C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 1.4


I will be going to overseas for few weeks perhaps I will be back after Idul Fitri or middle of August. After talking to Azurro, she agreed to continue this project during my absent. So Far I had translated few chapter parts and it won’t give much burden to Azurro.

The schedule still same like before, The CEO’s pregnant wife will post every Sunday. I have made the schedule post for June and July.

Chapter 1
Part 4 (Four)

The faint glow of lamp, sometimes flash colorful halo, the figures of men and women interlock, the atmosphere is filled as if living a life of indulgence and also extravagant.

Soft laughing voices, whispering sounds, even the words with lust can faint hear.

This is the most famous nightclub in the city———Jin Bi Hui Huang.

Xu Yi Xia feels everything new for her, while Fang Yi Ran is dispirited.

“Yi Ran, why are you seem not interested?” Xu Yi Xia pulling her best friend, whispering asked her.

Fang Yi Ran gritting her teeth, “Too expensive, coming here one time, I have to eat instant noodles for two months.”

“But, don’t you see the men in here are good looking? See the world, this place is absolutely superb, after going out from here, the way you look at men will be increase to some levels.”

“Good looking indeed good looking, but, but feeling they are not good fighter.” Fang Yi Ran murmured.

“Looking for man, it is absolutely not looking whether they can fight or not. Well, we are coming here because to let you experience the romance, these men all of them are absolutely Master for the art of seduction, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask them.”

But the problem is, this types of matter, can it be asked? Fang Yi Ran rolled her eyes.

After one hour, finally she could not stay inside the private room which filled with perfume fragrant with difficulties she crawled out to toilet.

Of course, according to Xu Yia Xia senses, the perfume is absolutely not choking people but it uses to charm.

Tck! Tck!

She washes her face with clear water, finally Fang Yi Ran can feel herself little bit relax.

Lifts her head, looking at the mirror that reflecting her wet face, she laughs bitter and sighs. Well, she admits, she is doing stupid thing, Have nothing to do why must I coming here with that damn Yi Xia in order to see the world, simply to say it is wasting time and also money.

These men, none of them are able to flatter her also make her heart beats faster.


Little bit curious, little bit not understanding, little bit want to ascertain.

Actually what sort of feeling is it, so that it can be called as love? Watching those television dramas because of love, the plot is always desperate, every times it always makes Fang Yi Ran feels, it is beyond logic and above the reason.

A person, can a person really give up everything for the sake of another person?

Shaking her head, Fang Yi Ran is walking out from the toilet.

Jin Bi Hui Huang is indeed deserve be called as the most famous nightclub, it has wide and big area, the interior is extravagant, Fang Yi Ran is speechless.

But, too big also disadvantage, that because…. Too easy get lost.

“3709, 3709…” Fang Yi Ran is murmured her own private room number, searching room by room.

The private room in here make such secret, in order to open the door need to use pin (password).

Suddenly, her expression is changed, stopped in front of one private room door.

It is because she hears something similar to roar sound, sort of beast roaring sounds.

The private room in here, all of them are soundproof, she is at outside, unexpected she can hear this sort of roaring, speak frankly she is startled. But thing that make her more surprised, the roaring sound brings out bitterness.

It is sort of something as if boundless, deeps until it can bury oneself into boundless pain.

Boundless—— despair!

Fang Yi Ran’s body is quivering, her chest, to hers surprise a vague feeling burst out something that she cannot explain.

Is it affection? Is it a sympathy? Is it pity? Is it bitter?

That sort of feeling is completely unfamiliar, but it able to move her fingers, as if being possessed by spirit she is touching the electronic locked….


  1. Mel · June 1

    Thank you! Have a great trip! Fang Yi Ran is the female lead then?

  2. Yadane · June 2

    Could FYR walk into a wolf’s den

    Have a great vacation and thank you for thinking of us

  3. Kitty · June 5

    Thank you. How can she open the room door?

  4. anna · September 19

    sooo FYR is the female lead? because i don’t see beautiful female lead tag on NU, i assume YX is the female lead..
    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3

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