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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 266


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The chapters is going to continue with high dosage of sweetness, little bit bitterness but still this chapter is one of the best chapters in this novel.

Chapter 266

Part 1 (One)

She is Fooled by Two Men

Perhaps, this represents her feeling is already been slowly forgetting about Feng Chen Yi. As to say, asking her to let it go completely, perhaps she still could not do it, she won’t be able for the rest of her life! She only be able to keep and hide this feeling deep inside in her heart, turned it to be pieces of good memories.

One woman in her life perhaps she will be able to love few of men, just as man who also able to love few of women.

But as time flies, perhaps the feeling change to be faint, that love feeling slowly will going to be lessen, until there will be one day you encounter the— he or she the person you ever love deeply, the word that leave ‘lately are you okay’ there won’t be any thing that bounded your heart, perhaps you will smile asking yourself ‘did I ever date him before?’

But, woman in her life there must be one or two men that makes her won’t ever forgotten, although they already broke up, or never get in touch until old to die, but every time mention his / hers name will make heart pain.

While one from these two men perhaps was your first love or your first man (having intercourse for the first time)

First love is someone first time when knowing loving feeling, moreover the love that has deep imprinted and engraved on someone heart, it won’t be easily to be forgotten.

Just as Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi, wanted to forget the past is something difficult, only bit by little bit, bit little bit to make it into beautiful memories and hide it deep inside the heart.

Every time she opened it up, things that across her mind is slightest tears and also faint smiles….

“What do you want?” coldly Feng Chen Yi covered the box, with lower voice he asked.

“I just feel it… Perhaps there is someone need it more than me.” such important stuffs, she really not dares to keep it, she really hopes that these things can enchant the last person that Feng Chen Yi hold.


9 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 266

  1. Returning the gifts to FCY it shows she had moved on, I hope FCY will do the same but I doubted. YAT will be surprised to witness YY returning all FYC stuffs that he gaves her. it’s a good feelings or positive signs that YY had moved on. What will happen next ? Thanks Azurro awaiting for the next part. Thanks a million and have a blessed evening and weekend.

    1. Unless fyc grabs her and kisses her knowing yacht will see. Driving a wedge between them over a misunderstanding. AGAIN. God damn it. I hope that doesn’t happen AGAIN.

  2. YY is being cruel to FCY. Ok if you don’t love him anymore its upto you, but you should consider his feelings, how much he cared for you. If you don’t want to keep his belongings u can throw it away or burn it. Why do you have to hurt him again by giving it back?

  3. YY is being cruel to FCY. Why do she have to give it back to him? Ok if she don’t love him it’s up to her. She don’t want to keep his gifts then throw it away or burn it. Why is she hurting him again by returning it, she should consider his feelings.

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