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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 268

Chapter 268

Chase out by Yu Ao Tian


“………………………….” being said by Yu Ao Tian, she stunned for a while and feeling as if her honor has been swept over, these two men impossible this bore, both of them are exposing her most embarrassed moment?

Yao Yao pursed tight her mouth, angrily eating her meal.

Although Yu Ao Tian shows his faint smile in his face, but his eyes are obviously have cold gleam.

Because, from this matter it can be seen, Yao Yao attitudes toward these two men are different.

Believe Feng Chen Yi also can sense it, but at same time there is no slightest happiness that he feel, on contrary, he feels such annoying. Because since the first time both of them together, Yao Yao never this obedient, never this cute. From his view, since Yao Yao together with Yu Ao Tian, obviously she is alike little bird rests upon a man (such timid and lovable little girl), she so obediently and lovely, it not only will make man to adore and cherish her but also protect her.

Two years ago when Feng Chen Yi still with Yao Yao, although sometimes she looked so cute, muddle-headed, but most of time she did it only in his in front!

“Fulled, who washing the dishes?” after eating the meal, Yao Yao had swept clean all the foods, satisfied patting her stomach. But the moment after she asked this, suddenly she feels regret and have sensed of guilty.

Because, these two men are staring at her….

“I understood…” she is so self-awareness to clean up all the dishes, while these two men are getting up and heading to living room…. Playing games!

Huh…. She really have bitter life!

“CEO Yu, never thought that you are so good playing i-box?”

“Ha.” he is smiling devilish, slowly said: “This is my first time to play this kind of game. But sometimes it isn’t someone ‘play first’ then that someone can ‘win over’!”

Feng Chen Yi knows there is another meaning in his words, coldly smiles, faster he puts down the game in from his hand.

‘game over’ as heard, it is a sound coming out from Television.

“There also a time, ‘step backward’, does not mean letting go. On contrary it perhaps can get bigger chance ‘to win over’!”

“Oh ya? Then I will see it.” after said, Yu Ao Tian’s pair of eyes dim, turned his head to Yao Yao who is washing dishes:

“Bao Bei, are you done?”


“Well, let’s we go home.” Yu Ao Tian standing up, politely he smiles: “Chen Yi, have disturbing you for whole night, really sorry.”

“It’s nothing, I still to thank CEO Yu you have excellent cooking skill.”

They are biding good bye, Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao are leaving together.

Shut his door close, this luxurious and expensive apartment turned to be quiet, Feng Chen Yi is leaning his body on his wooden door, helplessly he smiled: “Sending off the girl that loved most with her boyfriend, this feeling is terrible bad.”

When three of them were inside the room, he didn’t feel any uncomfortable, but after Yu Ao Tian left, moreover when heard he called her such intimate, finally Feng Chen Yi really can feel the pain of, the girl that he loved most has become others man’s.

But after two years when they encountered, only today he could have good meal together with her, moreover they were bid good bye calmly, weren’t they?

Should he need third party in order to have peaceful interaction with her? This is so ridiculous!!! His big hands are curled tightly into fist, at sudden a strong light across his eyes…..

“How can you suddenly cook for Feng Chen Yi?” inside the sport car, sitting in passenger seat beside the driver, Yao Yao curiously asked.

“Really, after all you was at his home, but not let out any voice. You are….” she is so embarrassed, being fooled by these two men. Also didn’t know whether Yu Ao Tian had listened to their conversation or not.

“Why didn’t you say something?” see Yu Ao Tian not answered for such long time, Yao Yao turned aside to see him, realized, this moment his expression is so dark and his face even scarier when the lane light radiating him!

The car is slower it’s speed, steadily stopped at the street side.

“You… Why do you stop?” Her voice is carrying shivering tone, she can feel bad premonition of something.

Yu Ao Tian is looking far away, silent for such long time, not long after that, he used his cold eyes to look at her: “How can you suddenly think to come to Feng Chen Yi’s place?”


Does he care about this matter?

