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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 277


Chapter 277

Feng Chen Yi, Don’t be too good to me

“I know it!” He coldly said this words, quickly he walking to the bed side and hold Yao Yao’s hands: “Yan Long, Others than Friend relation, I can tell you earlier. These few days I will acquire your company’s stock in large-scale.”

Feng Chen Yi…. What does he mean? Yao Yao is open her eyes wide, with disbelief expression looked at him.

Without waiting for her reaction, Feng Chen Yi has already pulled her hand and walking toward door way.

“Feng Chen Yi, you MF after all you even sending out an invitation to fight because this cheap slut?” Hei Yan Long does not understand roaring, but Feng Chen Yi without any expression walking toward doorway.
But when he has already walked until the door, suddenly Yao Yao stopped her footstep.

Don’t be like this…. You cannot be like this…. This is her matters, this matter shouldn’t let Feng Chen Yi get involved, he shouldn’t!

“What?” Feng Chen Yi turned his head, smiling at her.

At this moment, a sour feeling wrapped her heart, if she does not try to hold her breathe, afraid she will cry like-river to vent her ache.

Why must treat her such good? Now both of them aren’t boy and girl friend anymore, why must he treated her this good. Reminiscence past time, no matter who bullied her, he would directly fight with that party to the point live and death, although that moment he was so angry, but he still would give her a gentle smile.

Now this kind of feeling as if she turned back to that time, it also give a feeling as if both of them never separate; as if never passed that two years separation.

Don’t be like this! Don’t be such nice to her! If in the past this kind of feeling is called as touched, now this kind of feeling is called as burdensome!

Chen Yi…..

Thank you for trusting me; thank you to treat me so good. But…. Sorry, yours love, I have no right to hold on it anymore!

The heart feels down, she gives faint smile, suddenly she sway away Feng Chen Yi’s hand, turned back to Hei Yan Long….

‘Since this time, you are not Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer, you are Yu Ao Tian’s woman! Either for our Berson Group or Ao Tian, we are not giving anyone face, we are also won’t afraid of others people threaten. If Hei Yan Long has something bad intention toward you, you don’t need to be afraid, you also don’t think to consider too much, white path, Berson will come for you; if black path, there is Yu Long’s group take care for you, understand?’

So far, the thing that she hate most is using connection, she also dislikes to be said by people, who is her boyfriend; who she knows. But for this time, she has forgotten one thing, now she is Berson Group’s person, she must not embarrassed Berson! Regarding as Yu Ao Tian’s woman….. Ha, she really does not how to say out their relationship!

“CEO Hei, I am so envy with Shang Yun Yin because she has God-brother like you who such loyal. But, yours cute little God-sister seems not to take you as her older God-brother!” she is not in hurry when speaking, her lips curved up and then give him a mocking smile.

“What, you this woman is trying to devastate my relationship with Yun Yin?”

“Ha, if both of your relationship such good, no matter how I try to devastate it stills useless? But you CEO Hei, if you have Yu Ao Tian’s phone number, you can directly call him, asking him what his relationship with your little God-sister! And also, the cheap article that made by your little God-sister in order to put me ashamed, today result is something must be done by her. And the last….” Yao Yao’s eyes close and silent for moment, and at the moment she lifts her eyes, the unimaginable domineering aura has wrapped her surrounding: “Now I am Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer, waiting until you done with your investigation, if you are still seeking trouble for me, I dare to bet with you, CEO Yu won’t let you go easily!!!”

Battle start….

Better put all the matters to hers.

Feng Chen Yi and Hei Yan Long are best friend, he isn’t the person who related to this battle, so that must not dragging him into this matter.

“CEO Hei, you think carefully because of lies that your little God-sister said, you are marking Berson as foe, is it worth?” After said, she sneered, turned her body and walking toward the doorway.

Feng Chen Yi is coldly standing there, when their eyes met, she saw blame in his eyes.

Feng Chen Yi, are you blaming me, why must I do something like that, or because I depended on Yu Ao Tian?

Feng Chen Yi, are you complaining me, why I never depended on you?

No, I had depended on you….

When both of us were together, I always depend on you. But now…. I really cannot depend on you anymore.

“Hei Yan Long is quite good friend, since he found out about our relationship, I could feel that, I can see the hatred in his eyes, he is protecting you as his best friend, this is something rare, you must cherish his….” as regarding about me…. I am not worth to be protected by you!

Whispering, she is giving faint smile to Feng Chen Yi, slowly she walking away from his side.

“Yao Yao!!!” at this time, Long Ye with his rough breathe running, he is panicking glancing at expressionless Feng Chen Yi who stand in front of the doorway, and take a look to Yao Yao: “Are you okay?”


