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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 260


This chapter is specially summarized.

Chapter 260

“Ah en…” it sort of little bit pain but also it gives comfortable feeling that she sensed, she cannot control herself to let out the moaning sound.

“Hm? Really nice to listen….”

“Enough! Don’t say anything!!” She is embarrassing to death, Yu Ao Tian has done with tormenting her body, why must he keep on tormenting her nerve? Rotten bastard!

“Ah.” he is smiling devilishly, slowly stands up, his hand is stretching out boringly caressing her abdomen.

“Don’t!!” Yao Yao feels in danger, at the moment she clamp her legs tightly, restlessly keeps on moving her body: “Let me go! Stop, I dislike this way!”


“That’s right! Dislike!!”

“Oh?” Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, at other moment, his hand has already caressed her lower abdomen.

**Inserted part**

‘Ring ring ring’ (mobile phone ringing sound)

At this time, suddenly Yu Ao Tian’s phone is ringing.

“Okay, I understood, I will be going back.” Yu Ao Tian is replied the phone called shortly, turned his face and looked at her: “Bao Bei, you are going back to company with me.”

“I don’t want!” angrily she pulled up the quilt covering her body, covered her head, sulking, “I had gotten replaced.”

“So that’s you are angry because of this matter, didn’t someone threaten me, said that, If I didn’t break up with Shang Yun Yin, just replaced her?”

She uncovered her head, looking at Yu Ao Tian sinister face, coldly said: “So, are you really replaced me?”

“That’s right, I never dated Shang Yun Yin, how could I break up with her? So that I only can replace you.”

“You!!” Yu Ao Tian is really…. Smooth-talker (cunning)!!

“Alright Bao Bei.” His expression changed to be serious: “Something comes up in the company, I must go there, you taking rest in here, I will pick you up later.” after said, he bend his body little bit and gently kissed her forehead and then turned and left.

But Yao Yao face is blushing red, her heart skip beat, ‘Thump’ ‘Thump’ beat so fast.

This kind of feeling? No, it must be illusion! Must be illusion!

‘Bang’ the bedroom door is shut closed, Yu Ao Tian is standing in front of the wooden door, his slender tall body is leaning at the wooden door, “Fiuh…” a sound, taking deep breathe, pair of his eyes is surging with unbearable luster.
It seems that he must take longer time to suppress his sensual desire toward this Little Thing. But…

Currently this type of feeling isn’t something he hates!

Thinking to this point, Yu Ao Tian’s mouth is curved up and give faint smiles, put one of his hands in his pocket, walking slowly until disappearing from the corridor…

Inside the bedroom, after Yao Yao heard the door is closed, suddenly she stands up, faster takes her phone and make phone call to Gong Xiao Man: “Xiao, Xiao Man!!”

“Beloved, is something happened?”

“That’s right! Something is happened!” talking about this, her face was raised with an excited smile.

“Faster say, what is happened?” But Gong Xiao Man on the other way phone call can feel something stuck in.

“I, am, not, Yu Ao Tian’s, Lover, anymore!”

“Really, is it really? What situation are we in?”

“Hahahahaha, it was him who taking an initiative to tear the lover contract agreement, moreover he said to me that I am not his lover anymore.”

“En? Is it something good really happened?” Gong Xiao Man who is in the other side phone call rolled her eyes, she also cannot hear something alike unhappy from Yao Yao speaking tone, but she really wanted to know what make Yu Ao Tian finally let go of Yao Yao? “Beloved, what scheme are you used?”

“I didn’t! It was him who took the initiative. Of course, perhaps because…” speaking to this point, Yao Yao excited expression gradually turned to be grateful.

27 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 260

  1. Can you NOT SKIP any parts? I feel like I missed soo much. Her reactions and thoughts during those moments and his seem very important to me. No matter how sexual it gets. It’s going to make me very sad if the time comes for them to finally go all the way and you skip over it because it’s icky.

  2. Oh, I was so waiting for the steamy scenes. Oh well, I will just have to conjure my (wild) imagination to what Yu Ao Tian did to YY. 😦

    Thanks for the update. Azurro.

