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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 262

Chapter 262

During the Meeting

Eight sharp, the meeting room in legal division is filled with people, ten lawyers are sitting in chair with rounded table, while all of their assistants and secretaries are sitting at the seat behind them.

“CEO Yu, General Manager Long.” seeing Yu Ao Tian appearance, all the people are welcoming him.

‘ahem, hem.” (cough voice)

Three, two females colleague are sending out signal, those small eyes are looking at General Manager Long and Yao Yao, they are also curved up their mouth, giving mocking smile.

“Sit down.” Yu Ao Tian sits down and then everyone dares to take a seat. “Today the reason I convene this meeting, I want to hear everyone thought about Yao Yao’s campaign proposal.”

Yao Yao? Does Yu Ao Tian intentionally called her name? Yao Yao dumbfounded, suspicious taking a glance to Yu Ao Tian.

Inside the meeting room, everyone also can feel odd atmosphere.

“It likes this, the election is getting near and the time is less than two weeks, in this short time, I hope CEO Yu can fulfill four things.”

“First, The 5 billion current asset, four days ago I had personally donated one billion to Hope Primary School on behalf of CEO Yu’s name. By estimated the money had transferred today, until the time please CEO Yu going to notice the PR department, planning to make the announcement. Does anyone agree?”

When Yao Yao said her first point, everyone is hesitated for moment, because Supervisor Xu had decided the resolution before: “The positive publicity campaign for CEO Yu Ao Tian image will be very helpful and feasible.”

“Thank You Supervisor Xu. The second, I have listed down few of influential businessmen who are having good relationship with CEO Yu and also powerful in business world, I hope all of them can cooperate to support CEO Yu in this time election. This is the name list, please take a look.” Yao Yao distributing the copies to everyone.

Everyone is taking look, they are faintly express approval. “This is so important to get the support from these business men, this point really good. But…” after Supervisor Xu praised, he turned the topic, doubt taking look at Yao Yao: “Why in this name list there is no Feng’s group? As you know, Feng Group has very good relation with the government, moreover as I know, The Premier of the State Council likes Feng’s group General Manager, Feng Chen Yi so much, if he can give support, won’t it much better?”

“……………” Sweat

She had predicted being questioned why not put Feng’s name in list.

“I see how about this.” Supervisor Xu is thinking on some ideas, said: “Regarding to the political election, the government has been signaling although not very clear, but the government implied, that is during the election there must be at least two or more enterprises must have 2 billions current assets as campaign funds. Our Berson can go with this path, can directly supporting CEO Yu’s back, and about Feng’s group, how about to make it as CEO Yu…. Campaign fund supporter?”


She almost vomit blood.

Regarding to Supervisor Xu suggestion, she had thought about it before, actually if she doesn’t know Feng Chen Yi, one hundred percent she will recommend Feng’s group to support Yu Ao Tian, but…

Their past relationship. So that, she always doubt whether she wanted to put Feng’s group as Yu Ao Tian supporters or not as, ‘Money Funder’, if Feng’s group agreed, the successful of Yu Ao Tian campaign can reach 90%, after all the government financial is depending on Berson and Feng Group support, the government of course not dare to act reckless.

This is also not bad, Supervisor Xu suggestion actually help her to voice out her idea, this is also avoiding her awkwardness.

“CEO Yu, what do you think about this suggestion?” Supervisor Xu is waiting for Yu Ao Tian’s decision.

He silent for moment, that deep and bottomless eyes are glancing at Yao Yao.

When she has realized the observance eyesight, she lowers her head, ‘thump thump thump’ her heart is beating alike drum.

“Yao Yao, what do you think?”

“……….” it feels as if one cold arrow shot directly into her heart, awkwardly she is facing and see Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, this brat must be on purpose, right? He must be on purpose!! This rotten bastard!!

“I think it quite good idea, but… Whether Feng’s group agree or not it still depend on them, it will be another case!”

Humph, he has thrown this difficult thing to her? So that she also can throw back the matter to him.

“Ha, he will agree with it.” Yu Ao Tian is ambiguously smiles, looking at Yao Yao with playful eyesight.


“The third, few days before the election, I will arrange charity auction for CEO Yu by gathering all the influential business men.”

“This point is good. I remembered last year there were two persons who joined the congress member, one of them few days before the election were meeting businessmen and also politician, while the other one was ignoring this point so he failed.” Supervisor Xu is repeatedly praised.

From these three points, Yao Yao must have done not less homework, so she able to suggest this kind of etiquette and Public Communication means things like interpersonal relationship should not be ignore.

“And the last point.” when Yao Yao wanted to talk about this, compare to the above three points, she paused for moment, because she has premonition the following words that she going to say may let doubt sound from everyone: “Ugh… CEO Yu had given me 5 billions current assets, now it left 4 billions, I will… Invested all this 4 billions to support the soccer team. Within this 2 weeks there will be international soccer match!”


“What situation it is?”

Just as expected, after Yao Yao has done with her words, inside the meeting room an instantaneously it caused a stir, everyone is discussing, whispering. Supervisor Xu is frowning: “Xiao Luo, it seems international soccer match does not have any relation with CEO Yu election?”

“No, it has relation! Supervisor Xu…”

“Xiao Luo, three points before I am so agreed, thus about this soccer match, it must be entertainment division which must deal with it, it seems none of legal division business, right? Moreover the 4 billions funds in football, won’t it be loss outweighs the gain….”

“Not like that…”

“That’s right, Xiao Luo, now the most important thing is to settle CEO Yu election matter.”

“You guys listen…”

“I do also think we need to settle the election campaign first.”

Everyone is talking, they are not even give Yao Yao a chance to have words, giving an explanation, she one person to argue with ten persons, one by one of them are able to drown her death.

“The forth point I accept it.” Yu Ao Tian who is silent for this time suddenly spoke, his speaking tone is so calm, but it enough to stuff everyone’s mouth.

Everyone is silent, all eyes are looked at him, perhaps this is what called as the power of CEO. Does not need to shout, what yelling, only by one simple word it enough to draw everyone attention!

“CEO Yu…”

When supervisor Xu opened his mouth, Yu Ao Tian has stretched his hand to stop him. “Regarding to soccer this matter, I had thought about it half years ago, moreover I have found entertainment division to make the blueprint, only waiting to start.”

Really? It seems Yu Ao Tian also takes attention to this matter? Yao Yao is little bit surprised with bull eyes, she even thought Yu Ao Tian said such thing only play her up, but after she sees serious expression from him, it seems he really thought about this matter before.

“As for reason, Yao Yao, you explain to everyone.” Yu Ao Tian stills giving the best chance to her.

She smiles, when she wants to stand up and give explanation to everyone, but her face suddenly pale, there are cold bead in her forehead….


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