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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 267 B

Picture1This picture is credited to it’s owner. Taken from Hanabaozi’s instagram

Chapter 267

Part 2 (Two)

Two Men and One Woman are Having Dinner

Oh…. These two men are so handsome, so good looking, if both of them are together they must be fulfilled and satisfied many Fu Nv* expectation. So, which one of them act as [攻] Gong (masculine) and who will be [受] Shou (female)? From both of their characters, they are so manly, but from body posture, both of them are looked so feminist, but from height and age, Yu Ao Tian is looked alike Gong (masculine). Whatsoever with both of them!

Yao Yao is absent minded staring at both of them, her mind is filled with her imagination thoughts.

‘Aiya, I have cut my finger.’

‘Chen Yi, are you okay? Come let me take a look.’ Yu Ao Tian raised Feng Chen Yi’s finger and put it into his mouth. Feng Chen Yi little bit embarrassed, blushed turned his head at other side.

‘Ao Tian, are you tired? Come, let me wipe your sweat.’ Feng Chen Yi is gently wipes Yu Ao Tian’s forehead that wet with sweat, while the men face shone with sweet smile.

Thinking, thinking, Yao Yao’s eyes are shone brightly, while she is constantly gulping her saliva, her face is blushing pinkish.

Two men who are cooking suddenly feel kind of hot eyesight from living room, both of them are turned their head, at

unison they shouted: “Don’t think nonsense! Hurriy wash your hand, eat!”

“Ugh….” So that all was her illusions, such no interesting!

In dining table, three of them are drinking red wine, while eating beef steak. The atmosphere seems enjoyable. But Yao Yao who is sitting in the middle (between Yu Ao Tian and Feng Chen Yi) looks as if sitting on thorns, she feels quite weird sitting between her ex-boyfriend and also….Yu Ao Tian, it seems calm before storm.

Better for her not to speak anything, only eat her food!

“CEO Yu, do you know, during the time when we were in school, there was one time sports event, this little dummy no matter what she was insisting to join U skate board competition, the result….”

Yao Yao’s face is stiffen, not wait until Feng Chen Yi done with his words, immediately she puts down her fork and shouted: “Shut up!!!!”

“It was kind of interesting moment, just say and share it with CEO Yu.”

“Why don’t you share your embarrassed moment then?”

“If you knew it, you are allowed to share it too.”

“Ugh….” honestly, Feng Chen Yi is perfect person when he was still at school, there was any embarrassed moment of him. “I don’t care, if you dare to say it, I will kill you!!!”

“Are you threatening me? Aiya, I am so afraid.”

“Cut it off….” Yao Yao unhappily rolled her eyes, she is picking up an onion ring from the table and tossed it to Feng Chen Yi.

“You darn woman! Are you tired with your life?”

“Come and hit me?”
At beginning the atmosphere is enjoyable and peaceful but gradually changed, Yu Ao Tian who is sitting at beside quietly eating his meal as if being dumped into another world.

From the way both of them bickering, Yu Ao Tian watches their past, also sees the different sides of Luo Yao Yao, different side of Feng Chen Yi.

Luo Yao Yao that he knows is someone cute very similar with little white rabbit, while Feng Chen Yi together with Luo

Yao Yao changed to be more cheerful, and also fierce.

Feng Chen Yi in his eyes, someone cold, although he smiles but all are fake smiles, but in front of Yao Yao, this moment he able to show his smiles from deep inside his heart, even his character is changed alike sunshine boy.

If there is a word to describe these two persons, perhaps there is no words other than perfectly match by heaven!


*] 腐 Fu 女 Nv : The word is coming from Japanese words 腐女子 (ふじょし,fujoshi), describing that those women who like to read Boys Love genre (Yaoi / BL). According to Baidu, The English translation for Fu Nv is Fag Hag or Rotten Women



11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 267 B

  1. FYC and YY bickering like a old couple and YAT observed them, it’s like a book story unfold in the past in front of him, he might had felt he is a third wheel to them. In contrast to YY and YAT relationship is totally different Its much more constrained. Thanks Azurro for the update and have a great day.

  2. So YY is one those, who likes to watch/read yaoi?

    I had to hold my laugh, when YY started to make her journey to dream world.

  3. Aww! So cut but really awkward having ur ex and bf in the same table. Is YAT gonna feel jealous? Thank u…😁

  4. Thanks for the update. Love the current chapters, especially when both guys turned to tell YY to stop thinking sideways.

  5. Meh now we are all a happy familly? Let me guess now she won’t be able to choose. Let’s see how long the twists keep comming. After a while doing the unexpected becomes the expected.

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