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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 265


This chapter must be little bit surprising and apparently this is also one the best chapter which I liked. We know Yu Ao Tian has friend-foe relationship with Feng Chen Yi since both of them have same goal to get rid Feng Kai Rui and others enemy which blocking their path in business world and at same time both are rival either fighting Yao Yao’s love or battle between Berson Group (CEO Yu Ao Tian) and Feng group (CEO Feng Chen Yi) as the best company in China.

Everything must be changed now when both of them are finding out, they also have complicated relationship with Yao Yao, their first agreement is questionable now….

Are they still buddies in business or turned to be rival fight for Yao Yao affection?

Chapter 265

Part 1 (One)

Going to Feng Chen Yi’s Place

“Not disturbing, please get in.” pair of Feng Chen Yi’s hand are inserted inside his pocket, turned his back and walked to living room. “Do you want a glass?” he pointed at red wine that has already opened in the table, smile when asking.

“En? Are you sure you can drink?”

“Haha, it’s okay, it is only fever.” Feng Chen Yi is taking tall glass, pouring the red wine until half.

Yu Ao Tian takes up the red wine glass elegantly, his eyes are looking around at this luxurious apartment which is not big, it reminded him about his apartment that currently he stayed in.

It seems no matter how much money one person have, home is always a place warm and nice, it more than enough.

“Don’t you live with your father?”

“I had moved, after think carefully it stills better to live alone.” when Feng Chen Yi speaking till here, sipping little bit the red wine, his cold eyes are suffused with luster.

“It so true.”

Suddenly the atmosphere little bit awkward. Both of them are silent.

Feng Chen Yi puts down his red wine glass, coldly looking at Yu Ao Tian who sits facing him on sofa: “CEO Yu, are you coming here today, not only looking for me to have chat?”

“Hahahaha, Chen Yi it is impossible you not guessing my coming purpose right?” he curved his lips up, elegantly sipping his red wine.

“Can vaguely guess it. If it was in the past, this little matter I would still help you, but now…” Feng Chen Yi rolled his eyes, both of his hand enveloped his front, expressionless he asked: “CEO Yu, can you give me a reason why must I help you?”

“Heh, if you want a reason…. It only my eyesight! I believe on you Chen Yi, You are mature to make difference between personal and work matter!”

As if there is smoke that spreading inside the apartment which is not too big and also too small, Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi are exchanging their glance that is deep and cold, but at same time there sparks.

After sometime, Feng Chen Yi is standing up, dragging his tired body to his bed room, from his desk taking one document and then came back to living room.

He takes the document and tossing it in front of Yu Ao Tian.

Opened, his deep black pair of eyes are reading carefully the contain of the document, ‘pa’ a sound of closed the document. “Chen Yi, this time really thank for your hard work.”

“Only help you this small case. I wish you success in your campaign.” after said, Feng Chen Yi sits back to sofa, raise his red wine high.

Yu Ao Tian is replied him politely: “Take your fortune words.” two of them are raise their wine glass as if best buddy.
Regarding to the document that Feng Chen Yi hand over to Yu Ao Tian, it was thing that he had prepared before, the plan of Feng Group current asset will support Yu Ao Tian politic election, this case.

It seems that Yu Ao Tian has good eyes, due to Feng Chen Yi mature and also his leader demeanor style, it enough to have him manage Feng Group. He indeed can difference personal matter with business clearly, at the present still don’t know who is friend and who is foe!

“Thinking carefully later when you become my rival it’s really…. Gives me goosebumps, excited!”

One mountain cannot have two tigers, soon or later Berson and Feng’s group must fight, but before that thing happen, both of them must get rid the in front enemy, by that way, both of them won’t think too much for the game.

“CEO Yu, you must remember the words that you say today, don’t too focus with your new status when you already enter political world, it’s okay if you have forgotten your own company, but I am not a man who easy to take advantage of.”

“Rest assured, although I will going to take backstage role, but as long as you sent me ‘duel invitation’, I will use all my strength to win over the duel!”

From the way Yu Ao Tian words it can be seen, his respect toward Feng Chen Yi as rival and also as friend.

Once he resigned from his post, all the company authority will be given to Han Li Shang, he acknowledge Han Li Shang capability, but Feng Chen Yi capability, he also perfectly know who is stronger than.



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