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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 2.1

Ge Ge

Special Story
Ge Ge and Fu Ma
Princess and Prince

Part 1 (One)

Ge Ge is already 4 years old, she is studying in kindergarten, this year the class is coming one new student, he is one beautiful mixed-blood little boy, blonde hair blue eyes, his skin white, very similar alike western doll, because his dad’s changes job, coming to Shanghai, the coincidence is little fellow’s father is a pilot, and also Kang Yu’s colleague.

The little boy Chinese name is called Qi Yu, he is also 4 years old, his mother is Beijing people, his father is Switzerland people, the most interesting is though he has look alike westerner but he cannot speak English not even a little bit, the reason because is father love Chinese culture, on very early Father Qi in order to learn speak Chinese, he asked the company to send him to Beijing, after he spoke Chinese fluently, encountered with Mother Qi, a virtuous and gentle woman, luckily Father Qi can speak Chinese so he can have conversation with Mother Qi who does not know to speak English, very fast both of them are falling in love, and then married, after one year little Qi was born.

Father Qi thought Chinese as the most difficult language to learn in the world, he is charm by China, so that little fellow Qi surname is followed his mother surname, not only that, because father Qi speaks Chinese habitually, so does not let little fellow Qi to speak English, and also he is pilot so most of time he does not at home, while mother Qi cannot speak English, hence, little fellow Qi only can speak fluent Chinese, it even as good as the standard of Beijing film dubbing voice. English, perhaps his not even better than Ge Ge.

Beautiful little boy is always favor more, moreover mixed-blood, immediately Ge Ge position as the most beautiful is replaced by him, he becomes the focus of attention.

 Ge Ge is so angry, but she doesn’t show it.

There is one time, Ge Ge is not intended to see Little fellow Qi pee, shocked when she realized his lower part different with hers, but she looked so calm as if not seen anything, passing by.

During night time, Ge Ge is having dinner in her grand ma’s house, her grandma is forensic, inside the study room it is hanging human body diagram (picture) in the wall, the detailed was put above the human diagram (picture).

She took a look, stretched out her hand pointing at something, “Mom, how to read this word?”

Ou Yang Miao Miao was so angry when she saw the place that her daughter pointed out.

She said the human organ diagram (picture) why must male gender why not female, why she pointed out that words, was it due to the strokes?

Ge Ge is well-known to have stubborn character, seeing Miao Miao said nothing, she went to ask her grandpa, asked her grandma, asked her little aunt, all of them shook their head with convulsions, shook their head.

In the end, gave a resentment look at Mother Ou Yang (Miao Miao’s mom).

You say you, why must put the human organ diagram (picture) inside the room, hanging country map can’t it?

Mother Ou Yang boiling to embarrass, her eyes not dare to lift up.

Only Kang Yu who stayed calm, he completely not surprised, he leisurely enjoy his meal.

“Dad, Dad, tell Ge Ge, how to read that?”

Everyone were holding their breathe looking at Kang Yu, as seen he hugged Ge Ge, he glanced at the human body diagram (picture), he used such calm tone giving an answer, “Dan Dan*!!”

All were silent, head fell to ground.

Ge Ge understood, nodding her head, hugged Kang Yu’s neck, suddenly kissed his face, “Still Dad is awesome!”

The next day, Kang Yu is going to have flight to Swiss, Ge Ge followed Miao Miao went to nearest market to buy snack, seeing moving toy ride outside the market, one dollar moving for three minutes, noise wanted to ride it.

“Cannot, yesterday you have ride it, today cannot.”

Ge Ge pouted her mouth, her face showed unhappy expression, unexpectedly spotted little fellow Qi and his mother who were also shopping the market, little fellow Qi looked so happily sitting riding the toy airplane moving.

Ge Ge was jealous.

Taking an opportunity when Miao Miao and Mother Qi greeting each other, she ran heading little fellow Qi.

Little Fellow Qi is playing happily, he even shout loudly: “Fly, fly, fly!!!”

Ge Ge’s eyes are beaming, smirk like a little devil, “Hey, Foreign Monkey!”

This is the nickname that giving by Ge Ge for little fellow Qi, because he and she are born in Monkey year.

Little fellow Qi is so friendly called her, “Ge Ge, you are also coming here!”

“En, I come here with my mom!”

“Are you also coming to play this riding!” Little Fellow Qi is pointing at the empty riding beside of him.

Ge Ge is paused and showing her afraid expression, shaking her head suddenly.

Little Fellow Qi curious, “What happen?”

Ge Ge with he fear expression said, “Don’t you know, this kind of thing shouldn’t sit / ride too long, if not later Dan Dan (refer to penis) will be disappeared!”

Little fellow Qi is a boy, of course he knows what is called as Dan Dan, stunned at moment, his expression changed to be pale, he even climb down from his ride and with tears flowing in his face, running to find his mother.

Ge Ge is laughing devilishly, using her hands and feet she wanted to climb up to the ride, but she could not reach it, cannot climb up, hence she shouted at Miao Miao loudly, “Mom, mom, faster, faster, pick Ge Ge goes up, the ride is moving, it left about one minute!!”


Miao Miao cannot lift up her head.


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