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Inserted Part



I really do full translation for the part that I skipped in the fast read. Regarding to the ** signed, I did follow the original text where being censor by the author.

************** Inserted Part**************

“Oh?” Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, next second, his hand has already slid into and passing her lower abdomen.

Yao Yao is still not faster enough fielding (protect), he even…touch her bottom. “Hm, don’t….”

“Bao Bei, so that why you dislike it the reason is, you are afraid me to find out….” when his said to this point, Yu Ao Tian took out his fingers, in front of her eyes he is moving it: “You are so wet to this point.”

‘thump’ (heart beat)

Her heart is shivering, she hurries turned away her head, no dare to look at his finger which is so shamelessly **.

She is such useless, really such useless, how can she always in this state! She is pissed off and blaming to herself.

But today although the person is saint and fall into Yu Ao Tian’s hand, this types of ** skillful perhaps that person is going to fail too, moreover if the person is she who since the beginning had been known by Yu Ao Tian, the sensitiveness part in her body?

“Come, Bao Bei, let me help you to wipe your ‘saliva’ wipe it clean.”

“Don’t!!! Stop….” she really wanted to stop but she has been too late.

Yu Ao Tian’s hand for once again inserted into her panties, his slender finger constantly stroking and rupture the gap to tempt her. The strength is so gentle, it even be able to give her a tempting sensation.

This rotten bastard!

“Oh my, Bao Bei, how can it become wetter?”

Yao Yao pursed her lips tightly, not to look at her, she also not let out any sound, she hopes with this kind of attitude to protest Yu Ao Tian, he will going to stop quickly.

But a domineering man like him, if he does not get what he wants impossible for him to stop right?
The movement of the fingers suddenly stopped pacing up and down at the ‘entrance hole’.

Yao Yao is secretly heave a sigh of relief, but not long after that….

That slender long finger is getting deeper.

“Uh…stop….” she really cannot to stop the moaning sound that let out from her mouth.

“Hehe.” Yu Ao Tian is not only curved up his mouth but also smile sinister.

“You!!! Stop…. Don’t… Move your finger anymore! Faster take it out.” she is almost exploded, but the finger is moving faster inside her, unbearable she creased her forehead, she stopped to beg.

“Bao Bei, you suck me so tight, I can’t take it out, what to do?”

“Don’t…. No!!!!! No…..” She is going to be crazy, going to be crazy, she can feel something moving inside her, this kind of feeling she ever felt it before, but every time her body let out it’s odour she will feel embarrassed after that, today she is really doesn’t want to become delirious with joy, this kind of feeling.

“Humph, ah…. Ah….” but the reality is her body has already being provoked by Yu Ao Tian. She still cannot to control herself not to reach at the peek.

‘Hu, hu…hu…’ her white face gradually blushing pinkish, she constantly let out her rough breathing, Glaring at Yu Ao Tian with anger eyesight.

“Bao Bei, tell me, is it comfortable?” slowly Yu Ao Tian is letting go of his hand that held her wrist, he is showing little child playful smile.

She is unhappily turned her head to another way, she isn’t purposely to take looked at him…. He is slightly raised his pants.


Although she is not really understanding things between man and woman, but she understood man’s physiological reaction. But, in Yu Ao Tian’s eyes there are no slightest** expression. How come this happened?

Suddenly Yao Yao feels restless, she afraid Yu Ao Tian will….

But before both of them are also like this, he never forced her, except that time when she was in his office room, she really could see there are thick** in Yu Ao Tian’s eyes. This time, wouldn’t he force to do that to her, right?


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  1. Thanks. This shows us that his feelings have changed because he’s giving instead of taking and forcing. Didn’t want this for the sexy scene but to see his character growth. Keep up the great work!

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