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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 273


Ah~ Finally the man that I always ship with Yao Yao is showing up, starting this chapter. Which at the same time, this is marking the half way of the novel itself….
What a long journey~

Chapter 273

They are going to be Married


After Xia Ren Liang said this, suddenly the CEO’s office room door is opened, with panic expression Xiao Qiao coming.

For once again the atmosphere turned to be awkward.

Xia Ren Liang frowning, there is no anger in his speaking tone: “Xiao Qiao, what are you doing here?”
“I… I, I just want to know whether Yao Yao has left or not.”

Haha, Xiao Qiao perhaps not really coming to check whether she has left or not, but she afraid Yao Yao would tell Xia Ren Liang about the truth? Yao Yao is helplessly smile, her eyes are gleaming slowly looking at Xia Ren Liang: “The question just now you asked…what do you mean?”

Looking at Yao Yao pair of eyes which showing suspicious sight, Xia Ren Liang despaired, sighed: “No, nothing.”

“En, well I take my leave first.” Yao Yao nodding her head to both of them and then she left the CEO’s room.

“Xiao Luo! Xiao Luo…” not long after that, Xiao Qiao chased at her back.

She has known that Xiao Qiao might come to chase after her: “What?”

“It is regarding to that matter.”

“Alright, Xiao Qiao, you don’t need to say anything, since I let that matter being taking care by you, it means that the matter would be forever kept inside my heart as secret. Rest assured, I will never tell anyone for this life time.”

“Haha, thank to you, Xiao Luo. I don’t know whether Ren Liang have told you or not, we are going to marry soon?”

“En, he had told me, congratulation.”

“What to congrats. He married me, actually because of your…..”
Xia Ren Liang is type of man who value feeling more, when Xiao Qiao gave the plan solution to him, he really didn’t know how to thank her.

While Xiao Qiao is cunning woman who has more schemer thought than any average women, she knows if she asked 100 million to Xia Ren Liang, he would give her. But after all 100 million amount of money still has it limitation, but married to this man it mean to have unlimited bank notes.

That time she showed an attitude, as if she didn’t need any repay. It makes Xia Ren Liang has different opinion about this woman.

For such long time, both of them often to go out and having meal together. There was one time both of them were drunk, things happened. Xiao Qiao was crying and asking him to take a responsibility, since he is someone who value feeling more so that he fulfilled what Xiao Qiao wanted.

“You said these to me, don’t you feel afraid that I will make report to Xia Ren Liang?” after heard what Xiao Qiao said, Yao Yao is jesting with her.

Xiao Qiao does not have any objection shook her head: “I have been so stress about this matter for long time, there is no one to share, I afraid I might go crazy soon.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Qiao, it isn’t something that you does not have anyone to share (talk about), but your heart just not at ease, so that you want to say it out.”

“Heart not at ease?” Xiao Qiao dumbfounded, after sometime she smiles helplessly: “No wonder when the things just happened, I didn’t feel any bitter, but for such long time I feel so bitter.”

“Yes. That is because you are more loving Xia Ren Liang, more caring about him. If from beginning, you are using a trick (scheme) in order together with Xia Ren Liang, now you are sacrificing your true feeling. Since this is the case, all the trick and the scheme that you done, on contrary all of them are evidence you really love him, am I right?”

“Yao Yao!” the guilty feeling that followed Xiao Qiao for such long time, because of Yao Yao words suddenly enlighten her. “Do you think I am such despicable?”

“I don’t think so. Still a same word, this only an evidence that you love Xia Ren Liang, that’s all.”

These words, all are them really a sincere words from Yao Yao, at the beginning Xiao Qiao perhaps targeting Xia Ren Liang’s money, but when her heart is not at peace, without she realized it is an evidence that she has already fallen for Xia Ren Liang.

There are few women who will use any scheme in order to get the man that they love, this isn’t called as despicable, on contrary this is type of cherishing expression.

On other side….

Xia Ren Liang is obviously some who despicable more!

Perhaps some of people might say, Xia Ren Liang is a man who value feeling more how can he is more despicable?

That’s right! Although he is a man who value feeling more, but using this kind of attitude to settle feeling matter is sort of despicable.

The case is because of, he had slept with Xiao Qiao, he even decided to marry this woman. But does he love her? Has he ever thought that the important of marriage, if only to take a responsible and then he married her, this is something too foolish.

Actually Yao Yao really wanted to tell Xiao Qiao, regarding to this marriage matter better she consider it for once again. But looking at her back, actually she really have many matters of her own.

One blessing word, once sincere praying, it is more than enough. Just hoping there is one day, Xiao Qiao can cherish these ‘scheme’ let Xia Ren Liang really loves her. By this way, both of them perhaps will have happy…..

Leaving Lan Du’s group, when she is going to take bus back to office, her phone suddenly is ringing,


“Yao Yao…” the person who calling is Long Ye. But from his speaking tone, does Long Ye face with problem?

“What happen? Long Ye Ge Ge?”

“Hm…. Like this. Everything is going so smooth. But…. Hei Yan Long, if you want him to sign, you must come by yourself!”

Hei Yan Long? The chairman CEO of Bao Lai’s group, the business is rank third in China. How can he suddenly asking something like this? Her position is such lower few levels than Long Ye, if he wanted to meet someone, Yu Ao Tian is more suitable, right? “Long Ye Ge Ge, what is going on actually?”

“This matter I do feel little bit odd. I have met Hei Yan Long few times, this person does not have any scandals, in this circle he is so low profile, he isn’t a man who meet one woman and than do something, type of playboy. He suddenly asked for this, I also don’t know what his reason.”

“Since this is the case, I go to meet him must no problem, right?”

“I also don’t know what to do. Now Ao Tian is in Japan, I can’t contact him, ckckck!” From the way of Long speaking tone, she can feel he is in such helpless situation, the most important thing actually he cannot guess actually what Hei Yan Long wants. If this Hei Yan Long doing something not good to Yao Yao, doesn’t this mean he is sending Yao Yao into tiger’s mouth?

“Long Ye Ge Ge, you don’t need to be panic. A person like Hei Yan Long who has position, has status, he wanted to meet me, this is also my honor. If I refused him, this obviously I am such childish, don’t you think so? It is okay, I am going to meet him, it must be okay.”

After listened to Yao Yao comforting words, Long Ye who is on other side phone helplessly smiles, really such obedience little girl, she even comforting him? No wonder Yu Ao Tian is such thoughtful for this little girl. She is so obedient and also mature, he even does not know how to use his heart to love her (dear her, sort of feeling for family member)!

“Fiuh….” silent for moment, Long Ye is taking deep breathe. It seems there is no such good way, if Hei Yan Long has bad record, he won’t be such hesitated to refuse him, but that brat has very good track record, this is so frustrated! “I will going to accompany you!”

“En…. Okay.”

The place that Hei Yan Long asked to meet is in private club. This area is little bit isolated. When Long Ye picked Yao Yao, it is almost evening.

“How can this place is such in isolated area?”


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 273

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Azurro, your comments are making me curious. I am waiting to see who this HYL is.

  2. What is HYL motives to meet YY and Why LY can’t even handle him? If the foundation of the relationship of XRL and XQ is based on her scheming, greediness not honesty or love it will not last and not a blissful Union. XQ conscience
    will eat her up. XRL will marry her out of obligation and also repayment of what YY did. How I wish YY told him about the document that had help his company and exposed XQ. Thanks for the chapter and have a nice evening.

  3. and, there’s another man waiting for her. why she attract so many men that have both status and appearance. and she got everything that women wants. but it comes with the price, very expensive….

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