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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 263

Chapter 263

Merciless Abuse Yu Ao Tian

Impossible? In this time after all?

Hahahahahahaha, God, are You joking with me?

Facing with countless pair of eyes that looked at her, she is trying to suppress her panicking mood, quietly she sits back to her chair: “We, our Interim Prime Minister, Prime… Prime Minister has hope and also likes, he is especially, especially hope that China soccer team improving. If we make it simple, giving this 4 billion to Interim Prime Minister, give him, give him as present, he absolutely won’t accept it. But if….” her lips twitched: “Our, our money being invested to thing that he like most, moreover it will give best result, this just waiting it turned to be gift in disguise, isn’t it?”

“This…” to be honest, if not because Yao Yao explained it such direct, everyone would not thought of it. Now, the today’s biggest leader in political, the Interim Prime Minister indeed likes soccer so much. If Yu Ao Tian takes out his money for soccer, doesn’t this mean fulfill Interim Prime Minister hopes, this is also awaiting to be gift in disguise. “Say so, this is going to be big help for Yu Ao Tian political election.”

“That’s right. That’s right.”

Seeing the changes expression from oppose her to praise her, Yao Yao feels slightly relief, but the next second….
Oh, my God. She feels her mind blank, while her forehead streaming down cold beads of sweats.

“Yao Yao, are you okay?” Yu Ao Tian sensed something odd from Yao Yao expression, asking her with consideration.
Now she only has one wish, that is Yu Ao Tian can hurry dismiss the meeting. “No, nothing…” she is in difficulty while wavering her hand, expecting no one will pay attention to her.

But Yu Ao Tian is keep on asking with affection: “Stomached?”

This moment, everyone is looking at her, and also glance at Yu Ao Tian.

Just to let know, in Berson whether small or big meeting, This CEO always showing such cold expression, people won’t be able to guess what his thoughts, moreover he is someone who won’t give any consideration to any employees, and now from his expression it is so obvious, even the dummy can sense both of these two persons are odd.

“En…ssh…” Yao Yao cannot bear it anymore, the pain makes her twitched and spread cold breathe, her face is paler.

Just in this time, Yu Ao Tian is nervously standing up, faster he dash beside her: “Bao Bei, I take you to hospital.”

“…………….” This time she absolutely sure 100% that Yu Ao Tian is doing this on purpose in front of many people, he is called her this way!!!

But this hasn’t ended, when the meeting room is deathly silent suddenly Long Ye rushed: “Sister in law, are you okay?”

“……………..” Yao Yao feeling as if her body being acupuncture, her eyes are wide opened staring at two persons who are standing in front of her.

She really wanted to ask something to both of them, should they act such exaggerating? Couldn’t it be Long Ye come to join this meeting only to say, ‘Sister in law’ this word, could he be? Is it only to proof to everyone that she isn’t Long Ye’s mistress?

“It’s okay, it’s okay, no need to go to hospital.” she is forcing herself to wave her hand.

Yu Ao Tian purposely to take deep sighed, helplessly said: “When at home you are still okay, why suddenly your stomach aching? Dismiss the meeting first.”

“En, dismiss! Dismiss!” Long Ye waved his hand to everyone.

At this time, everyone had already dumbstruck, one by one of them are looked alike stone, stiffen when walking out from the meeting room.

When all of them have walked until the door way, everyone finally gain themselves: “So Yao Yao is…”

“CEO Yu’s?”


“Dead meat, all of you help me to think, did I say something horrible to Luo Yao Yao?”

“How could I remember, anyway it seems I didn’t.” Everyone is shocked looking each others, at next second, all of them without they realized had already soak with cold sweat….

Inside the meeting room…

After those people left, at sudden Yu Ao Tian face turned to be dim, asking him to act as gentle man, he really not good at all!

“Ha, it settled.” Long Ye smiled.

As Yao Yao guessed, today Long Ye joining this meeting only to call out ‘Sister in law’ in order to prove the innocent relationship between them.

No wonder today meeting was too sudden, this meeting just similar held to let everyone knew that Yao Yao is whose girlfriend!

“Are your stomach really hurt?” Yu Ao Tian looked at Yao Yao bend in her seat.

Nonsense! Does he think that she is schemer like him? After all she could think of to pretend stomachache to prove her innocence to everyone?

“En….” she nodding with no strength.

Yu Ao Tian is creased his forehead, without waiting for Yao Yao to react, he has extended his hand and hold her waist, pulled her into his embraces….

The next thing!

“Don’t ah!” Yao Yao with hoarse voice screaming out, her eyes are nervous looking at Yu Ao Tian, Kao! Why suddenly he held her in his arm?

“What is going on?”Standing at twos of them back, Long Ye sees stiffen body of both of them, he even can sense something odd with them, when he wanted to walk and take a look.

Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are almost in unison shouted: “Don’t come here!!!” after said, both of them are exchanging their eyes sights.

It seems that Yu Ao Tian has already found out, really such embarrassing. Yao Yao with complicated mood snugged on his embraces.

“Ugh?” standing behind both of them, Long Ye is creasing his forehead, his footstep stopped at the original place.

At sudden, the atmosphere in meeting room changed to be strange. For very long, Yu Ao Tian who backed Long Ye coldly spoke: “Long Ye, you go out first.”


‘Bang’ after heard the sound of the door being shut, Yu Ao Tian calm face immediately change into anger face, lower his head with blaming expression he looked at Yao Yao who is still in his arms: “Are you dummy? How could you don’t know when your period come?”

If not because when he held her at that moment in his arm, looking at the chair that has blood stain, perhaps when Long Ye was walking closer to them, he would find it out what was going on.

“I…. I…. I was so busy these few days, so that I forgot. The result when she was doing her report half way…” she snugged her head into Yu Ao Tian embraces, shrink herself, looking at her way she is looked alike as if little girl who had done wrong, not too mentioned her cuteness.

“How many times this thing happened?”

Listened the way he questioned her, she with her complicated mood, showing her fingers: “It is only twice.”

“Only? Twice? So how many times more do you think of? Huh!!!!” Yu Ao Tian heave sighed, helplessly said: “I will going to buy it for you!!!” after said, he put Yao Yao down back to her chair.

“Are you going to buy it by yourself?”

“So whom must I ask to? Should I say to them to buy a sanitary napkin for you, or should I ask them to buy the sanitary napkin for me?”

Staring at Yu Ao Tian anger face, Yao Yao unhappily frowned: “What are you angry for? I, I just want to ask you, if, if you are going to buy yourself, your, how about your clothes?”


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 263

  1. Awwww….. Cute *nose bleed*
    From the very beginning of this novel…this chapter is the best for me Thank God I continued following the novel update…. You are doing a great job #Azurro …’aza aza fighting’

  2. Their minds are in sync together, they sound like a couple already. This chapter is hilarious. Thank you Azurro😍😍

  3. Wow, how sweet of YAT, going to buy her sanitary pad and clothes for her to change. This is the second time to buy her sanitary pad. The misunderstanding is now resolved. Everybody knows now she is YAT’s girlfriend. Thanks a million have a blessed evening and God blessed.

  4. hahahahah….thanking you Azurro for a job well done. I do agree with you May that YAT n YY are in sync together and they became to sound like an old couple. Consider what type of person is YAT to us reader, imagine he is going to buy sanitary pads for YY….he maybe have high IQ, I wonder does he know which type of sanitary pads that YY needs….hahahahhaha….this is so cute of him…..

  5. Hahaha the best chapter so far indeed.. The most funny part is Long Ye join the meeting just only to say “sister in law” OMG.. Nothing more ridiculous than that

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