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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 8


Chapter 8

Part 1 (One)

An Jia Qi’s Tooth Decay

Su Zhan Mo helplessly asked: “What Qi Qi wants?”

“I want candies, chocolates, Little Bear biscuits, jellies,……” An Jia Qi is tilted her head, break off her little fingers one by one counting, it makes Su Zhan Mo face darken.

“Qi Qi, did you forget the reason why you got beat yesterday?”

An Jia Qi exciting expression in her little face at sudden changed into awkward bitter laughing hahahaha, pouted and said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, you won’t tell my mother right?”

After Su Zhan Mo heard, his face stern, seriously he patted An Jia Qi’s little head.

“Qi Qi, do you want me to lie?”

An Jia Qi timidly looking at Su Zhan Mo for awhile, and then she shakes her head.

If want to say An Jia Qi smart, but every time when Su Zhan Mo gives her something to eat she can forget all her sadness immediately, but if want to say she is stupid, once Su Zhan Mo face turned to be serious, she immediately knows that she has done something wrong, obediently admitting her mistake, time has proven it.

This is the first time for Gang Zi and Yang Wa Wa (western doll) to see the anger Su Zhan Mo, quickly act to be peace marker.

“Zhan Mo, little sister still small, you don’t be so fierce.”

“That’s right, when I was small I also like to eat snacks, but my mother and father never beat me.”

Su Zhan Mo ignored two of them, turned his body, taking big strides back to class. An Jia Qi looking at Su Zhan Mo back that leaving, her eyes are already redden, her tears almost burst out.

After all Western doll is also a girl, seeing An Jia Qi is going to cry, hurry she takes out her handkerchief from her pocket and stretch out her little hand passing to the metal fence gives it to An Jia Qi.

“Little sister, you don’t cry…. Your Big Brother isn’t angry to you. Later he will be good again.”

Better not to persuade, this persuading even giving a contrary effect she cries even louder.

Seeing An Jia Qi using her hand to wipe her eyes, she is crying loud. Her crying voice is attracting Xiao Hu and her other fellow classmates.

Xiao Hu is someone loyal (weighing friendship), his small hand patted, asked: “Qi Qi, who bullied you? I will tell teacher.” after said, he even showing his anger face to Gang Zi and Western doll, thought both of them are bullying An Jia Qi.

An Jia Qi ignored him, and still standing there crying, this time Xiao Hu even more affirmed that both of them are bullying An Jia Qi. Immediately he looking for Teacher Xiao Li and made a report.

The result two of them, during the afternoon lesson, is being called to Teacher office room. The homeroom teacher with serious expression criticized them. Gang Zi does not care, he does not bother to help his buddy and take the blames, but after all western doll is a girl, her skin so thin, so that she also said Su Zhan Mo’s names. It makes Su Zhan Mo also being called into teacher office room.

When Teacher Xiao Li sees Su Zhan Mo, her anger has already reduced by half, little bit awkward after talking with Su Zhan Mo’s homeroom teacher, hurried bid her good bye.

Just like this everything was starting from An Jia Qi, while Xiao Hu is adding oil in fire saying that Primary school student bullied kindergarten students. Other than Xiao Hu and some little fellows who are criticized by Teacher Xiao Li, An Jia Qi is going through all of this in peace.

Experiencing this lesson, Su Zhan Mo really giving himself strict self-introspection, he thought something must be wronged in his parenting way, so that he is especially asking his mother. He even rushed to Mother An to explain the circumstances of An Jia Qi during the lunch time, making Mother An rewarded An Jia Qi to be able eating more meat tomorrow.

The following day, Su Zhan Mo is taking Father An additional lunch box portion, happily going to school.
During the lunch time, Su Zhan Mo is looked alike someone without problem, standing outside the metal fence, loudly called out An Jia Qi’s name.

At this time, bored An Jia Qi is playing seesaw with Xiao Hu, once she heard Su Zhan Mo’s voice, at sudden her eyes gleam brightly, leaving Xiao Hu, dashing closer.

Two eyes are shining brightly staring at Su Zhan Mo, with her screechy voice said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, you don’t angry anymore?

Su Zhan Mo is little bit guilty shaking his head: “Qi Qi, today Father An is especially cooked many meat for you.”

“Is it?” An Jia Qi hasn’t said anything but Xiao Hu has already rushed there and said with high tone, shouting and clapping his hands.

Xiao Hu is learn to be obedient, as long as Su Zhan Mo showed up, he might stick to An Jia Qi back, even cannot eat much, but at least he can taste the meet soup.

“Xiao Hu, you hurry call Teacher Xiao Li.” Happily An Jia Qi turned her head, let Xiao Hu to find Teacher Xiao Li.

Su Zhan Mo not understood staring at Xiao Hu back who has left far, asked: “Qi Qi, why are you looking for teacher?”

Since yesterday Su Zhan Mo has felt so guilty toward Teacher Xiao Li regarding the matter happened, he afraid Teacher Xiao Li would make thing difficult for An Jia Qi. He never thought that An Jia Qi is speaking leisurely: “Teacher Xiao Li said that, if Mo Mo Ge Ge is coming, just asked her to come over.”

After Su Zhan Mo listened, creased his forehead, staring at Xiao Hu’s back who is walking closer to Teacher Xiao Li. He thought Teacher Xiao Li would be angry and would not let him to bring any lunch for An Jia Qi. But unexpected Teacher Xiao Li is looked so happily stroking An Jia Qi’s head, spoke to him: “Qi Qi’s brother, later every lunch time you are allow to enter Lan Tian kindergarten, urge her to have her lunch.”

After Su Zhan Mo heard it, he is dumbfounded for while. He is surprised when lifts up his head looking at Teacher Xiao Li. He even sees Teacher Xiao Li, taking out the key, unlock the iron fence, opened, the small door of iron fence is opened, hinting Su Zhan Mo to come in.

Simply to say Su Zhan Mo still not believe, he can so easy walking inside the kindergarten.


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