  3. I know they are difficult, but I really hope you translate the complete scene. This is a romantic story parts like that are important to the characters and how their relationships. I really appreciate your work. Thank you.

  4. Of all the stuff that they’d been thru…the skipped part really was an important part for readers to feel the heart of the story. It has to be to steamy because of the nature of the novel…the author didn’t down play the violent part so likewise the romance.

  5. Please god don’t leave anything out. I understand that you may not like those parts but they ARE important. If your not going to go pg-13 for the violence why do it for the sexual content? Arno we all adults?

    1. Perhaps you are adult, but I need to consider for the underage who stopped at my blog since my blog set for General audience which mean everyone can access it as long as you have internet connection.

  6. I mean for christ sake you hint to the fact that they flirt in the deleted scenes. How???!!!! Who flirted with who? Did they almost go all the way for real? Was YAT being an ass like always or was he romantic in a teasing way? I can’t even begin to know where their relationship is now!!! Anything could have happened!! I know you don’t owe me or anyone else anything. AND I’m extremely happy you translated what you have so far…. but this kinda went from my favorite story to read to my most worried about story. Is there any way you can make a second version nsfw chapter? Or post the raw text that was removed or shortened so I can mtl and hope for the best? Sorry to be so psycho about this but I’m literally refreshing this story in my browser every ten minutes. I’ve never been so addicted to a story. Thank you.

  7. I totally agree with the above comment. To be good in translating in all kind of scenes is to translate more steamy scene until it just a story. In fact Azurro YAT n YY is a story that linked from beginning till down. Since you cut any of their steamy scenes together then uncereminiously you cut off how they feel for one another. Another word the flow of a story has gone because you are too embarrass to translate. If you find it hard to translate the words I believe you do use dictionary am I right then use them to find an appropriate word for it.

    So another word PLEASE don’t cut out any scenes between YAT n YY. Thanking you very much.

  8. YY is confused about her relationship with YAT, but YAT think YY is his girlfriend and they are a couple. Sometimes YY is clueless, she very smart but low in EQ. She is still a virgin. Thanks Azurro for your hard work. Have a blessed day.

  9. Thank you! I am fine either with you translate or not translate the steamy part if you are not comfortable. I am just so happy that you are continuing your daily update of the story!

  10. i feel like a PERVERT because i really really wanna now what happened in the skipped part 😦

  11. I’m happy for any update you provide. You do whatever whatever you are comfortable with. I appreciate all that you do! Thank you😍

  12. Haaaa…. How could you skip it? This is torturous. Did they do it? Is she still virgin? Please reapload this chapter without skipping anything. Coz yesterday u said u r translating everything word by word I expected a lot. Please…

    1. This post is especially summarized for fast read since I have made it as daily schedule.
      as planned, Thunder would help me to do the full translation (detail) included all the steamy scenes but now she is fuming in rage after she read the comments. I need to coax her so I can start the next chapter or else, all of us might stuck in this chapter, waiting for me to do it by myself.

      1. Lol… Take your time darling.. But we need it.. Sorry for being demanding..
        You don’t believe I had not closed this browser on my iPad from the day I started reading this novel and I refresh it every morning & evening.
        Thanks & fighting

  13. Please please do not edit or remove the scenes…we really really really want to to read all including the steamy scenes…Its like you eat the food but you are not able to be full….:(

    However, many thanks for translating this novel…I really love it..

  14. Hahaha i see many silence reader pooped up because no steamy.
    Well of course i wanna see it, and i see that thunder will translate it for us.
    i will be happy \ ^0^ /..
    Thunder maafin dede2 pembaca yang lain ya 🙂
    azzuro i help you to coax her… hope it will be helpful 😉

      1. I’d rather you guys not stress out and not take the chapter a day too seriously. If it’s harder it’s harder. Take your time. Do a full translation even if you can’t release a chapter a day. The rate you guys release is better then 98 percent of all teanslators. If it take an extra day to release a chapter so be it. Fuck the complainers. Again as a leech I understand I have no right to ask anything.

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