Novel · Translation

C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 116

Translated by Obsidian

Chapter 116

 Questions And Doubts

That moment (while Long Mo Er is) hurrying back to the medicine shop, Bai Yin Chen is already waiting for her at the entrance to the large street.

From far way, that towering smear of white can be seen in the distance.  Long Mo Er’s footsteps stop. Extending her hands, she uses her sleeve to rub her face, exerting all her strength to straighten out the mood she was in a moment ago. She’s just afraid her facial expression will reveal her frame of mind, afraid Bai Yin Chen will see her difficulties.

Taking a deep breath through her nose, Long Mo Er works hard to make the corners of her mouth lift.  “Big brother Bai, I’m fine now, let’s go!”

Bai Yin Chen’s gaze lingers on Long Mo Er and after a while he shifts his gaze.  His face is serious but he says nothing.  Just slightly nodding his head toward her, he walks forward.

“Doctor, good-bye. We’re going now.”  Long Mo Er finishes the (farewell) greeting with a small smile.  She immediately chases and catches up to Bai Yin Chen.

Part of her is full of excitement. After leaving home, this is her first real introduction to the world outside.  What sort of things will she discover following big brother Bai? What sort of things will befall her?  Big brother Bai knows how to save people so on the road big brother Bai can continually teach her about that, right? She can learn a lot of things!

Big brother Bai was saving people before meeting her. This time she met him and even saved him.  How did he get the wounds on his body?  Who did he offend?  Did he encounter a robber? A bandit? How can there be someone that cruel to want his life?  This hidden story about him is a bit much, isn’t it?

Straightening her head, Long Mo Er’s thoughts continually turn round and round.  Many questions come out, all letting her think about opening her mouth.  But she didn’t know how to open her mouth as these questions are not all hers to initiate.

“Say it.  What do you want to know?”  Bai Yin Chen felt Long Mo Er’s assessing gaze.  Her facial expression completely reveals the concerns on her heart.

From her return just a moment ago, he actually discovered that she’s off-putting.  Her red eyes let him feel heart ache and her strong smile let him be a bit unrestrained.  Despite this he didn’t know how to help her.  Did she suddenly discover something?

On the road he continually assesses her, repeatedly evaluates her.  Usually her words are profuse so now he is actually unaccustomed to her quietness.  It’s all good being able walk along on the road while gauging her.

She hoped this side of her would fully satisfy his doubts.  On her small face is clearly written that she has questions and problems. Still under the impression that she can conceal her thoughts, she stares at the expression in his eyes and couldn’t help herself anymore. It’s best to open his mouth bring it up and ask her.

“No, nothing!  I have no questions!”  Long Mo Er’s heart jumps upon hearing Bai Yin Chen’s words.  She shakes her head in denial.

How can big brother Bai so easily see through her?  How can he know she has problems?  Big brother Bai is awesome!  But she doesn’t know if after bringing up the topic to big brother Bai whether he’ll think that she is very bothersome. Maybe he won’t want to take her along (anymore).  To avoid being cast away, even if she was killed she still wouldn’t admit it. Big brother Bai now is considered her support and close relative.  She really did not want to think about a certain person.


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