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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 259

Chapter 259

Part 1 (One)

Hold on, This is Weird Feeling

At sudden, Yu Ao Tian grabbed her wrist.

Without waiting her to gain herself, his domineering lips are pressing down hers.

“Uh!!” did he regret? Did he change his mind? Yao Yao feared and glared with her big eyes, pushing his chest with her small hand, using all her strength, while her little head is restless keep on moving.

Yu Ao Tian can feel she is so restless, frowned, his big hand is hold on her head, his tongue is domineering pry her teeth, sucking, intertwined with her little tongue, enjoying the scent of her.

“Uh… Uh…” she is breathing unsteady and turned to grasp her breath, this kiss is coming to sudden, too fierce, and she doesn’t prepare for it.

Also does not know after sometime, the atmosphere in bedroom turned to be burning hot, Yu Ao Tian unwillingly to leave her lips.


When she free, she doesn’t stop taking deep breaths: “Yu, Yu Ao Tian, didn’t you say, I… I had free as your lover, hadn’t I? Why are you?”

“That’s right! You are not my lover anymore, but it doesn’t mean… These three years you can leave from my side! Little Thing, don’t think to escape from me, or else I will make your life living death!!”

For once again fate is shackles her, firmly tied on her, it feels as if it comes from the hell, a command of reaper echoing in her ears.

Within these three years don’t think to escape…

Or else I will make your life living death….

Weird! So weird! Before he ever told this too, but that time her heart felt such feared and irritated. And then this moment, she does not have any particular of those feeling, moreover her heart is strangely skip beat.

Wondering if she have been accustomed got abused, could it means she has turned to be masochist?

No, it isn’t…

She is blinking her big eyes, staring at Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, finally she realized the reason why she didn’t feel fear or irritating when heard those words.

The reason, although when Yu Ao Tian said these words with cold and commanding speaking tone, but in his eyes there were contained indistinct surging of sadness gleam.

Yes, he will never let go this Little Thing, he won’t…

If she unwilling to be his lover, then he can change their relationship, but no matter what the reason he won’t ever let her escape from him, at least for now on he won’t let her to leave him!

Perhaps, the reason because of the mystery of her scar hasn’t revealed; perhaps he still had others reason. The real reason, perhaps Yu Ao Tian himself also does not know the reason too!

“So now what kind of relationship we have?” Yao Yao looked at him with complicated expression, her face is obviously showed helpless, if not lover relationship, there is no reason for both of them kissing, but at same time he also does not want to let her go, doesn’t this also mean she still his lover?

“Up to you.” Yu Ao Tian gives her faint smile, stretching out his hand and then gently pinching her nose tip: “Whatever you like just do as you please, anyway for this time you are the only woman who beside me.”

What he means, Whatever you like just do as you please? Why Yu Ao Tian always speak such ambiguous? “Well, if you have new woman, can our relationship be terminated right the way?”

This time, she used ‘I’, and not ‘you’, remembered in the past when she asked this questioned to Yu Ao Tian, more or less the meaning, ‘If you have another woman, can you dump me?’ and now she has changed it into ‘our relationship can be terminated right the way.’

“Of course, now you are not my lover anymore, if I have other woman, whatsoever, you are free to make your decision.”


Strange… What kind of strange relationship.

But, it also comfortable, because suddenly she can feel she and Yu Ao Tian is standing equally, she isn’t that lowly anymore. Hahahahahaha.

Yao Yao lowers her head, a smiles curved in her mouth.


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 259

  1. YESS! Turn into M!

    Finally some real fluffy progress in their relationship, and not some lover contract progress.

  2. Yao Yao’s status remains the same even though the written contract is gone, still binding by the verbal agreement

    1. From Yao Yao point of view perhaps yes.
      But, Yu Ao Tian had free her.
      when Yu Ao Tian tearing the papers, actually at same time his action implying that she isn’t lover anymore but girlfriend.

  3. YAT give YY her freedom, but YAT wants her to be his girlfriend and be a couple. He will not let her go because she is a good asset to him for his political ambition and wants to love and protect her too. Thank you very much and looking forward for the next. Have a blessed day.

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