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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 278


Chapter 278

The Irruption in Vast of Darkness

Although this Hei Yan Long has arrogant character, temperamental, but he can differ black and white clearly, who is wrong then it is wrong, even the person is his little God-sister he won’t slide it go.

This time if not because Shang Yun Yin’s father begging him to help, he won’t get involved into woman’s affair. The result after he get involved, he is not more than laughing stock.

‘creak creak’ (creaking sound)

This creaking sound is coming from bone movement, Hei Yan Long dialing another number: “Zi Xuan, where Chen Yi?”

“He has back to his house.”

“I asked you, what is that Luo Yao Yao relationship with Feng Chen Yi?”

“Aiya, to be blunt, she is the girl that until today loved by Chen Yi.”

“But….” Hei Yan Long simply disbelief: “That woman is Yu Ao Tian’s lover (girl that being supported by Yu Ao Tian, mistress) that kind of woman, how can Chen Yi still love her?”

“You are wrong, Yan Long.” from other side of phone call Ou Yang Zi Xuan is taking deep breath: “Since the day we know Chen Yi until now, how many girls that Chen Yi introduce to us?”
Thinking carefully…. “It seems, none.”

“But, Chen Yi always loves this woman, just as I know, both of them had been knowing each other when they were still in school, when knew each other, this little girl only 13 years old. Although you think that girl not good, but at least you must believe on Chen Yi’s eyes! After all, that woman is the only woman that Chen Yi ever admitted as his girlfriend.”

Being said by Ou Yang Zi Xuan, Hei Yan Long is speechless, that’s right, if he suspicious about Yao Yao this is so normal, because he does not know her; but it will be different case with Feng Chen Yi, all of them are growing up together, Feng Chen Yi isn’t type of man that easily being seduced by woman and lost of himself, he can love Yao Yao that deep, that girl must be someone special and different compare to others women!

Since she also able to walk beside Yu Ao Tian, furthermore she can be chosen as Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer; Feng Chen Yi can love her deeply. If one man is blind, impossible two of these superior men are also blind too!

“That, Zi Xuan….”

Listened to Hei Yan Long puffed voice, Ou Yang Zi Xuan directly cut him off by saying: “Actually before that little girl left she had helped you to say few good words to Chen Yi. Here I am also going to calm his mood down, it will be okay. All are good brothers, impossible because of this matter turned to be enemy.”

“En…..” Hei Yan Long expressionless hung up the phone call, he knows that he won’t change to be Feng Chen Yi’s enemy, but the things that he cares….

‘Actually before that little girl left she had helped you to say few good words to Chen Yi’ it is so obvious that woman was so angry, but how could she help him spoke?


Hei Yan Long still feeling disbelief!

Other side…..

Long Ye is slowly driving the car leaving from Hei Yan Long’s villa, the light form his car headlamp is shining lighten the rough road, inside the car is deathly silent.

“Yao Yao, just now…” Long Ye is breaking the silent as first person.

She gives him faint smiles: “I am okay.”

“That…. Fine. Hahahahaha.” Long Ye let out dried laugh, his charming eyes are gradually dimming.

‘Long Ye, you should see your current self now, such loser you are!’ in his brain flowing the words that Mo Xue Tong ever said.

Before he brought Yao Yao to Hei Yan Long in front, he had thought no matter what happened he would protect her well during Yu Ao Tian absence, the result, he still being taken advantage by Hei Yan Long.

Such failure!


Long Ye is gritting his teeth, he holding tight the steer wheeling.

Just at this moment, seeing from the vast darkness, there are few lights that caught by their eyes.

Followed by few lights that are few cars that approaching them, it seems a dozen of sport car from it vague sounds.

“Long Ye Ge Ge….” at sudden feeling bad premonition, Yao Yao is nervously gulping her saliva.

“It’s okay. No need to be fear.” Long Ye face is darkening, suddenly he stepped on the gas, eagerly to break through the ‘barricades’ and looking for another way.

But this rough road left side is sea, the right is mountains and rocks, while those dozen cars are firmly locking at them, so there is no way to hide.

Subconsciously Long Ye glanced at the rear mirror, he is thinking to turn back but since when the way has already being locked by few cars.

“Zhu Que Group! They are Zhu Que’s men!!” on the moment when Long Ye want to turn and deal with the situation, suddenly Yao Yao opened her mouth.

“How can you know it?”

“I…..” Yao Yao is nervously trying to gather herself, faster said: “Just now when Hei Yan Long was looking trouble to me because he is Shang Yun Yin’s older God-brother. Moreover Shang Yun Yin must be known about our schedule. Furthermore in this kind of place must be the best place to set an ambush.” She also could not completely sure these people are Zhu Que’s men, but her six sense has told her, others than Shang Yun Yin there won’t be any person would do something like this.

“So we are get trapped in trapped (double scheme), since when this Hei Yan Long also playing in mafias world?”

“No! I doubt…. Hei Yan Long perhaps also being used.” from just now conversation, Hei Yan Long was not really understanding her relationship with Shang Yun Yin, he only believed on Shang Yun Yin’s words. If he really wanted to deal with her seriously, he also won’t make a move in this such place.

“Ha, damn it either Zhu Que’s group or Hei Yan Long, anyway they all are coming to send their lives. Yao Yao, have proper seat!” after said, pair of Long Ye’s eyes are flashed, he speed up the car once again, alike an arrow he moving forward to break few of the cars.

Few meters before the crashing, Yao Yao is nervously covering her face with her pair of hand.
Quickly Long Ye stretch out his hand to block Yao Yao’s in front.

‘Bang’ a sound, the crash give huge impact, it bounced out the airbags, luckily there is Long Ye protection, so that Yao Yao not because the car crash her face get hit.

“Long Ye Ge Ge!!”

“Sst….” But Long Ye is not that fortunate, although there is the protection of the airbag, but his forehead still dripping little bit fresh blood.

“Rest assure, it only small injury.”

But this time, there few men who are getting down from the dozen car, armed themselves with gun, walking toward Long Ye’s car.

Yao Yao is nervous open wide her eyes, simply to say she loses count of those enemies, what to do? What to do? There are so many people, even today if they are having wings it still hard for them to escape.

“Yao Yao, locked the car’s door, don’t get down!”

“How about you?”

“I have my own mission, while your mission is… Immediately make a phone call to Li Shang. If there is person dare to come closer to you, use this to attack them!” after said, Long Ye is taking out a gun from his pocket and give it into Yao Yao’s hand.

“Long Ye Ge Ge, you give this to me, what about you?”

“Me? I have my own way.” Long Ye gives a charming smiles, he turned his head to see who keeps on knocking the car door, at the moment he is going to open his car door, slowly said: “Yao Yao, this time… I won’t let you get harmed, believe on me!” he has failed one time, this time, it the best opportunity to fix everything!!!!


11 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 278

  1. Thanks for the update. What a cliff hanger. Will YY use the gun to defend herself? Will someone come to rescue her? So many questions.

  2. I’m just in love with long’s brothers LQ and LY what a loyalty
    Merci beaucoup azzuro pour ton travail bonne continuation 🙂

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