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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 276

Chapter 276

Part 1 (One)

Your Ex-girlfriend is lowly slut

“Yao Yao?” just predictable, once he heard Ou Yang Zi Xuan said, Feng Chen Yi impatience expression is replaced with cold expression: “How can she come to join Yan Long’s party?”

“How can I know, but she seems to follow Yan Long to third floor’s room.”

“Third floor’s room? Isn’t there is bed room?”

Seeing Feng Chen Yi keeps silent, Ou Yang Zi Xuan smiles while clapping his hands: “Rest assured, rest assured, don’t you know Yan Long that brat, although he took your ex-girlfriend to his room, nothing will happen. Although your ex-girlfriend is naked in front of him, he won’t take even a glance.”

“Zi Xuan!!!”

“Ugh…” realized his words are already too rash, quickly Ou Yang Zi Xuan covered his mouth.

“When Yan Long took Yao Yao, how his expression?”

“En…. Quite serious to stern, it seems anger face.”

“Damn!” once he heard, Feng Chen Yi hurried wearing his shoes and get down from bed.

“What happened, Chen Yi?”

“Yan Long will do something to Yao Yao!” no other people who know Hei Yan Long more than Feng Chen Yi, it can be said that both of them are plus one Ou Yang Zi Xuan are growing up together, so close as if a side of pant. Just after that, Feng Chen Yi was studying in Japan while Hei Yan Long was going to England so for few years they were not contacting each other.

But since little boy, Hei Yan Long has bad temperament, once he wanted to fight / deal with someone, all are written over his face very clearly.

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking door sound)

Feng Chen Yi is panic knocking the door.

“Who?” from inside, it is Hei Yan Long impatience voice.


‘Creak’ (sound of door being opened)

The door room is opened, Hei Yan Long with curious face looking at him: “Don’t your head hurt? How….”

Without waiting for Hei Yan Long to finish his words, Feng Chen Yi has already pushed him away, directly he dashed inside the room. Just as expected, inside the inner room bed he has found Yao Yao.

Feng Chen Yi face is darkening, a punch flew to the man’s face who is pressed Yao Yao’s body.

“Feng Chen Yi…” Yao Yao is dumbstruck to see at Feng Chen Yi’s rough breathe, how can he be here?

“Chen Yi, what are you doing?” Hei Yan Long chasing inside, amused!

He steady his breathe, coldly asked: “It is me who asked what are you doing!”

“It’s nothing, I just punish a lowly cheap slut, that’s all.”

“Hey!!!” the person who stand beside is Ou Yang Zi Xuan who just want to warn Hei Yan Long when used his words, but who knows that Feng Chen Yi has already rushed and sending his punch to Hei Yan Long’s face.

“Damn! Are you sick Chen Yi, why you MF hit me?” Hei Yan Long fume in rage asked him.

“Yan Long, don’t say anything more, that girl is Chen Yi’s Ex-girlfriend.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan afraid thing going to be complicated, explaining by whispering.

After Hei Yan Long heard it, his face showing disbelief expression: “Is it really?”

“Why must I lie to you!” Ou Yang Zi Xuan nodding his head affirmatively.

“Impossible, Chen Yi…” Hei Yan Long’s eyebrows gather into one line, he is pointing his finger to Yao Yao who is sitting on the bed with disgusting expression, disbelief asked: “After all you even dated this cheap slut? You even hit me because of this cheap slut???”

At sudden, Feng Chen Yi pair of eyes are gleaming dangerously.

Ou Yang Zi Xuan shivers with cold atmosphere, hurried he standing in between of these two persons:

“Can both of you calm down for moment, OK? Yan Long, why are you keep on saying Chen Yi’s ex-girlfriend as….cheap slut?”

“Ha, you can ask that woman what kind of disregard thing that she did.”

“Ugh….” Ou Yang Zi Xuan turned his head, smiles tilted his head.


21 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 276

  1. Thanking you very much Azurro…I still don’t like that annoying blowfly…Can’t wait for YAT to come to blow him away…but let FCY play with him first..

  2. uh… I’m confused why he thinks YY is a cheap slut when they have not even know each other. Is it because she’s coming to him with a request? Thanks for the update.

  3. Urghhhhhhhhhh does he have something with SYY or YML? Luckily there’s FCY. Urghhh I dont know should I ship YY with him. For now I hate him lol FCY isnt really bad lol

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