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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 261


Chapter 261

“Because of what?”

“Anyway something exaggerating thing was happened, I told him, becomes his lover, I have such heavy burden, and then he torn the lover contract agreement.”

“Woah Kao! Yu Ao Tian is bloody cool man. That also mean, both of you are not having any relation anymore?”

“Ugh… It also cannot count as not having any relation.” talking about this point, Yao Yao really have something that needed Gong Xiao Man guidance to teach her.

“What do you mean by this?”

“Ckckck, how to say. Yu Ao Tian said that, I don’t need to be his lover, but within these three years I must not leave him. As you know, although there is no love contract anymore, he indeed had given me money.” The paper contract is tied Yao Yao’s hands and feet, although the contract agreement had gone, but she won’t be forgotten the fact that she had sold herself to Yu Ao Tian.

“Ugh…isn’t that… Also still called as Lover? It only changed from contract agreement to verbal agreement.”

That’s right, she also thought this way, but…. “But he also told me that, I am the only woman who beside him now, and then, I said, if he has another woman, both of us will terminate our relationship, and he said okay.”


“What wrong, Gong Xiao Man, why you are not saying anything?”

“Wait, wait, give me a time to tidy up your relationship diagram. Now Yu Ao Tian does not have any girl friend, you are not having any boyfriend too, both of you are together, once he has girlfriend, both of you terminated the relationship. So now both of you… Aren’t both of you boy and girl friend?”


“………….Yao Yao impossible you are not realized it? Normal boy and girlfriend, if one of the party has other person, both of you are break up, what is the different between your current relationship with it? This is no particular difference with normal lovers?”

“……………………..” this time Yao Yao dumbstruck, she really dumbfounded.

Perhaps, dealing with other people she can clearly feel this kind of vague relationship, but once she dealing with Yu Ao Tian, she really never thought she and Yu Ao Tian can be….

Ugh, once she thought about the words she feels it so exaggerating, think it carefully, both of them are not coming from same place, impossible they turned be?

Perhaps Gong Xiao Man has misunderstood on something.

The next day early in the morning, Yao Yao is going to company with extremely happy mood, she has sweet smiles in her face. Perhaps this day is one of the happiest day in her last two years!


‘Ding’ the elevator is stopped at the first floor, she is entering the elevator with other colleagues.

“It was her, it was her, yesterday who was being hit, it was her.”

 “Ha? Oh my, it was such embarrassing, after all she still daring to come to work? How can someone have this thick skin-face.”

From her back there are so many colleagues who whispering, if not because she does not want to make thing bigger, she really wanted to tell those two colleagues, can both of you speak lower when badmouthing other person?

“Geez, since have face to be someone’s lover, the face mustn’t normally thick.”

“Sst, speak lower little bit, although she is mistress, you must see whom mistress she is, if she really with General

Manager Long, all of us will be dead meat!

That two colleagues aren’t stop, they are continuing talking at Yao Yao’s back, even all the colleagues inside the elevator make a sound of ridicule.

Yao Yao bites hard her lips, she really cannot endure it anymore, suddenly she turned her head: “Colleagues, I advise all of you to be careful with yours words. First, I am not anyone mistress why must I not dare to come for working? Second, please all of you be careful with yours words, or else I will sue all of you defaming me!”

‘ding’ (elevator sound)

When Yao Yao is done with her words, the elevator is stopped at legal division, she is walking out with her chin up. And then looked at those few colleagues inside the elevator, their mouth is opened wide as if being stuck with apple.

To say, Yao Yao has overawe aura, she is giving kind of aura alike, if all of you still dare to continue, I will make all of you live as if dying, this kind of feeling, who dares to gossip her?

This actually Yao Yao real character!

Before she broke up with Feng Chen Yi, she always live in confident, pride, facing with all things, although she is at losing side she will put out king’s attitude toward herself, perhaps this is also the reason why Feng Chen Yi interested in her.

But when she broke up with Feng Chen Yi, her pride and confident are gradually weaken, until she becomes Yu Ao Tian’s lover, she is living in humiliation and also darkness.
But now everything is different, she can be such audacious to say out loud, she also can fight back to those who bully her.

“Ha, so without that status, although I was being badmouthing by others, I don’t care about it little bit, really such strange feeling!” standing in front of the elevator, Yao Yao is excitement made a gesture with open arms. She makes small jump and go to legal division.

“Xiao Luo.”

When she entered the lounge, she meets Supervisor Xu : “what happen Supervisor Xu?”

“Later at eight we will go to have small meeting, CEO Yu will coming here by himself, he wanted you to make the report about the election process and arrangement.”

“Ugh?” Did Yu Ao Tian arrange this meeting? This is too sudden, luckily she had made preparation earlier. “Okay, supervisor Xu, I understood.”

“Xiao Luo.”

When she is going to enter her office room to tidy up (collect) her data, those colleagues who love to gossip crowded her.

Seeing each of them who used that lowly expression, she knows no good thing will be happen. “What’s matter?”

“Later, when meeting, General Manager Long will also join.”

He,heheheheheh, see there is no good thing? What did they intend to by telling her later General Manager Long will also join the meeting?

“Oh, that, thank you everyone. If there is nothing else, I want go inside to tidy the data.”

“Hey, wait Xiao Luo, you don’t say that we are gossiping, we want to ask you, after yesterday matter, how is your relationship with General Manager Long now?”

“That’s right, that’s right, does General Manager Long break up with his girl friend? Aiya, yesterday it was really tough for you, moreover your face injured.”

Seeing their exaggerating compassion smiles, it can be said that Yao Yao finally sees something that called as the sided of higher level of hypocritical people.

She still remembered yesterday when she being hit, this colleagues were those who was nearest, they are giving what sort of expression toward her, now when she turned her head all of them are pretending to show their consideration expression, don’t they feel a sense of guilty? “I also not really clear about General Manager Long’s privacy, thus, the matter being hit was due to misunderstanding, it all alright.”

Yao Yao reaction is so calm, this few of gossiper colleagues don’t get what they want, they are certainly unhappy.

“You guys say what did she mean?” seeing Yao Yao entered her office room, all of them are make a circle and continuing to gossip.

“It seems she is acting tough, this kind of matter who will admit.”

“But, if General Manager Long is choosing his girlfriend is okay, but if General Manager chooses her, with what kind of attitude should we face her?”

“Just think it as something never happened.”


5 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 261

  1. Thank you Azurro for your dedication in translating this novel and your hard work is very much appreciated. I know you can’t please everybody, do what is best for you. No complain here and I’m grateful. Finally YY realized her relationship with YAT that they are a couple. Hope LY will clarify the situation about his girlfriend to those gossipers that YY and him had no relationship.

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