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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2


Okay Guys, when you read this post I have already in overseas and struggling with my busy schedules. Few posts are scheduled before hand and the rest will be taken-over by Azurro.

Chapter 2

Part 1 (One)

Creak! (door open sound)

The door of private room push open, inside the room only a darkness.

But that bitter roaring, it even clearer, compare when at outside, this is even clearly hundred even thousand times!

The door closed after Fang Yi Ran gets inside.

She is trying to find out the light switch inside the private room, she wants to see clearly inside the private room.


There is thing falling or hitting something, it made a great sound.

And then, Fang Yi Ran hears something a like cloth being torn—————

“Ming…Yi….My Ming Yi……”

The hoarse voice, the sound that let out from it as if stuck by sands.

There is something getting close to her!

Still in the darkness, But Fang Yi Ran who has sharp instinct at sudden be alarmed.

Fang Yi Ran holds her breath, her body is pressing closely to wall, her fingers slowly moving forward, towards the direction of the lighting switch…

In the deep of darkness who let out such sound?

Why it can be so painful? As if experienced countless torment.

At sudden, something as cold as ice touch her ankle, a strong force, pulled her down.

The unsteady Fang Yi Ran slump to the floor, her butt is hit hard the cold floor.


She grinned hoarse, she hasn’t shouted out, a sensation of fear as if things are crawling on her skin when both of her ankle being touch by that icy things.

Things that grabbed her ankle perhaps… No, it must be a hand, but, this hand indeed has cold temperature, it even colder than the floor, simply to say it similar with… Death person’s hand.

That hand is strongly firmed-grabbed hers, perhaps with the five fingers, all embedded in her skin, even her bones.

“It was my fault to intrude on, I can guarantee to take my leave immediately, moreover whatever is going on in here I won’t let out any, please you let go my leg, okay?” Fang Yi Ran enduring her pain, talking to the person in the darkness whom she cannot see.

Perhaps, she had intruded into some transactions place,

Or perhaps she had disturbed someone SM interest.

Or maybe, there is scientist in here who is carrying out a secret experiment,

Whatever it is, at this moment, inside Fang Yi Ran’s brain, she has thought countless of possibilities.

But the next matter is, it even makes her almost to bite her tongue. That ice-cold hand, with sort of rough method, take off her shoes.

“Hey hey, you don’t pull, the shoes would be torn off!”

“Ming Yi… Is Ming Yi….”

“What’s Ming Yi! I don’t understand! Though I have intruded, you want to pay for, you are also no need to pull my shoes!”

“Mine, is it… Mine.”

“My shoes are not valuable, even if you take them are no use.”

Fang Yi Ran is restless, but the other party strength is strong beyond her imagination, deathly pressed down her leg.

“If you are not going to let go, I will call police!” she is trying hard to use her other leg to kick the other party.

“It has been long time wanted… Wanted…” that voice is getting lower and lower, followed by the voice and then, there is slightest warm of lips that pressed into her feet.

Fang Yi Ran’s voice stopped abruptly.

What is this person doing?

Compare to that iced-cold hand, this warm lips seemed like a different sort of existence. But it gives one’s creepy feeling, this lips kissed her feet, such detail and carefully kissed, as if unwillingly to let go any inch of hers. Not only lips, that person teeth also bites her feet skin. Little bit strength, the teeth is trembling, as if taking an effort to control his body strength, and it is also like someone who’s afraid to believe get something that has been yearning for long time.

The danger alarm ringing in Fang Yi Ran’s head.

If this thing keep going, heaven knows what will be going to happen! Under this circumstances, Fang Yi Ran is starting to regret her attitude to barge into this place.

“Ming Yi… My Ming Yi…” that voice constantly repeat over and over this word which give one’s not to understand.

Taking deep breathe, Fang Yi Ran is asking to the person in darkness who grabbed her ankle: “What is———–Ming Yi?”

The other party is paused, stopped, thinking to give an answer from her questioned: “Ming Yi… Ming Yi is….”

it is now!

Another foot of Fang Yi Ran raises, kicking other party.

Ke ka! (kicking sound)

A grunt, she finally can feel loosed his grip on her ankle.
She wanted to take this opportunity! Hurried stand up, Fang Yi Ran is rushing to door direction, but at her back is anger roared!

“Don’t go! You don’t…go!” his Ming Yi, how can leave him? She must know, his pain, his emptiness, his loneliness all because of her!

A strong strength, from back pulled her. At the next moment, Fang Yi Ran only can feel her back hit wall and that sort of burning hurt feeling. Shoulder is on the top of light switch, only hear the faint patter, at the moment the light has filled the private room.


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