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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 275

Chapter 275

Part 1 (One)


“Oh… I understand. I understand. Well I won’t disturb CEO Hei.”

“Wait.” When the man is going to leave, Hei Yan Long calling to stop him, he hand over the red wine glass to that man’s hand: “Help me to put the glass to there, thank you.”

“Ugh, this is my honor.” the man is awkwardly smile and then turned to leave.

 Yao Yao who is standing beside keeps quite for this time, she can feel something….

Hei Yan Long this person character is more than an arrogant! She really never seen, the person who host the party asking his guest to help him put down the wine glass, as if a servant.

“Miss Luo” at sudden Hei Yan Long’s face changed to be cold, his pair of black eyes flashed as if wild beast looking at her: “Since CEO Yu is value you so highly, I really want to know, knowing Miss Luo capability. Now I have case related to legal matter I want you to help me to take a look for moment, can you?”

Hehe, does Hei Yan Long test her? It is so clearly he is looking down her, why must he need to test her?

“CEO Hei, just now General Manager Long was praising me little bit, as lawyer, I am only a newbie. I believe your company must have lawyer that better than me to help you share burden?”

“Ha, Can I assume by saying these thing Miss Luo, you are rejecting me?” After said, Hei Yan Long eyes flashed.

Yao Yao curled her hand into fist, she is forcing herself to give a faint smiles, she afraid if she keeps shirking, this Hei Yan Long perhaps would not give her chance backed off completely? He is really an aggressive man! “CEO Hei, I don’t mean that way, since CEO Hei valued me, I will happy to share the burden.”

“Follow me!” After said, Hei Yan Long is walking faster to the elevator direction.

Yao Yao in difficulty frowning, she is constantly looking for Long Ye in big hall, but it crowded with people,

she really cannot find Long Ye, finally she only can follow Hei Yan Long entering the elevator.

The elevator is stopped at third floor, Hei Yan Long is taking her to the most far of room.

Open the door room, inside it is only a simple decoration bedroom suite.

Hei Yan Long is taking her to this kind of place, this isn’t look alike people want to talk about business?

“CEO Hei, you this?”

“Miss Luo, I am type of person who does not like to speak bunch of nonsense with woman.” Hei Yan Long tugging his necktie, turn his back and then sitting in long single sofa: “Say, how much money that CEO gives you every month, I will double it! Perhaps, we make it simpler, how much money you are per night, as long as you say the price, I pay it!”

Does this Hei Yan Long have sickness? How can he speak this calmly when he said such indecent stuffs?

‘Forget it, although you go there and talk with him for the entire day, don’t you still know what kind of person Hei Yan Long is? The most beautiful woman in his eyes are not more than fart’.

Something odd, something odd, just now that two women had said Hei Yan Long isn’t someone lewd, while Long Ye Ge Ge also said, Hei Yan Long isn’t a playboy, so there is no reason for him to do transaction with her?

Actually what is his purpose?

Yao Yao rolled her eyes, at sudden her face changed dim: “CEO Hei, it seems that the person you looking to ‘exclude the difficulty and anxiety’ isn’t me. I see…. You better find other people, I think, there must be many people who still wanted to do this kind of transaction with you!” After said, she is turned her back and wanted to leave.

Suddenly Hei Yan Long rushed in front of her, he hold the door firmly. “Isn’t Miss Luo coming to help CEO Yu to do some business? If I don’t give my signature to that document, perhaps Miss Luo might get in trouble right?”

“Haha, CEO Hei you might misunderstand something. Our CEO Yu indeed need supporter to support his political election. But, it doesn’t have to be you!!!”

Due to Yu Ao Tian today’s position, as additional the others nine supporters, actually there is no need the support from Chairman CEO of Bao Lai’s group as supporter. Of course, with him, it similar with cream on the top of cotton cake.

“Ha, it seems that all the people who stay beside of CEO Yu more or less must be contagious with his domineering aura! But, Miss Luo, don’t your reason to stay beside CEO Yu because of money? So why are you still pretending to be such proud?”

Geez, if comparing pretending arrogance, how can she win over this Hei Yan Long?


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