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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 274 B

Chapter 274

Part 2 (Two)

The Youngest Chairman CEO

“Is it? Ha….” Hei Yan Long is mockingly laugh, his deep black eyes are looking at Long Ye: “General Manager Long, come, let me introduce you to few of friends.”

“Okay.” Long Ye smiles while nodding his head, taking an opportunity, hurry he whispered to Yao Yao’s ear: “Wait for me in here.”

“En.” she smiles, she is sending off Long Ye with Hei Yan Long.

Strange, this Hei Yan Long called her to come, does he only want to see Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer? If only for this, this Hei Yan Long really such dull (nothing to do)?

Yao Yao is helplessly shaking her head, she not really cares what Hei Yan Long said about her, after all capability can’t be judged from appearance.

“Quickly! CEO Hei is at there. Come, let’s us greet him.”

“Forget it, although you go there and talk with him for the entire day, don’t you still know what kind of person Hei Yan Long is? The most beautiful woman in his eyes are not more than fart. If you want to mark, better you take a look for the man who stands beside CEO Hei.”

“Which one?”

“The General Manager of Berson’s group, Long Ye! Worth more than money, his appearance is one two (similar) with CEO Hei.”


Listen to these two women who chit chat beside her, Yao Yao who is alone doing nothing pouting her mouth.

Actually this kind of party or any formal banquet from the high social class, most of the women are from one or two stars wealth family who are looking for prospect future husband (marriage partner) or having connection, while in their eyes they are looking for few men that are as expensive as diamond bachelor.

“Miss, are you Mr. Zhang’s daughter the king of Logistics business?” suddenly, a man who well-dress standing beside Yao Yao.

Suddenly she remembered, this kind of party, banquet, there are few successful men who are looking for ‘partner’ for this kind of occasions.

Although it says, man with lots of money won’t lack of women, but they won’t spend much money to look for prostitutes, because no self-pleasure. While this kind of occasions, this is the best place to hunt, looking for the suitable ‘partner’ and when telling outsider quite give face.

This is the rule in this elite circles. This knowledge that Yao Yao has, all because she ever followed Feng Chen Yi to attend this kind of banquet and also he was the person told her.

“Haha, Mr. It seems you are mistaken.”

“Oh, this is, don’t know whether I have honor to be friend with Miss?”

Cold sweat… Here comes again, in this elite circle the way to strike up a conversation really such old-fashioned. Secretly Yao Yao in her heart ROFL him, she also think how to reject him.

Just at this time, one of Hei Yan Long’s hand is holding red wine, slowly walking to their side: “Am I disturb you guys?”

“CEO Hei! Not disturb, not disturb.” the man with respect bend his head down.

Hei Yan Long takes a sip from his red wine glass, smiles:”Now, I want to have privately talk with this Miss.”


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 274 B

  1. Luckily YY had been exposed this kind of gathering before and HYL wants to have private talk with YY. What is his motives? Thanks for the update. Have a nice evening and God blessed

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