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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 272

Chapter 272

Part 1 (One)

Unforgettable Love

It is woman’s voice.

Yao Yao is lifting her head to look at the voice source: “Xiao Qiao?”

“Secretary General Qiao.” the in front desk receptionist is politely bending respectfully  toward Xiao Qiao.

She is surprised pointed at Xiao Qiao who smiled: “You?”

“Haha, after one month coming to Lan Du’s group. Now I have promoted to General secretary position.”

General secretary position? Does it mean her work is similar with Miss Mo? Haha, Xiao Qiao is awesome.

“Xiao Luo, why are you coming here?”

“I…. I am coming for yours CEO Xia. But, I don’t have appointment.” she smiled awkwardly.

Once Xiao Qiao heard: “Come on, I will bring you to meet Ren Liang.”

Ren Liang? Does Xiao Qiao and Xia Ren Liang?

Xiao Qiao is taking lead and directly bring her to CEO’s room.

Xiao Qiao who seems so familiar with all the way, pushing open the office room: “Ren Liang, see who is coming.”

Inside the office room, Xia Ren Liang is lifting his head up, but at the moment he sees Yao Yao showing up in front of his eyes, his eyesight obviously changes bright, but very quickly it turned dimmer and expressionless. “Yao Yao, why are you coming?”

“Haha, I come to ask for your help.”

“Oh?” Xia Ren Liang rolled his eyes, smiles toward Xiao Qiao: “You can go out first, Xiao Qiao.”

“Ren Liang?” Xiao Qiao is little bit unhappily creasing her forehead.

Yao Yao senses something odd, but quickly Yao Yao is trying to change the awkward atmosphere inside the office room: “Haha, no need to ask Xiao Qiao goes out, it’s only a simply matter.” she is trying her best to say.

But Xia Ren Liang has been already signaling Xiao Qiao to go out, a moment, Xiao Qiao is curled her hand into fist, forcing to show a smile: “Xiao Luo, you have chat with Ren Liang, I won’t disturb, I take my leave first.”

“Uhm… Xiao…. Xiao Qiao….” seeing Xiao Qiao who is going to leave, Yao Yao feels in difficult frowned.
Actually Xia Ren Liang doesn’t need to do this, she can feel that both of them are dating, while Xiao Qiao impossible does not know Xia Ren Liang in the past….

Now Xia Ren Liang asked Xiao Qiao to leave, she completely can sense something odd.

“Haha, Yao Yao, what kind of help you seek from me?”

Listened to Xia Ren Liang’s voice, she changes her complicated expression in her face, forcing herself to smile: “You must know, now CEO Yu is going to go for political election, I hope you want to be his supporter.”

“Yao Yao? Am I mistaken something, you are looking for me only to ask me helping Yu Ao Tian?” Xia Ren Liang disbelieved hurried get up from his seat, as fast as an arrow standing in front of her: “Have you forgotten about last time matter?”

How could she forget about the matter? That time she really hated Yu Ao Tian so much, hated him who humiliated her, why must he say something like that in front of Xia Ren Liang.

But, she is born naturally only to remember other people kindness, and trying her best to forget all the unhappy things. In the future Yu Ao Tian will going to do, will going to do many many good things, she has already had that vision. “The past no need to mention.”

“Ha, are you still becoming Yu Ao Tian’s lover?” when Xia Ren Liang asking this matter, his speaking tone as if disdain her, perhaps he does not do it on purposely to look down at her, but whoever mention about ‘lover’ this word, everyone must use this kind of speaking tone.

“I….currently I….” must she tell him? Even she, herself does not know what kind of relationship she has with Yu Ao Tian: “Now I am officially dating him.” whatsoever, she only can say so.

Xia Ren Liang disbelief frowning: “Are you really love him?”

“En, love.” since the day she staying together with Yu Ao Tian, other than intimate matter, no mater what the question, she will answer love.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 272

  1. If I still remember right….Xiao Qiao is someone who used to work for Berson Group as YY’s workmate. XQ used to look down on Ren Liang when he worked for Berson Group as well then found out through media I think that Ren Liang is an heir to his father’s company ( the Liang Group I think). I don’t remember which is which that XQ either got fired by Berson Group or she left by going over to Liang Group to work. YY gave her some information to help both Ren Liang to rebuild his father’s company n QX to win Ren Liang’s affection. Please anyone do correct me if I am wrong.

    1. ooh, yeah yeah. i remember that girl. the girl who fall for xia ren liang but back off because she thought xia ren liang is just an ordinary white collar worker. thank you for kind explanation

      1. there’s nothing wrong if you value money, because we have to be realistic but if you life is money oriented you’ve lost your dignity especially if you’re a girl. like xiao qiao, she endured her fiancee liking other girl because she can’t bear to lose man like ren liang

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