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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 259 B


As you guys know, I am not good in translating steamy scenes. The R-rated scenes are thousand times difficult to translate moreover I must carefully to pick the words in order to translate it. Most of time, it took me such super long time to do the translation and racking my brain.
I decided to translate every scenes in raw way (words per words)….

Chapter 259

Part 2 (Two)

Hold On, This is weird Feeling

Seeing her sweet smiles, helplessly Yu Ao Tian shaking his head, he really does not know whether this Little Thing has understood or not about their current relationship, but no matter what, seeing her smiles, he feels as if it contagious, he also feels kind of strange happiness.

Perhaps, that contract lover agreement not only bounding Yao Yao but as well as Yu Ao Tian!

His domineering lips for once again pressed on her lips, and then this time his kiss is so gentle, there is not as rough as before, there is also no forcing.

But Yao Yao hasn’t prepared herself, her small head is slowly moving backward, until there is no way to draw back, there is no way to back.


Gradually, Yao Yao is breathing unsteady, the body is also produce an inexplicable sense of heat, now she really hopes to finish this kiss hurry, because she feels strange! It’s weird!

“Uh!” restless she open wide her eyes, she clearly can feel that there are restless hands that keep moving in her back inch by inch, stroking her back.

The next thing, she can feel her bra loosens up, that man hands are rubbing her sensitive part in front of her chest, that covered the sensitive towering.

“Uh, uh, no, don’t…” she is used all her strength to end the kissing, she can’t stop to think how to make that man’s hand to retreat.

“Don’t? But here… It has been hard, hasn’t it?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling alike sinister, his fingertip dexterous fiddled with that red pearl (areola = nipple)

“Ah stopped it…” Yao Yao is humphed frustration, her eyes are avoiding Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, embarrassed lowering her head: “Don’t be like this. Don’t touch that!” she is begging.

But what is heard by Yu Ao Tian,it sound as if a sexy voice: “You damn Little Thing, you almost ‘burned’ me!” after said, he lays down Yao Yao on the bed, bossy he lifting her clothes.

“Don’t!!” restless and feeling shy she covered her spring (refer to vagina), but her slender hands are firmly pressed to her head only by his one hand.

She looks as if a sheep that prepared to slaughter, oppress and exploit, let people to watch. While her body in Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are as if mouthwatering cuisine.

He lowers his head, he sucks that spring.

‘hm, ng..’ (moan voice)

An inexplicable electric streak her, Yao Yao is biting her lips hard, but her lips are letting out moans sound.

“Bao Bei, it really nice voice. Keep on continuing I still want to listen it!”

Don’t, she won’t. Although, their relationship have changed, but this kind of muddle (blur) relationship, doing this kind of thing compare to before this is more weird, what does this call as?

“Bao Bei, now in your head must think of me, not other things!” Yu Ao Tian lifted his head, looked into her eyes, unhappily frowned: “I want to punish you because not focus!” after said, He lowered his head again, his teeth gently bite.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 259 B

  1. Can’t wait for the chapter when YY will return his kiss…..when YY will kiss back YAT a passionate one …@ Azurro4cielo thank you for your hard work

  2. Lols. Azurro, you must be steaming from inside out (if that is a correct term at all) from translating this part. I would have cool you down with some cold water but you are too far away. 😉

  3. Don’t look down on yourself Azuro, you r doing just fine in translation steamy scene. Trust in yourself to be able to translate all kind of scenes.

    In saying that I am glad that winter is coming at my end of the world to counter such a hot steamy scene that both YAT n YY were in. Hehehe.

    Well done Azurro for making an effort. 🙂

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