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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 8.2


Chapter 8

Part 2 (Two)

“Why?” Su Zhan Mo stared at her with confusion eyesight, doubt asking Teacher Xiao Li.

But Teacher Xiao Li is stroking his head and said: “Qi Qi’s brother, also hopes that Qi Qi can faster eating her meal by herself right?”

With Su Zhan Mo smart brain, after thinking for moment he has understood Teacher Xiao Li intentions, he nodding his head hard.

Since that day, An Jia Qi under Su Zhan Mo supervision (watching), she sits on her small table and eat her meal by herself, she eats spoon by spoon. This really make Mother An happy, while Su Zhan Mo finally in his second grade, he does not need to bring two lunch boxes anymore.

Again one of the most brilliant Saturday, Su Zhan Mo is doing his homework in his house, while An Jia Qi is playing with Xiao Hu. It nearing to lunch time, Mother An is worrying and going out to look for An Jia Qi.

Not long after that An Jia Qi rushed going home. Once An Jia Qi’s feet step on the yard, she is shouting out loud: “Mo Mo Ge Ge hurry comes out…. My mom is going to hit me.”

As An Jia Qi growing up, she has known very well, as long as Mother An angry, she must looking for Mo Mo Ge Ge to help her out, because every time Mo Mo Ge Ge say something, her mother will immediately compromised, and then she would let Mo Mo Ge Ge to ‘parenting’ her. Although Mo Mo Ge Ge likes to show his cold expression, but at least he won’t alike her mother that like to beat her.

Once Su Zhan Mo heard it, hurried he puts down his pen, walking outside. As seen Mother An face is dark with rage, pulled hard An Jia Qi’s arm, directly walking to home.

“Mo Mo, this time you are no allowed to plead mercy for this little girl. You take look at her mouth…” after said, mother An is poking at An Jia Qi’s face.

As seen there are chocolate trace in An Jia Qi’s corner mouth, at one glance already knew that she and Xiao Hu were secretly eating chocolate again.

Su Zhan Mo speechless. An Jia Qi is type of little girl who only remember about food but not beat. Because secretly eating candies and chocolates, she had beat many times by Mother An, but as long as she spotted these two things, immediately forgotten, after that thing entered her mouth, also forgot to erase the evidence, every time got caught by Mother An.

“Qi Qi, didn’t you see last month when Xiao Hu went to dentist.” Su Zhan Mo creased his forehead when talking with An Jia Qi.

But An Jia Qi talked back even with soft voice: “Xiao Hu dislikes brushing teeth, you see me everyday brushing my teeth.”

After Mother An heard this, she is raging wanted to beat An Jia Qi. But An Jia Qi is learning smart, before Mother An’s hand touch her, she is already hiding at Su Zhan Mo’s back.

Mother An does not have way, naturally she does not want to care about An Jia Qi, pointed at Su Zhan Mo and then with big strides she going back to her home.

An Jia Qi is secretly sticking her tongue out, slowly climb up to Su Zhan Mo’s back, whispering: “Mother loves to angry, Mo Mo Ge Ge you see me brushing my teeth everyday.”

Fear of Su Zhan Mo does not believe on her, hurry she opens her mouth to let Su Zhan Mo to check it. But the mouth just ate Chocolate, so all of it are covered with Chocolate crumbs, it makes Su Zhan Mo frowned, immediately he ordered An Jia Qi: “Qi Qi, now you going to brush your teeth!”

After An Jia Qi listened to order, seeing Su Zhan Mo face that darken, obediently she walking inside her home and takes out her little brush, crouch in front of the tap water that is in yard, seriously she brushing her teeth.

After she done, she running in front of Su Zhan Mo and open her mouth, showed it to him once again so he can check on it. This time the checking not serious but immediately it changed Su Zhan Mo expression. Because there is small black hole in An Jia Qi’s tooth.

“An Jia Qi how can you have decayed tooth?” Su Zhan Mo words not only shocked An Jia Qi, also shocked Mother An who is walking out from house by coincidence. Seeing Mother An is walking so fast, coming nearer, at once turned An Jia Qi’s head, asked her to open her mouth and check on it.

“An Jia Qi, no matter how to say you, you are not listening, you see your decay tooth.” After said, mother An not only raging but also beat An Jia Qi two slaps.

An Jia Qi with bitter face, looked at Su Zhan Mo, and also looked at Mother An, her eyes turned red, with fear asked: “Mother I don’t want to go to hospital….”

Mother An is glared at An Jia Qi, with raging voice: “Not go to hospital, awaiting the hole in your tooth turn to be big, make you don’t have any tooth?”

Once An Jia Qi heard it, she is scared and hugging Su Zhan Mo while crying: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, I don’t want my tooth decaying…”

With Su Zhan Mo persuasion and also Mother An forced, An Jia Qi with her long face going to children’s hospital. At there all the parent are hugging their kids, little kids crying voices, it terrified An Jia Qi until she not dare to open her eyes, tears are filled her eyes, An Jia Qi bitter expression almost soften Mother An’s heart.

Luckily, the doctor that examine An Jia Qi’s teeth, is an old doctor, he looks so friendly, at least he let An Jia Qi not that scared anymore.

Old doctor is taking small mirror, looking at An Jia Qi teeth, he said: “Little friend, later eat candies less, your tooth hole not that big yet.”

“Ye Ye (Grandpa), Does my teeth has been eaten?” An Jia Qi’s eyes moisten, she is worried when asking.
After old doctor heard it he smiles, comforted her: “It still hasn’t, but if you are still eating candies, perhaps all your teeth will be gone.”

After An Jia Qi heard it, tightly she pulled on Su Zhan Mo, her face is filled with worry expression.

“Don’t be worry, little friend, Ye Ye is going to help you killed the worm, but you cannot eat candy anymore.”

Since going out from hospital, An Jia Qi is covering her mouth, hurried she dashing inside her house taking out all her candies and chocolates that she secretly kept, all are taken out, holding in her bosom, she running to Su Zhan Mo’s house.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, all of these give to you.”

Su Zhan Mo feels it is so funny, asked her: “All given to me, what will you going to eat then?”

Seeing An Jia Qi bitter face, she shook her head with rattle, scared said: “I won’t take any candy anymore, won’t eat it anymore.”

After said she rushed back to her house, as if those candies and chocolates are demon.

But after few days, suddenly An Jia Qi came to Su Zhan Mo’s house, asked: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, last time the White Rabbit candies that I gave to you, where is it?”

Su Zhan Mo spoke with warning: “Why?”

An Jia Qi is little bit shy said: “I want to eat…”

“Cannot——” Su Zhan Mo directly refused her.

But An Jia Qi with her low voice pouted: “Not give just don’t give… Why must so fierce? I won’t eat all of them… Mo Mo Ge Ge is such petty… I better looking for Xiao Hu…”

After said she went out. Leaving Su Zhan Mo alone who does not know to laugh or cry……


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