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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 276 B

Chapter 276

Part 2 (Two)

Your Ex-girlfriend is lowly slut

Yao Yao coldly creased her forehead: “CEO Hei, since you were asking me to come here, you have been blabbering so many strange things, I think it is better for you to explain everything clearly!”

“Ah. You really a good actress, don’t you think today scenery is so familiar? Or until now you are still not remembered anything?”

He keeps on asking her to remember, remember, actually what should she remember? Others than her memory before she was six forgotten, everything still in her memory. Did she ever meet Hei Yan Long and offended him when she was at 6?


Her face long, Yao Yao is looking at the man who standing beside holding recording, and then looking at the man who hit by Feng Chen Yi that rolled on the floor. Does this…. “Do you know Shang Yun Yin?”

“Ha, finally you are not pretending?”

When Hei Yan Long said this, all pairs of eyes are looking at her, did she really do something that degrading.

“CEO Hei, I really want to know what’s your relationship with Miss Shang?”

“Actually I don’t need to say so much thing with you, since you are Chen Yi’s ex-girlfriend, and he also such protective to you, because of Chen Yi, I must say what that ‘good’ thing you have done!!” Hei Yan Long sneered, tidying his necktie, slowly said: “Chen Yi ah, your ex-girlfriend is CEO Yu’s lover (person who being supported), do you know it?”


All the blood in her body as if bleeding out, she does not afraid Feng Chen Yi to know this matter, but Hei Yan Long said out loud this matter in front of many people, moreover the person who stand inside this room also has Feng Chen Yi’s best friend, furthermore Feng Chen Yi is so protective toward her, what kind of eyes his friend must see him?

Yao Yao is using strength to bite her lips, slowly she lowers her head, tears filling her eyes. She not dares to look at Ou Yang Zi Xuan’s expression, she also not dares to look at Feng Chen Yi’s expression, at this moment she only wants to find deep hole and jump in.

“And so what?”

‘Thump’ amused, quickly she lifts up her head and looked at Feng Chen Yi what kind of expression in his face, his expression is such calm, the way of he speaking is such calm, as if he had known this matter for long time ago, but she never told him the matter she becomes Yu Ao Tian’s lover?

“Ah, Chen Yi, you are really so open-minded. I am telling you, this woman because of envy and jealous, she made Yu Ao Tian’s ex-girlfriend lost her baby, and also made both of them broke up. And then, CEO Yu and my god-sister (younger sister / gan mei mei), who is also called as Shang Yun Yin together, the result this cheap slut…” after said, Hei Yan Long wanted to hit Yao Yao. But seeing Feng Chen Yi pair of eyes gleaming dangerously, he really not willing and only make fist his hand: “After all asking people to rape my god-sister and also recorded it and sent it to media!!!”

Hahahahahahaha…. So that, did it how Shang Yun Yin tell Hei Yan Long? No wonder Hei Yan Long looked her with disgusting expression, he even asked her whether she remember or not.

“Woman, all these things are done by you, right?”

She did it, no she didn’t do it, those things was none of her business. Li Mei Yun lost her child; Shang Yun Yi being raped, she actually the victim, didn’t she?

“Chen Yi, these things do you know?” Hei Yan Long laughed, turned his face and looked toward Feng Chen Yi.


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 276 B

  1. she doesn’t need to explain it. they already broke up anyway…, she’s the official girlfriend now. she still a little girl, she must be really mind if other people think bad about her

    1. She need to explain coz of her good relationship with FCY, coz of how protective he is about her coz how much he trust her.

      1. yeah, but everytime i remember his betrayal i just can’t stand him. i know YY too, As always first love is eternal, they had a special place in our heart although we had our new love

    1. YY do not have to explain herself to no one especially this blowfly because she hasn’t done anything wrong. All accusation against YY are wrong n all lies had been fed to the blowfly by a spiteful women who told half true in order to damage YY’s reputation. YY is the innocent n gentle girl in the eyes of all men that she comes across unless they r blowflies only being fed by poo by poo women. SYY n LMY only told half true to this disgusting blowfly because they tried to make themselves looked like the victims but we as reader know the REAL victim is YY.

      Losers, cowards & people who have no moral NEVER admits their vindictives actions n their wrong doings only know to blame on someone else to make themselves to look pitiful in their loves one’s eyes but…we all know right?!!…

      I can’t wait for YAT to come back n deal with the blowfly to let him known the truth about SYY n LMY. Also this blowfly try to behaves like YAT as an underground mafia but he is a bit wet by the ears..(no good)

  2. FYC knows her better I don’t think he will believed this guy and YY can harmed to anyone, what they had accused her of. Where is LY when she needed him. Thanks for the update awaiting for the other part. Thanks gave a great day.

  3. I wonder if all men in chaina hit women easily !!!? Why every man in this novel is so agressif
    Thank you azzuro

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