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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 115

Translated by: Obsidian

Chapter 115

As if thinking of something, Long Mo Er hastily opens her mouth saying to Bai Yin Chen, “Big brother Bai, I’m going out for a bit.  I’ll immediately come back.  When I’m back then we’ll leave.” Without giving Bai Yin Chen a chance to speak, Long Mo Er goes out like the wind disappearing, from the room leaving Bai Yin Chen looking at the trace of her clothes.

Hurrying, Long Mo Er runs toward the large street. Deeply afraid that Bai Yin Chen will lose her, she uses both hands to lift her long skirt. Using all her effort to dash, not even a moment, Long Mo Er arrives at the place she wants to be.

Standing by the hanging sign, “Pawn”, which is by the pawn shop door, Long Mo Er takes big mouthfuls gasping for breath.  After easing her tension, Long Mo Er walks into the shop. The original memories coming to mind, she directly walks to the sales counter finding the shop keeper there.

“Shop keeper, do you still remember me?”

The proprietor sitting inside upon hearing the words lifts his head.  Seeing Long Mo Er, he searches his memory for details. “Oh, it’s you. I remember.  A short time ago you pawned your pearl hairpin here.  Right. You’re that young miss.”  After remembering, the shop keeper pats the table.

“Thank you shop keeper. Thank you that you still remember me.”  Long Mo Er appreciative that the shopkeeper didn’t forget, almost gratefully wept bitter tears.

“Now Miss, today you came back to redeem your pearl hairpin?”  The shop keeper’s whole appearance is a smile.  Seeing this sort of beautiful young girl at this post is very rare.  This let him forget which isn’t that easy.

“No, I ….” Facing the proprietor, Long Mo Er swallows a little, her voice quiets down.

“Miss, have you come to redeem the item?

“No, though ….” Long Mo Er’s voice gets even smaller.

“Then miss you are…?” the proprietor really didn’t understand her purpose in coming.  A pawn shop fundamentally is just a place to pawn items and to prove things[1]. This sort of young lady is not the type of customer they see.  He still really did not understand why she came there.

[1] Prove things such as is this item very pale jadeite or perhaps soapstone.

“Boss, I have to leave this hairpin.  But my hope, I hope you certainly will help me protect this hairpin.  I will definitely return to retrieve it. I hope you can promise me.  Please, I really will come back and redeem it. Boss can you promise me, OK?”  Speaking, the edge of Long Mo Er’s eyes are somewhat red.

It’s all her fault, that was what Mother Ye gave her. She went as far as to pawn it. That item indeed represents all of Mother Ye’s kind regards towards her. That is everything the Ye family bestowed her!  If, if it were not for Big Brother Bai then she would not have exchanged it for money.  Big Brother Bai’s life is more important than a pearl hairpin, isn’t it?

But, why is she this sad!  It seems she let everyone down!

She is really feeling sad!

“Eh, miss, I cannot promise you anything.” The shop owner opens his mouth and sighs.

“Shop owner, I certainly will return. You have to believe me! I beg you to truly believe me!” Long Mo Er worryingly opens her mouth and sobs a little.

“Miss.  We open our doors to do business. We are unable to give this type of guarantee to every customer.  From the beginning, since we’ve opened our doors to do business we’ve had numerous customers.  Miss, don’t cry!”  The shop owner is somewhat panicky seeing Long Mo Er’s tears. “There, there! Miss, if you do not return in ten days then there’s nothing I can do.  After ten days some people from our capital will come to take every pawned article. At that time the items will be taken to the capital and handled there.  Therefore, Miss, if you really want to redeem it then you must hurry back within 10 days.

“Eh. OK.  Thank you shop owner.  Thank you.” Long Mo Er’s hands clumsily wipe the tears on her face.  The corners of her eyes again exposes a little smile.


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