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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 271


Chapter 271

Part 1 (One)

Looking for Xia Ren Liang

Dealing with his younger brother attitude, Yu Ao Tian is already used to it. “Where’s Yao Yao?”

“She is not at my place, I drove her to her own house.”

He had predicted!

But as he heard the way Qi Lian Ao Yun spoke, he still little bit worry. The main point is his younger brother is someone shady, there is time he also cannot guess what Qi Lian Ao Yun going to do.

“I leave.” expressionless Yu Ao Tian turned his back and left.

“Hey, Big brother!” Qi Lian Ao Yun is chasing him until the in front door, his body is leaning at the door side, coldly said: “Both of us as brothers, since we were kids we didn’t have any same interest. But this time, it seems both of us brothers, finally has shared one ‘interest’.”

Listened to his words, Yu Ao Tian chooses to keep silent, coldly he back to his car, the ride isn’t stop moving forward to the place where Yao Yao’s house….

‘Ring, ring…’ just arrived at Yao Yao’s house downstairs, Yu Ao Tian’s mobile phone is ringing: “Xue Tong, what’s matter?”

“Ao Tian, the airplane ticket is changed to next two hours, you hurry prepare your stuffs for going to Japan.”

“Why suddenly changed?”

“The person that you wanted to meet, suddenly phoned that tomorrow will be going to England. Hope to meet you tonight.”

Yu Ao Tian is silent, his pair of deep eyes flashed looking at the fourth floor of the apartment.

From the little window, it shows the light still on, it seems that little thing hasn’t slept? “Okay, I understood. I am going to airport.” hung up the phone call, he turned his sight into other way, and then slowly his car disappearing into the darkness of night…..

“Huh, it has been so long not sleeping in this bed, it really gives good feeling.” dawn, that small palm-sized room is only enough to accommodate her small single bed. Yao Yao is rubbing her sleepy eyes, stretching her body.

Staring at familiar environment, every thing is so familiar. Since she was 13 years old until today, although she gathered all her footsteps that printed in this house the accumulation won’t be more than a month, but there is no slightest unfamiliar feeling in this house, on contrary she feels as if she always staying at this home.

Is the reason because she staying at Yu Ao Tian’s place? She carefully compares, although her home is smaller by one size number of Yu Ao Tian’s apartment, but all are so cozy, so comfortable.


“Mom, good morning.”

“Dear, come having your breakfast.”

“Thanks Mom.” Yao Yao is mouthful eating the food that cooked by her mom, she feels touched and almost shed tears, this familiar taste, mother’s smell. Hu…. “Mom, I am going to office.”

“En? Yao Yao, recently what are you busying? At one moment you are going to school, another moment you are going to office.”

Staring her mother face that filled with suspicious expression, Yao Yao remembered, for all these time she was busying Yu Ao Tian’s matter, she also forgot to contact her mom, she also forgot to pay visit to hospital looking her grandfather.

“Mom, anyway recently there were many things happened, I can’t tell you all at once, but wait until I done with my things, I will come to accompany Grandfather, okay?”

“He he, you silly little girl, mom does not need you companion, as long as you contacting mom, then mom will have peace in heart, satisfied.”

When children travel far from home, mother never stop worrying. Since Yao Yao graduated from Senior High in Japan and back to China, she is lessen showing up in home. This, as her mother understanding, she always has thought sorry toward Yao Yao, moreover she feels guilty, but she more afraid her daughter being bullied at outside.

“En, Mom, I understand. I take my leave first.”

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