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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 264 B

Chapter 264

Part 2 (Two)

Help Her To Buy Sanitary Napkin

“Why are you looking at me?” Standing inside the office room, she is curiously asking.

Yu Ao Tian is looking at her who wears new clothes with measuring eyesight, his fingers are pointing at few bags on sofa: “Later you bring all those things.”

Prada, Chanel, Burberry… All are well-know world brands. She is surprised gulped her saliva lower her head: “Are you buying these?”

“I asked Mo Tong Xue to buy it.” he bought her sanitary napkin has already been something that shocking heaven, and then went to buy her woman’s clothes? He perhaps he would not be Yu Ao Tian anymore.

“Oh. But, these clothes, I don’t want.”

“All these clothes are formal dresses, just think it as benefit from company, so that you don’t need to wear Tong Xue’s clothes anymore.”

Huh, that’s right. Now she is really lacking of mature and formal clothes. “Well, thank you.” when she takes the thing and going to leave, suddenly Yu Ao Tian spoke.

“This few days I am going to Japan. I have told Long Ye to help you, you remember! At these time when I am not in here, if you have something to do, MUST! Let Long Ye know, understood?”

Yu Ao Tian used speaking tone that she cannot refuse, she looks at his serious expression, she vaguely can feel…. This few days with his absent, it seems going to be dangerous for her? “Oh, I understood.”


“What?” Yao Yao curiously blinking her eyes.

Yu Ao Tian silent for moment, his deep bottomless eyes flashed, coldly said: “The matter about Feng Group, I will settle it, you don’t need to stick your nose in.”

Actually due to the normal process, normally everything regarding to Yu Ao Tian politic election must be settled by her.

And now, Yu Ao Tian is especially mention the matter of Feng Group, he will settle it by himself, but now…

“En, I understood.” walking out from Yu Ao Tian’s office room, her white skin face is gradually cover with dull atmosphere.

Two years later after encountering Feng Chen Yi, both of them have dragging their feeling, hang in doubt, she clearly knows that she is avoiding and escaping from her unforgettable feeling, after all she stills has feeling toward him. But, since when she gradually wanted to forget all her feeling toward Feng Chen Yi, she really cannot think of it.

At this moment, whenever mention about Feng Chen Yi’s name, her heart not only not beating fast, also not has that faint hurt and not escaping, on contrary she wanted to face it, face that feeling that she not dare to face before, furthermore, she completely wanted to cut off all the sweet moment she ever had! Perhaps by doing so, she can feel more relief….

A sport car with high speed makes a beautiful arch, stopped in front of luxurious apartment.

One of Yu Ao Tian’s hand is holding a document walking out from his car, he entered the elevator.

‘Ding Dong’ (Door Bell)

Pressing the door bell. Not long after that the big door is opened, Feng Chen Yi is dumbfounded when spotted Yu Ao Tian standing at his in front door, and then with courtesy he smiled: “CEO Yu, why are you coming?”

“I went to your company, your secretary said that you had taken sick-leave for few days, hence I directly come to your place, am I disturbed you?”


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 264 B

  1. I’m glad YY Is moving on, on her feelings toward FYC. it’s really nice of YAT to buy her clothes and he in trust Long Ye to be of help if she needs one. Thanks Azorro for speedy translations. Have a great day.

  2. Sorry to say, don’t care for FCY..n am glad to know that finallt YY move on where FCY is concerned.

    I hope nothing happen to YY when YAT is away in Japan n FCY leave YY alone while YAT is not around.

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