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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 266 B

Chapter 266

Part 2 (Two)

She is Fooled by Two Men

‘creak’ (door open sound)

From inside the living from there is door open sound, Feng Chen Yi’s face darken.

Yao Yao is curiously creasing her forehead, she wanted to take a look to inside, but her vision line is blocked by Feng Chen Yi. “Is there anyone in your home?”

“Oh. That’s right. Just now your CEO Yu was coming.” Feng Chen Yi cleverly changed the topic.

Yao Yao dumbfounded for moment, Did Yu Ao Tian come here? He must be coming here to talk about election matter?

“Did he come to ask you to be his supporter?”

“That’s right.”

“So how about you? Did you promise him?”

Seeing Yao Yao nervous expression, Feng Chen Yi cold eyes rolled: “Why must I agreed with him? Does he has any relationship with me, so that I must support him? Or because he is my ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend?”

“…………………………..” This ? Feng Chen Yi why must he talked this rash! “You agreed to him there is no bad result for you. You must know once Yu Ao Tian is successful in election, he could be your back up supporter, you must be get many advantages from the government sides. No matter about the real estate (property), or other matters.”

“Heh? Yu Ao Tian also said so. But those things I don’t have any interest on, Prime Minister Qi naturally will give me that much advantages.”

That’s right, at Feng Chen Yi back there is premier of the state council as his supporter, he must not afraid of anything.

But….. “You just think it as helping Yu Ao Tian, isn’t it easy matter?”

“Although it is easy matter, I also won’t help! Or else…”

“Or else what?”

“Or else you break up with him!!”

Break up….

Before she didn’t have any choices because of that piece of paper, but now…. That piece of lover contract had disappeared. Although she has owed Yu Ao Tian money, but as long as she works hard, saving money she still be able to pay him, isn’t it?

But why? Why since that piece of lover contract agreement disappeared, she does not have any thought to betray Yu Ao Tian?

‘That’s right! You are not my lover anymore, but it does not mean… These three years you can leave from my side! Little Thing, don’t think to escape from my side, or else I will let you live as death!!!’

Is it because those words? No, there is no relation with those words, because after she listened to that words, she indeed felt afraid, but not that sort of a sense of disgust.

So what the reason? It feels after some time and recently when staying beside of Yu Ao Tian she does not feel any fear like before, feeling force. Moreover since she becoming his lawyer, she still be able such happy.

It seems, staying beside him to do something for him, accomplish his wishes, perhaps in order to really pay off her debt to him slowly from her heart. “No, I won’t break up with him. If you don’t want to be his supporter, I can find another people.”

“Is Xia Ren Liang from Lan Du’s group? My beloved, as long as you dare to find him, I will use all my strength to dissipate his company!!!”

Staring at Feng Chen Yi cold eyes, Yao Yao unhappily frowned: “You are crazy, Feng Chen Yi! You don’t want to be Yu Ao Tian’s supporter, but does not allow other to do?”

“If Yu Ao Tian kneels down begging me, I can consider about it.” after said, Feng Chen Yi laughing with mocking and enveloped hand in front of the body.

Yao Yao knows very well Yu Ao Tian character, not to mention this little thing, although his entire company is getting in danger because of Feng’s group, he won’t kneel down begging Feng Chen Yi!

What to do? If Feng Chen Yi agreed to support Yu Ao Tian, this is as if tiger with wings; since he doesn’t want to support, there is no way, only can think to choose other to do?

When she is drowning in her thought, a familiar voice flow from inside the living room: “Can I cook for you, you still want me to kneel down and begging on you?”

This voice?

Yao Yao is open wide her eyes, suddenly she lifts up her head looking at Feng Chen Yi naughty smiles, push him away, rushing into living room.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian is starting to cook, he is wearing an apron in his body. “You… You…. Why are you here?”

“Aren’t you also in here?”

Glared at Yu Ao Tian pair of bottomless eyes, Yao Yao can feel her heart shivering, she gloomy can see a vague smile in his eyes.

But at another second, hurry Yu Ao Tian changed the topic: “This, I have thing that needed Chen Yi’s help, in order to show my sincerity, especially coming here to cook a meal for him!”

Is it true? This is perfectly not match on Yu Ao Tian character. In order to identify the truth, hurry Yao Yao looked at Feng Chen Yi, hoping to get an answer from his expression.

Who knows, Feng Chen Yi showed gloomy expression, coldly gave an order: “Hey! You hurry cook. I am starving to death!”

“I know….”

Impossible? Yao Yao used her hand to cover her mouth, pitying Yu Ao Tian pathetic expression, he…. Is he really Yu Ao Tian? After all, after all he can be enslaved by other?

Does her eyes have problem? Her eyes must be have problem with her vision! Must be! “I, I am going to help you.”

“Don’t!!!!” Feng Chen Yi is nervous pulled Yao Yao back. “You, better have a rest in living room, I come to help CEO Yu.” he had experienced Yao Yao cooking skill, if asking her to cook, although next year is coming perhaps they still won’t be able to have meal.


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 266 B

  1. Lol…so funny. FCY wont let YY cook.. is her cooking so deadly. Oh well! Good thing YAT knows how to cook.

  2. I like their sense of humor, They don’t trust YY’s cooking, lol… It’s really nice to know that the three of them get along well and eat together for a meal…

  3. Hahaha so her cooking skill are dangerous? Lol so he did suffer with her food.

    Thanks for the chapter and hang in there.
    Have a good day

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