The First Day of Fasting Month 2016

Ramadan Mubarak

Happy Fasting Month for the Muslim fellows ^-^

Living in Indonesia for years, I used to with Fasting Month. Every day during two or three o’clock people in my neighborhood will make some noise to wake up other Muslim fellows to sahur (breakfast before fasting when sun rise). 80% Indonesian are Muslim and because of this my country is called as the biggest Muslim population in the world.

Fasting month not only special for the Muslim but also for others people who are non-muslim. Every year in this month, business is specially quite good that why they said ‘Bulan Ramadhan bulan penuh berkah (Fasting month is blessing month)’.

Every year in Fasting Month, there will lots of cakes, foods that only be sold during fasting month and after fasting month, you would never spotted it anymore until next year.

How’s fasting month in your country?



17 thoughts on “The First Day of Fasting Month 2016

  1. This is my favourite time of year but the day is now so long it is a bit scary. I live in far north Scotland and last night at midnight it was still light cos cloudless. But my heart is light also bcos Ramadan n after reading al qu’ran able to read about yao yao 🙂

    1. Yes.
      Every Ramadhan there are lots unique foods, desserts, etc that I never had chance to spot it at other time beside Ramadhan such as kerak telor (this is betawi food that rare being sold in Medan, mostly only in festival or culinary events)….

  2. happy ramadhan to you. i have a senior in college comes from medan. she usually accompany me every sahur and break fasting (even though she’s not a moslem) even when the cooking process (bcz she can’t cook). but she already graduate. i feel very lonely. hope you enjoy your ramadhan holiday thre’s a lot food or dessert when ramadhan comes 😀

      1. yeah, that’s happen a lot to my friend who not muslim in manado. but in my place we got 40 days ramadhan holiday even though you’re not muslim. 😀

      2. thanks, but that’s in the past. because i’m on my senior year now. i spent my time even my holiday doing research and experiment for my own scientific journal. i have to graduate this year. and i hope you graduate from translating ANSTG this year too:D 😀 😀

  3. In Turkey Theresa are so called Ramadan tents, wehre many people can break their fast together. I wasn’t in any of them because I live in Germany. But the lights of the tents looks awesom at night😄

    1. I live in Germany too. It’s really sad, in the turkey they eat all together in the tents, it seems so beautiful…

  4. Happy Ramadhan to you! At my job I have a lot of customers who celebrate Ramadhan and I didn’t realize it started – so thank you for letting me know so that I can wish them a happy Ramadhan too.

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