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C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 2.2


Finally this project done. This project is taking longer than my estimation but I still manage to finish it. I hope Kang Yu and Miao Miao love story will wrap you with warm atmosphere.

Special Story
Ge Ge and Fu Ma
Princess and Prince

Part 2 (Two)

During the summer holiday, there was one time Kang Yu brought Miao Miao and Ge Ge went to Thailand for vacation, it used the benefit given by the company, at the same flight were Little Fellow Qi’s father, mother and Little Fellow Qi, himself, everyone was having good conversation and having fun, not only visited Grand Palace, also watching Thai Show, because there were only Ge Ge and Little Fellow Qi these two children, both of them were feeling sudden surge.
When new semester started, Ge Ge and little fellow Qi are playing heap sands, she spoke to Little fellow Qi, “After looked at this kindergarten surrounding, it’s only you who is so resemble with Mei Yang Yang!”
Little Fellow Qi answered, “Ge Ge, Mei Yang Yang is a girl.”
Ge Ge irritated, although she likes to watch cartoon (Xi Yang Yang and Big Grey Wolf), but she doesn’t have deep impression towards few characters, because the one she most likes isn’t the sheep but the Big wolf mother—- the Red Wolf.
The Red Wolf (Xi Yang Yang and Big Grey Wolf) is the main star, it is big grey wolf’s wife, the alpha female, inside the family there is no other ruler, she used to pan to control her husband.
In her logic, she feels Mei Yang Yang is dummy, careless whether it is female or male.
Once being said by Little Fellow Qi, she is embarrassed, rolled her eyes, “You… How do you know, it is girl, have you stripped it before, no, it’s wool, have you ever seen it?”
Little fellow Qi stunned, so innocent, suddenly shakes his head, “No, no!!”
Ge Ge narrowed her eyes, with sinister way spoke, “That’s right, let me tell you, actually… She is ladyboy (transgender)!!!”
Little fellow Qi shocked until open wide his mouth.
Ge Ge is satisfied nodding her head.
After shocked, Little Fellow Qi remembered that Ge Ge said him such resemble with Mei Yang Yang, at sudden crying, “Ge Ge, are you saying me resemble with ladyboy, I don’t want, Xiao Yu is a boy, not a ladyboy, I don’t want…”
Once again Little fellow Qi is crying.
Ge Ge is tsck tsck her mouth, keeps on playing in sands.
Really such dummy!!
In the blink of eyes it has already year 2021, the society is such open, the atmosphere is more terrible.
Ge Ge is already fourteen years young lady, a teenager, not only she grew up as beautiful as demoness, her beauty is amazed everyone who sees her, she is not only flower in class but also school flower, her character is alike Big Boss + Queen.
Ge Ge has great body posture, the curves of her body is in right place, although she only fourteen years old, but compare with the same age girls, she is tyrannical (Bossy), every time Miao Miao washes Ge Ge’s bra her eyes will flashing brightly.
Finally TM there is something that resemble to me.
At same time Qi Yu also fourteen years old, when he was small he was little handsome boy, after he growing up he is extremely good looking, inside the school, groups of girls like to follow at his back.
Ge Ge sees it as something irritating, but also does not know the reason why, she just feels such unhappy.
In her perception, Qi Yu is hers, when they were kid, he was her toy, moreover he is thing for her to vent her anger, and now he is her free-slave.
Qi Yu also doesn’t know why, he always follows her, resigned himself to adversity, if she said walked to east, he absolutely won’t dare to walk to west.
One time, Ge Ge saw Qi Yu smiling with another girl, at sudden her face turned dark, she took a glance at the girl, not as beautiful as her, no waist, no breast, really wanted to pinch his ears, asking him did his eyes blind or not.
But, Ge Ge would not do such thing, she wanted to protect her image.
After school, Ge Ge wanted to eat dessert, hurried Qi Yu pedaling his bicycle, sent her to MC Donald’s.
Inside the store is so quiet, less people, both of them were choosing such quiet place, corner near the wall, Ge Ge sitting position, exposed her legs, her facial feature about 45 degree, sighed, “Yu, Am I beautiful?”
Qi Yu’s face beet red, suddenly nodding his head, “Ge Ge is so beautiful!”
“How’s my body?” Ge Ge untie her bow tie, showing little bit her cleavage.
Qi Yu almost had nosebleed, he is normal teenage boy, “So…great!!”
“Oh…” Ge Ge has such sexy eyelashes, and then her beautiful eyes narrowed, “Do you want to touch it?”
Qi Yu is shocked, nodded his head, nodding his head and once again nodding hard his head.
Ge Ge said, “Well, as long as the person is my future husband then he is allowed to touch it, others if you…”
Impulsively Qi Yu, “As long as I become your husband then I can…”
“That…” Ge Ge pulled tightly her uniform, pulled down her skirt, seeing Qi Yu expression she knew he already charmed by her.
Satisfied she having her meal.
Deep inside fellow student Qi Yu not only an impulsive but also excited, he made fist and made a swear.
When I growing up, I must marry Ge Ge!

And then ten years passed, Ge Ge and Qi Yu married.
As newlywed, actually Miao Miao could not stand to see Ge Ge bullied Qi Yu, taking an opportunity when Ge Ge taking bath, she talked to Qi Yu with affection: “Xiao Yu, you don’t act dummy, don’t spoil Ge Ge to rotten, if this keep continuing, she will be lawless!”
Qi Yu is also Pilot, he is sitting on sofa while read his flight schedule, he lifts his head up looking at his mother in law, gentle eyes as if warm water is flowing, “Mom, it’s okay, I pretending to be dummy, Ge Ge likes it, as long as Ge Ge likes it, it’s okay!!”
Miao Miao becomes speechless after listened his words.
Qi Yu suddenly remembered after Ge Ge taking bath she wanted to eat grass jelly, hurried he takes out his wallet and dash out.
Waiting until he left, Miao Miao looked at Ge Ge who eavesdropping, “Have you heard, still not treating him little bit good!”
Ge Ge’s face red, pouted, “I know.”
At night, in newlywed bedroom, Ge Ge has thought to treat Qi Yu good for once, showing her most gentle side.
After one hour, Ge Ge who is being torment by Qi Yu in the bed, with one foot kicked him down, roared: “Give you three colors, you are opening dye house, aren’t you? You climbed here, let me show you how I ‘tidy you up’!!”
At other side, Miao Miao patting her breathe and talking to Kang Yu who his face buried in her chest, “Yu, can you pretending to be dummy, coaxing me to be happy!”
Kang Yu: “……….”
He is looking for more comfortable place———-go to sleep!!


12 thoughts on “C-Novel : Husband is Great Black Belly (老公是腹黑大人) Special Story 2.2

  1. Finished binge reading the story. What a wonderful fluffy story. These characters are so pretty. Miao Miao’s cute otaku behaviours are adorable and Kang Yu’s black belliness is delicious lol

    Thank you so much for translating, you’re the best!

  2. Woooww,,,,
    I finally read to the end and epilogue,,,
    This story just fooled me,,,
    I thought its just will be ordinary,,,
    But its not,,,
    It makes me want to read the next chapter and makes me dont wanna stop ^^
    In every chapter make me laugh, make me so jealous, make me so emotional,,,
    Ough,,,i cant hardly move on,,,
    Its just an amazing story,,,
    Thank you very much for making this story ^^

  3. Love this cute little novel.
    Its sweet and fluffy with almost no angst. My kind of story.

    Thanks for your hard work ms translator. Looking forward to your next project.

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