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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 264

Chapter 264

Part 1 (One)

Helped her to buy sanitary napkin

“Clothes?” Yu Ao Tian lowers his head looking at his own western suit, he finally realized when he put Yao Yao onto his arms, his sleeves is stained with blood. “MF!” he felt disgusting immediately take off his suit, pissed off he tossed it in meeting room table.

Yao Yao takes a glance, an instantaneously she flared up: “For whom are you showing up your temper to? I had said to you not to hold me, but you were stubborn wanted to do it!!”

Due to her way of thinking, his consideration toward her was wrong? “Good, very good!” Yu Ao Tian is letting out mocking laugh, giving her thumps up in front of her face, and then he turned his back walking to the door way.

“Hey!! Will you go to buy for me or not?”

Suddenly he stopped, his forehead veins ‘chug’, gritting his teeth he said: “Buy!!!!”

When he opens the door, who knows that from behind Yao Yao’s voice flows: “This time don’t buy diapers!”

“…………………….” Why now he really wanted to strangle this Little Thing?

Turned his head, he gives her cold glared, and Yu Ao Tian also showed her, his darken face, and then slammed the door left.

This is his first time feeling himself such pity to mess (feeling in difficult, in tight corner), when caring about that damn Little Thing, the result he even got criticized? The thing that makes him most pissed off is, MF at last he still….

He stills need to lower his head to go and help that Little Thing to buy…. Sanitary Napkins!!

“Hihihihihi….. Just now can it be counted as Yu Ao Tian disaster? Really feel happy (satisfied happiness)!” Yao Yao has done changing new pant and walking out from the toilet, every times she thought about Yu Ao Tian expression that going to be crazy during inside the meeting room, she feels it such funny, although the most aloof man also can get crazy, this sort of side. “Interesting. Aiyooo….” as she has pleased with herself, she has forgotten the matter about her aches.

Washing her hands, she is so lame when getting out from toilet. But when she opened the door…

“Yao Yao, just now your report was so great.”

“That’s right, I admired those four points that you said. Later if there have any chances I want to learn from you, asking you about the legal matters.” in front of the toilet door, there are two legal division colleagues who standing there.

Yao Yao remembers, one of this colleagues has Song as surname, she is nation middle license lawyer, while the other one is holding advanced license, she was so obviously telling them that she is Junior (beginner) lawyer, why suddenly they are asking herself to ‘give a teaching’ about legal matter?

Is it… Because of Yu Ao Tian?

Yao Yao dislikes this kind of feeling, although the only way to prove her relationship with Long Ye are innocent only by Yu Ao Tian, moreover, regarding the legal matter she is so confident with herself, although these people are buttering up with her because of Yu Ao Tian, she also not have any objection.

“You guys are too polite, later in the future if there something I don’t know, I still need you guys assistance.”

“You are too polite. Both of us still need you to take care of us.” Those two persons are clamped at Yao Yao’s right and left while walking out from toilet.

The passion that they showed her, it really gives her kind of feeling as if living in palace filled with many harem in ancient time, realizing this concubine has been losing affection, they are stepped on her; when realizing this concubine has been gaining affection, hurry they butter her up. Geez, actually this kind of thing is something so common this day, isn’t it? Or else, why there are so many people who expecting and pursuit the feeling being superior?

“Xiao Luo, CEO Yu said that if now you have time, he asked you to go to CEO’s room.” When she is going to enter her office room, Supervisor Xu coming over.

She dumbstruck, did it because of report matter or else why he wanted her to come to his office room? Impossible…. He wanted to take revenge to her because just now matter? Cold sweat…. “I, I understood Supervisor Xu, thank you.”

Although afraid, she stills gathering her courage to go to Yu Ao Tian’s office room, because due to this man character, as long as she escape (avoiding) the last result always be most severe.


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 264

  1. “This time don’t buy diapers!” Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Well I know YAT become a good man now well ……
    Anyway thanks Azzuro ❤️

  2. It reminds me of my husband buying sanitary pads and liners for me all the time. He really did buy it for her what a nice guy. Those two lawyers are sucking up to her since they found out that she is YAT girlfriend. With his good deeds he will collect interest or rewards later. Awaiting for the 2nd part. Thanks Azurro again for your hard work. Have a great day.

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