When she stepped into Feng Chen Yi’s house, when saw Yu Ao Tian, she asked, ‘Why are you here?’ he answered ‘Don’t you also come?’ during that time she had already felt something odd from him.

But later the atmosphere was quite enjoyable, she thought he perhaps not care about it anymore. But she really forgot Yu Ao Tian is type of man who has deep thought, he could control his mood so well no matter in what kind of situation he is, until there is nobody, he is going to explode!

“I sent something to him.”

“What kind of thing?”

Actually these things aren’t something need to hide, but she does not want to say it too clearly. “The oldies.”

“What kind of oldies things?” he used forcing tone to ask.

Yao Yao is feeling in difficult, creased her forehead: “Yu Ao Tian! Did you forget what you ever told me? Now you are asking me this way, aren’t you believe me?”

Of course he remembered, he also not disbelieve her, perhaps he is too care regarding Yao Yao coming to Feng Chen Yi’s place alone. But this reason isn’t enough to flare him up.

But the real reason why Yu Ao Tian pissed off was the interaction between Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi, the atmosphere, that sort of atmosphere that he could not get into, feeling that cannot barge into their world! Perhaps it was a world only for hers and Feng Chen Yi!

At sudden, Yu Ao Tian is pulled her body closer, one of his hand is pressed her head, with his domineering lips he kissed her lips.

“Uh.” this kiss similar with crazy kiss, it makes her lips feel hurt. Her pair of hand is hit his chest, she feels uncomfortable, restless.

Under the pain feeling, she uses her teeth to bite his lips.

Yu Ao Tian feels pain and then humphed one time, and then ended his kiss, while his face is showing such cold and scary expression.

“Get lost!” his mouth throw out this word coldly.

Yao Yao glared, she thought this man won’t be alike he used to be, but she is mistaken, it’s easy to change rivers and mountains but hard to change a person’s nature. Staying beside this man forever will be similar with pet, when he likes he will call you, when he dislikes he will shoo you.

‘ssss’ sound, immediately she gets down from the car, as fast as arrow with winds speed the car has disappeared in the dark of night….

“Ha, Yu Ao Tian you are rotten bastard!” she is laughing while mocking herself, gritting her teeth.

Really regret, early she must tell him, ‘if you are venting your anger to me, our relationship is ended’. After all, the percentage Yu Ao Tian angry is bigger than he looking for women.

“Ugh, would he this time looking for another woman?” this… Can she really leave him and cut all ties with him?
Ha! This is also not bad.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 268

  1. Dear YY, I don’t think it’s just that easy ah…YAT can’t just accept partial submission? 😃

    Super Thanks dearest😘

  2. The things YAT is pissed off is the interaction of YY and FCY and also YY should clearly explained the purposes of going to FCY, is to return all his gifts and have a clean break with him.
    Jealous, jealous YAT. They had good time with FCY and now suddenly misunderstanding…thanks Azurro and have blessed evening and good night.

    1. Lol.. It’s not actually being jealous but instead the inferiority complex of not having such kind of relationship with YY, he is being infuriated by the warmth of FCYs & YYS relation.

      1. For this, I agreed with you.
        As additional….
        Both of the men are envying each other because they see the different Yao Yao, Her past and her present…..

  3. .. YY and YAT never explain themselves 😑 or try to clarify things they should really try and work on it😥

  4. They never explain their misunderstanding not just a trivial things for this two MC but it is PRIDE also for them.

    Thanking you Azurro. I wonder when will YAT n YY finally admitting their feelings for one another n can’t live without one another?!!

  5. Jealousy is a tricky thing to deal with, just waiting at the right moments to spring forth in all its YAT welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy!! Lol, as YY said he is a rotten bastard…good for him to experience a dose of intense emotions. YY…fighting!!! Don’t make it easy for him if he really leaves you there in the middle of somewhere at night..

  6. I think it will be funny YY to go somewhere else and scare YAT a little .To disappear one day and YAT lose his minds :)))

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