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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 275 B

Chapter 275

Part 2 (Two)


“CEO Hei, I see, both of us don’t need to continue this conversation, please give way!”

Seen Yao Yao is stubborn wanting to leave, Hei Yan Long pair of black eyes dim: “This is what you force me!!!”

‘papapa’ clapping hand sound.

As seen, from the inner room there are two men who are walking out: “CEO Hei!”

“One recording her, one do it with her!”


“Hei Yan Long, what do you want?” Yao Yao is surprised and shocked when asking him.

Hei Yan Long narrowed his sharp and cold eyes, pulling her long hair: “Don’t understand? But very soon, you will remember of it!” after said, he used strength to push her.

Yao Yao is falling down to the floor, what happened? What is called as soon she is going to remember? Is this the planned of Hei Yan Long (Murder of invited guest)? She does not have rancor against him but why he does this evil plan?

“Really dirty….” Hei Yan Long is taking out his handkerchief, can’t stand and wipe his hand that touch Yao Yao’s hair before.

This time, those two men are picking her up left and right and directly taking her to go into the inner room.

Hei Yan Long is following at back, leisurely, leisurely he sitting in a small sofa.

“Let me go!” if you two touched me, I will let all of you pay in double!!!” Yao Yao who is pressed down on the bed moving restlessly.

Hei Yan Long looked her with disdain: “Pay in double? Do you think that CEO Yu will because of you this kind of cheap thing going to fight with me life and death? You are over-looked at yourself? Or do you think that you have capability to fight with me? Ha, I really don’t know what to say about you, whether you are too naive or you are too over-estimated about yourself! Do it!”

“Yes, CEO Hei.” accepted the order, one of the men is pressing down Yao Yao’s body, while the other men is taking out the recording tool.

She constantly moving restless, she also can feel that no matter what today this Hei Yan Long does, he won’t be stopped until he reached what he wants. Actually what is the reason? What the reason why Hei Yan Long hates her this much? Obviously this is the first time both of them meet, isn’t it?

The second floor of Hei Yan Long’s room.

“Chen Yi! Chen Yi!” Ou Yang Zi Xuan panicking pushed open the second floor most far room.

Feng Chen Yi is slowly sitting down from the bed, gently rubbing his temple: “What?”

“You guess who I saw just now?”


“You make a guess!” Ou Yang Zi Xuan is smile mysteriously.

Feng Chen Yi face is darken: “Now my head is hurt to death, I don’t have any strength to play with you.”

“Ha, perhaps after I said who the person is, you won’t feel your head hurt anymore.”


“I, have seen, yours, Ex-girlfriend!”


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 275 B

  1. FYC will rescued her on time and hoping LY will be alerted and looked for her. What a mess she is in. Thanks for the update. Have a great day.

  2. Another guy who is so full of himself and bullies women. Whatever his reason either a test or what not…its just uncalled for to dragged someone and ask his croonies to do and records it. It’s just depressing ..

    1. That’s what I thought too either way I hope LY or FCY come to her rescue n deal with this blow fly. I begin to dislike him more. He is behaving worst than YAT. He waits until YAT gets to know about this then he n his business will be ruin.

  3. Oh no, revenge again, I am tired of charming princes who are not that charming… I want her to rescue HERSELF, on HER own , useless Men really!

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