“General Manager Long!” without waiting for Yao Yao to finish her words, Feng Chen Yi has curled his hand into tight fist, quickly walking in front of him: “Trouble you to help me passing my words to CEO Yu, if he cannot protect his woman, please asked him to move aside!!!”

After heard Feng Chen Yi’s words, Long Ye creased her forehead, but after that, he laughed: “General Manager Feng, there is one thing that you mistaken, this matter is none of CEO Yu business, CEO Yu also does not know anything, it is me who not protect Yao Yao well!”


When Yao Yao is going to say something, Long Ye stretch out his hand to stop her: “I am sorry, Yao Yao.”
Not like this! Not like this! Both of them are mistaken! No one is sorry her, while she does not need anyone protection. Why all of them are….

It seems, this mean she is not strong enough! It’s okay, she can slowly work hard, she will prove to all of people, she really does not need anyone protection!
On other side….

“Damn!!” when everyone is leaving, Hei Yan Long is raging in fume, smashing the vase beside him.

“CEO Hei?”

“All get lost!”

“Yes…yes.” those two men are panicking leaving the room.
Hei Yan Long takes out his mobile phone from his pocket: “Yun Yin.”

“God-brother, what happened?”

“I asked you! Actually what is your relationship with Yu Ao Tian.”

“He is my boyfriend. But now he wasn’t.”

Hei Yan Long black eyes flashed, coldly said: “Are you sure? But just now when I called CEO Yu, he didn’t say so!”

“Ugh….” it is obvious Shang Yun Yin speechless: “That, That, is that he said?”

His big hand made into fist, no matter what Hei Yan Long stills a CEO who owning company that is third rank in China, as soon as at once he heard, he can tell that Shang Yun Yin is panicking. “Just don’t think what Yu Ao Tian said, now I still want to know one thing!”

“What, what things?”

“You, in Luo Yao Yao’s school, did you confront her first?”

“She… She is seducing Ao Tian, so that I….”

‘creak’ (cracking sound) without waiting for Shang Yun Yin to finish her words, Hei Yan Long has already hung up the phone call. “MF!!” after all he is being used by Shang Yun Yin!!!

My Personal Comment:
So far, I haven’t find any picture that fit Hei Yan Long description. I know, some of you might wonder why I rooting on him so much, why I ship him to Yao Yao. On the first meeting Hei Yan Long is already so hateful perhaps compare to all the males, Hei Yan Long meeting with Yao Yao is the worst. He almost made Yao Yao raped. But again, Hei Yan Long also has his adorable side (just say I am so biased LOL ).


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 277

  1. Wait wait wait wait. To my knowledge it was attempted rape, they hadn’t completed the deed when the former boyfriend showed up. O.O

    1. Shang Yun Yin is the daughter of Zhu Que’s group leader (Second rank mafia group in China). She also Yu Ao Tian’s bed-mate for sometime. At same time she also Qi Lian Ao Yun’s classmate and little God-sister of Hei Yan Long.

  2. I really feel for FCY, he really loves YY. He is always protecting her and fighting for her 🙂
    Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Thanks for the update, finally,HYL found out that he is being used by SYY for her revenge. I’m glad FYC came to rescue her on time. Have a blessed evening.

  4. Thanks. I couldn’t understand why you ship YY with HYL. Whatever it is, I feel for FCY. See YY in a new light. The manner she resolves the misunderstanding caused by SYY. YY is awesome.

  5. I still like FCY more than YAT, i mean, what he did in the past because of he is still immature, and he do tried his best to change to become more moderate person for YY…
    but YAT (despite being the oldest) still so immature, he couldn’t suppress his ego… even he do tried his best (too)… he said it was for the best, but did it for (him than) YY?
    He (doesn’t) want to lower his head a bit, you could say so, but is it more than FCY?
    started when YY cut her wrist to protected him, she said she doesn’t care any more, and then forgive again
    started from bowling, (still with his old GF) he said he wanted to be good to her…. even GXM (forgot YY’s BF) said he change.. and YY started to loved him…
    but again, and again he still hurt her again, and then she forgive him AGAIN
    and i forgot why but they fought and bear SYY as the fruit of it! and YY forgive him AGAIN
    okay he said again i mean AGAIN, he wanted a new leaf AGAIN! and AGAIN YY started to loved him (too) and forgive him AGAIN

    You dumb YY
    Are you M? i mean, do you love so much become a lover? okey you said you don’t
    when you are with FCY, have you ever kiss? when you with YAT how many times you kissed despite you didn’t love him! and how many times you hate it and you liked it? ohooohoho,

    -_________-” i hate why YY sometimes think that he is so righteous (okay she said she doesn’t, but she act like he did)
    omg!!! i love this story, but i pitied FCY, YY didn’t give him second chance despite he had already loww himself, nearly kowtow….

    I think the est ending no man become her BF

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