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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 274

Chapter 274

Part 1 (One)

The Youngest Chairman CEO

looking around at darkness of the environment, Yao Yao shivers.

Long Ye keeps silent while driving the car, his expression is so serious and stern, he never thought that

Hei Yan Long would give such desolate address.

The in front of ten meters is Hei Yan Long private club, compare to the pitch dark night, that big four storey villa is glamorously brighten with lights.

The car is slowly stopped, Long Ye and Yao Yao are getting down from the car.

When they are going to enter the villa, suddenly Long Ye stopped his footstep. “Listen to me Yao Yao.” he bend down his body, keep his height at her level, seriously said: “Since this time, you are not Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer, you are Yu Ao Tian’s woman! Either for our Berson Group or Ao Tian, we are not giving anyone face, we are also won’t afraid of others people threaten. If Hei Yan Long has something bad intention toward you, you don’t need to be afraid, you also don’t think to consider too much, white path, Berson will come for you; if black path, there is Yu Long’s group take care for you, understand?”

He really afraid that Yao Yao will consider too much for the complete result, afraid she will endure everything say nothing. Actually due to Berson Group current position, walking in business world, there’s no one who is not bend down their waist?

So what with Bao Lai’s group? It can say only for this time Berson is asking favor from Hei Yan Long, if there is other person, why must consider about Bao Lai’s group?

“I understood. Long Ye Ge Ge, you rest assured, I will take the opportunity to act.”

“En.” after said, both of them are push open the big door.

And then, seeing inside the villa scenery, both of them dumbstruck…..

As seen, the glamorous big lobby is standing countless men, women, together there is beautiful music flowing. No need to ask, in here must be held a party.

Long Ye and Yao Yao are exchanging their glances, at same time both of them are heave a sigh, after all in here is banquet, there are many people in here, why both of them are so nervous? It seems that both of them are thinking too much.

“General Manager Long!” this time, a man from group of people who wears silver-colored western suit come closer.

He has honey colored skin tone which is similar with healthy tanning by the sun, he has pair of eyebrow alike blade so sharp, a deep black eyes utterly unpredictable, long eyelashes like wings cover his sharp eyes color. High bridge nose, subdue thin lips, v-shape chin, it articulate his arrogant character, it gives pressured feeling for others.

This man is….

When Yao Yao is wondering, beside her Long Ye has whispered: “He is Hei Yan Long.”


This man seems only in his twenties, he looks at same age with Feng Chen Yi, he…. After all he is Bao Lai’s group Chairman CEO, moreover he is such good looking!

“CEO Hei!” Long Ye smiles charmingly, quickly he stands in front of Hei Yan Long and shakes his hand:

“Aiya, you are having party why didn’t you tell me, you see, I come with my casual cloths, this is obviously impolite.”

“General Manager Long, you can come here I am so happy, why must we need so much courtesy?” Hei Yan Long politely smiles, his deep black eyes are slowly looking to Yao Yao.

She is nervous gulping her saliva, she feels this man is radiating kind of haughty, violent feeling, really scary.

“Come, Luo lawyer.” Long Ye can feel that Hei Yan Long eyes are focusing at Yao Yao, knowing that he called her.

‘thump thump thump’ although heart skip beat, but Yao Yao looks so calm from outside, her face is hanging a smile and walking there, nodding her head to Hei Yan Long: “CEO Hei, hello.”

“CEO Hei, this is our representative lawyer of our CEO Yu.”

“Oh?” Hei Yan Long eyes flashed, he glance Yao Yao with disdained: “I even thought that the representative lawyer of CEO Yu must be someone who has three heads and six arms, but it turned only a little girl. CEO Yu can find this little girl to be his lawyer, does he take everything too lightly?”

From the way Hei Yan Long speaking tone that such piercing to Yao Yao’s ears, Long Ye finally understands Hei Yan Long does not attempt on Yao Yao but…. He taunts Yao Yao, but it also something that Long Ye dislikes. “Aiya, CEO Hei, although this little girl still so young but she has capability!”


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