YY will admit their feelings for each other and progress. Thanks Azurro, what a day to wake up with this. Have a great day….

  4. Finally!!!! Omg been dying the last couple days wondering if that’s what was gonna happen, thank you so much!!!! You are such a hero for translating this whole thing! An English-speaker like me would be lost without you. :’)

  5. Azurro, Thanks for the update. Is there a side story between Long Ye and Xue Tong? Will Long Ye get what he wanted most? Sorry I had to ask.

  6. In our culture we said ” if you want someone hardly you give him freedom ” choice” if he stays he is yours forever if he leaves he didn’t belong to you from the beginning ” chapeau bas YAT you are really smart
    Bon courage azurru

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