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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 271 B

Chapter 271

Part 2 (Two)

Looking for Xia Ren Liang

After she sending off and see her daughter left, Mother Luo is taking deep breathe, as mother she knows very well and also can sense that her daughter attitude is little bit different compare to the past, her smiles are more, her eyes are brighter, recently her daughter must be in good condition, right?

“Tian Ming…” Mother Luo is taking out an old photo which colored already yellowish. The man who in the picture has delicate features, having impressive appearance, he was Luo Yao Yao’s father who had passed away. “Recently my eyes are twitching, I feel something bad is going to happen. As you know, my hunch has always been very accurate. I really afraid something bad happened to Yao Yao, but now it seems….” she faintly smiled: “Yao Yao must be okay.”

“If it say so, haha, perhaps this hunch has relation with our father. You rest assured, I will keep my promise, I won’t let either our father or Yao Yao get into trouble! Tian Ming, you in heaven must wait for me, I will…. Very soon going to accompany you.” she murmured, Mother Luo smiles while close her eyes, slowly takes that yellowish color picture in her embraces….

A BMW 7 series is slowly stopping at Berson Group entrance door, Yao Yao is carrying a document amd coming closer to the car.

“Xiao Meng Li, where are you going?”

“General Manager Long, I asked you to start the engine and wait for me, not to drive me going out. I have thing that need your help to do.”

Long Ye frowned, she is still calling him General Manager Long, but she keeps on giving him order, actually between both of them who has the bigger authority?

Hehehehe…. “Say, CEO Luo, what do you want me to do?”

“Ugh…. Long Ye Ge Ge.” Yao Yao is helplessly pouted her mouth, hoping he will stop to tease her.

“Hehe, I still prefer to hear you addressing me this way. Say, sister, what help do you need?”

“Come.” Yao Yao quickly takes out thick document from her bag: “Inside her there are nine names list, you take a look, who you know, I have prepared the data, you take it to them and let them to sign it.”

Long Ye is flipping the document carefully: “Are all of them the supporters selected for Yu Ao Tian?”


Basically the names in the list are the strongest influential Chinese Businessmen, Long Ye and some of them can be said have few connection: “I handle it.”

“Well, so I trouble you.” after said, Yao Yao is push open the car door.

“How about you?”

“Me?” she bend down her body looking at Long Ye who sit at driver seat, smiled: “I need to go to Lan Du Group for while.”

After experienced last time matter, under Yao Yao helped, Lan Du group still preserve it’s position in ten tops at the fourth rank. So, for this time for sake of Yu Ao Tian’s political congress election absolutely won’t less Lan Du’s group.
But she has premonition, if asking Long Ye to look for Xia Ren Liang, he won’t sign.

“Miss, do you have any appointment?” the in shift receptionist politely asking her.

Yao Yao awkwardly smile: “Sorry, I don’t have any appointment, but I have important matter want to look for your CEO Mr. Xia Ren Liang.”

“I am sorry, if you don’t have appointment, I can’t let you go in.”


It earlier she knew something like this going to be happened she would not delete Xia Ren Liang phone number!
Yao Yao always stick with her decision whenever she had made one, when she had been ensuring Lan Du’s group peacefully went through all the critical circumstances, she had deleted all things regarding / related to Xia Ren Liang. But she never thought, now this become her problem.

What to do? How can she meet Xia Ren Liang? Must she waiting him in here?

Yao Yao is in dilemma standing in front of Lan Du’s group entrance lobby, she walking back and forth.

Just in this time….

“Xiao Luo?”


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 271 B

  1. It must be XRL hopefully will sign on in support of YAT election. Thanks Azurro, it’s a new header and it looks good.

  2. Wow Yao Yao can’t be quite unexpected hard-headed, only keeping contact info of those currently relevant

    Love the new header, so pretty

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