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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 265 B


What is going to be happened if Yao Yao, Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi gathered at one place?

Will it going to be super mess?

Chapter 265

Part 2 (Two)

Going to Feng Chen Yi’s place

“Well, I first…”

“CEO Yu, have you eaten?”

“En?” he hesitated for moment, smiles and said: “Not yet.”

“Just in time, let’s we have meal together.” Feng Chen Yi slowly walking from living room toward kitchen, he hold a big bag of food on the shelf: “I bought so many things, but there is no one I can share. Ke… Ke…, ke (coughing sound).”
Seeing his pale expression, helplessly Yu Ao Tian takes off his suit, rolled up his sleeves: “I see you are missing a chief?

Well, I will do it.”

“Heh? CEO Yu, can you cook?”

“Is it strange? When I was in Japan, I was living alone, moreover I still need to take care my younger brother, of course I able to cook little bit.”

Regarding to Yu Ao Tian personal life, Feng Chen Yi not really know, the only thing that he knew about him, before he was underworld big boss in Japan, but today, he even seen another side of Yu Ao Tian.

‘He treats me very well. He is so considerate. I like him!’

Suddenly Yao Yao’s words are echoing in his ears, during that time he even hesitated perhaps she talked that way only to drive him off. But now it seems….

Forget it, no matter what Yao Yao said was true or lie, Yu Ao Tian had hit her before, it was real! “CEO Yu, do you have younger brother?”

“En. He same age with you. But not as mature as you.” if Qi Lian Ao Yun is half mature from Feng Chen Yi, perhaps there are not much tangled between these brothers relationship.

“Ha, I never mentioned him to anyone before.”

“Others than Han Li Shang them, there are not many people know about my younger brother.” this is first time for Yu Ao Tian taking an initiative to mention himself having younger brother this matter. “Where is the restroom? I want to wash my hands.”


Seeing Yu Ao Tian going inside the bathroom, Feng Chen Yi tidies up all the food that he bought, just in this time….

‘Ding dong’ (bell ring)

Suddenly the door bell is ringing, hurried he walking and open the door. But when he sees….

At sudden his pale face changed to be energized: “Why are you coming?”

The person who is coming not other person but Yao Yao! She lowers her head, pursed tight her lips, faintly smiled:

“This… For you.” after said, she takes out a box from her pocket.

Feng Chen Yi is so curious so directly he opens the box, once he opened it…. His cold eyes suddenly gleaming with rage.
The things inside the box are those half set of Daisy jewelry that he gave Yao Yao before, and also the perfume bottles which he specially made for her, the daisy fragrant.

After both of them broke up, she had thrown all the things that he ever gave her, but there are few that she could not throw away, because the meaning is too deep, too deep.

But, every time Yao Yao sees these things she would remember all the warmness when they were still together, the sweet scenery, although at last her face wet by tears, pain. She hides all these things, hide all of it to the place she won’t be able to see it.

Until today, since she left from Yu Ao Tian’s office room and went back to her houses, rummage through her cabinet and closet, found out all these things. And for once again she took a look these thing and recalled the memories, she didn’t cry anymore, only her heart… Still little bit hurt.



9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 265 B

  1. OMG..What is going to happen? Hope YAT won’t flip out at YY. I really feel for FCY. He was so happy to see her until she returning his gifts

  2. YAY…I am so happy for YY finally got over the jerk FCY.FCY mentioned in his heart that YAT hit YY before so his impression of YAT were not good but what does it had to do with you FCY You are just a third person in both YAT n YY’s relationship disregard whether YAT n YY r lover or bf n gf, FCY u r still a third wheel hence should butt out. Both YAT n YY especially YY will not appreciate you for it in fact, YY will hate you for it.

  3. Oh so exiting, it was a good chapter, others love rivals will fight to death, is rare to see thise two so composed lol.

    Thanks for your hard work

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